Final Fantasy XV: High Level Combat and Magic – IGN First

Check out Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis casting high level spells and attacks to decimate enemies.

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SaysRobert says:

Hope they add some male protagonists.

SeanDaPaulSeh says:

this sounds like ratchet and clank music

Morgen Racz says:

I’m hoping that they will incorporate Enemy Skill Magic.

Robas Mustafa says:

Is magic optional or is it something you have to do

dcta51 says:

So the combat is like tales now?

Christopher Santana says:

Noctis went full Sasuke this time around

Angel Lopez says:

So question? I really havent gotten into ff but i want to if i wanted 15? Would i be like confused or …? Is it okay to pick this up

Dajuro says:

Wow – this looks almost as good as Far Cry 2 . . . . from 8 years ago.

Kristian Mira says:

Holy shyt with that shuriken

Willis Lemon says:

the combat seem a little boring to me

LexStorm98 says:

Do you have a choice of what weapons you use? Because in older gameplay videos the guy kinda forms random weapons to fight with but here I actually see him focusing on one thing at a time.

Jake Determan says:

I really hope there is more animation to the magic. Simply throwing out a destructive spell doesn’t seem cool enough

asura673 says:

has Noct stole Yuffi’s shurikens? #ifyouknowyouknow

Aljan Bernard Malapit says:

I’ll buy this on 2018, the game of the year edition.

Nick DiTuri says:

Started playing. Games great. Does anyone know the exact level cap? Just wondering.

Kyle Cook says:

Ok I love the magic, but why is he throwing it like a bomb? I hope they just add an effect not an item. It takes away from the cool aspect of it. Makes it feel more like throwing an item then casting a powerful spell

TrueKingOmega says:

Anyone else think of Yuffie when they saw the 4 point star weapon?

Stila Webb says:

Now if we just had the option of subtitles…

Ian Kirwan says:

this game is gonna flop!!!! real time battles… shittty voice over reminds me of time crisis

YGOPro Lara says:

If I became a president, I will delete all other game companies except Square Enix.

MnQ says:

This sasuke uchiha game looks badass, since when did naruto use guns??

ryan lariza says:

i think this is not a high lvl battle, lvl 20-30 is my estimate based on the skills and magic, and the place looks like duscae region, its in the early stage of the game

Cerberuswaltz says:

I’m liking that they’re adding a lot of enemies from the older games- it’ll be interesting to see which ones make the final cut. Magic, I think, is going to be strange in the game considering you have to cast it immediately- I’m hoping there will be a “wait” mode for when choosing the AOE

Jeff Shen says:

That was orgasmic

christopher hutsell says:

In RPG settings I love playing as mage, and always felt as though magic has a hiatus in it’s environmental affinities. Like lighting not having an affect on wet foes or ice for that matter but I’m SOOO excited to experiment with the elemental affects in FF15. (^_^)/

Sin Bot says:

Sooooooo…. Shurikens eh???? In getting ninja vibes from previous final fantasies and also the dragoons main move Jump is priceless

ObearO says:

So hyped for this game


There better be more magic then this. WTH. The developers said the game will have a low summon count. SO WHAT THE HECK HAVE THEY BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME????

IF this game doesnt have tons of spells and special attacks that look flashy and cool its an utter failure and complete trash. Why spend all that time making large landscapes if your actual character abilities/summons/spells are Light. Stop it.

AssassinXMod says:

final fantasy xv 10 fps on xbone 30 fps on ps4 and 60 fps on pc and ultra settings

Kaitlyn Khan says:


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