Final Fantasy XV GDC 2017 Gameplay Trailer + Cerberus!

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Final Fantasy XV had a decent showing a this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2017) and to highlight stuff they’re working on and to show how Final Fantasy 15 changed over the years, they’ve released a pretty cool trailer.

It features plenty of Final Fantasy 15 gameplay, alongside the off-road Regalia and also a look at the upcoming Cerberus boss, as well as destructible scenery!






honestly can there be an Update to pick Summons. I’ve never been able to get Titan once lol

Joshua Cole says:

Be nice if this wasn’t a click bait title.

Eris Farron says:


Android 1992 says:

It’s like sqaure enix is soo obsessed with making everything look soo “realistic” (just to dumb it down for release) and not concerned about the story! They might as well just port it to the PC so we can mod the game into what it’s supposed to be ! Fuck it!

Android 1992 says:

They are showing off crap that doesn’t even matter! Moving Grass!? It’s 2017! That should already be in the game! Now I can knock over objects?? That’s the standard for video game graphics since the ps3/360 days!! The game has invisible walls for fuck sakes! I’m not impressed by graphics that will most likely be dumbed down anyways because they are showing the game running on a high scale PC made to publish video games…Where is the finished story ?? The cut scenes we were promised ? Where is the meat on the bones???

sIeepingmonster says:

Better takes another 10 years to make it complete than release it being incomplete.

Android 1992 says:

Everything showen probably won’t even be in the game just like the last time…*Never trust* these trailers folks

The more you know says:

So the cat evolved?

Jermaine Gorham says:

why are you mfs so ungrateful at least they adding stuff too game like come on, you ungrateful ass mfs, I swear people that complain so much ruins video games. like bitch don’t buy it, plan and simple

Jon Idoncair says:

gamers that are awaiting the PC version, your patience is clearly gonna be rewarded lol

ActionJackson77 says:


Simply Ravalox says:

Is Cerberus in the game?

Jason Ortiz says:

Lol I don’t know why I always bother reading comments people are always complaining.

Just Ipko says:

that scene with the jumping jeep, i wanted that gta shit

4LIFE1DEEP1 says:

They did all that work for an incomplete game. Final Fantasy XV was good, but could have been great!!! They left so many holes in the story, so many places in the open world they left out because they didn’t have enough time. I think the Kinglaive movie was unnecessary and I believe the original Final Fantasy versus storyline would of been better.

Ty-Rico Lea says:

So I’m having a hard time understanding if this is just some studio creating this shit for fun or if its going to be actual dlc.

gemkill says:

Is it coming to pc?!?! :O

LDSK2033 says:

that was awesome

Jason Ortiz says:

When it said 2017 does that mean everything it showed after is what we’re getting in updates soon?

Marc Jacob Doria says:

Are we going to get that Cerberus on consoles? pls say yes

Duckie says:

The only person that would complain after seeing this video, is someone who really knows NOTHING about the video game industry, just people who play, and that is it. This took so much work, they put so much into this programming and its completion, if none of you can even appreciate the environment, the work, the graphics, the rendering, then that is sad. I hate it when people just complain about someone elses work without even considering what it took to get it to your unappreciative self. I for one thought this game was really amazing, the cities were immersive and vibrant, the weather, the texture, the color, was well done. And I hope we can see more of this studios work.

nazart says:

Should have taken another year to actually finish it

Marc Galvan says:

FFXV is how I look at Michael Bay and Zack Snyder films pretty to look at but sucks at storytelling.

You can like what you like but I dont have to.

AverageGamerr says:

So are we ever gonna get these graphics shown here ? Orr

The Kyogre Fan says:


Hidden Eagle1 says:

can’t wait

Julian Styles says:

Are we getting any of this?

Rokeru Maluku says:

owwwwww my goooood !!!!!!

Anderson Tenecela says:

I love this trailer because it shows the work and effort the team really has put into bringing Final Fantasy XV after all these years of waiting. I’m excited for all the new content in 2017

Aaron Borgstrom says:


hisokafreecs says:

they should have never changed the original story, if they just went with the ‘worshipping death gods’ and said screw the countries that dont allow it, this game could have been as perfect as everyones saying the new zelda game is. its still a 7.5/10 for me.

so is this video showing new dlc theyre adding to the game? idc about the car but CERBERUS IN ALTISSIA

azoth775 says:

This looks amazing for an amazing masterpiece of FFXV. I can’t wait. XD

Joe Bastarache says:

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12345678abracadabra says:

So the game really did start major development on 2013, not 2006. No wonder the game is incomplete.

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