FINAL FANTASY XV – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 73 – Aranea Photo-Ops & Break Damage Farming

FFXV Full game 100% gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro in Full HD 60FPS. Watch me play live in part 73 where I will complete Prompto’s Photo Op quests, which are about taking pictures while Aranea is with me on my team permanently, and I will also farm Break magic damage limit catalysts from Zu to create the most powerful 99,999 damage 999 potency magic.

FF 15 was a decade ( 10 years ) in the making from 2006 – 2016, it was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and was officially renamed Final Fantasy XV in 2013.

Publisher: Square Enix
Director: Hajime Tabata / Tabby
Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
Lead Designer: Tetsuya Nomura
Soundtracks by: Yoko Shimomura

Release Date: 29 November 2016
PS4 / PS4 Pro, PS VR Support, Xbox One, Xbox Sorpio.


majahret diviera says:

just a tip when trying to farm zu, right after killing it (should work with other hunts that are in dungeons, though this is hunt is probably the most convenient one since the camp is actually closest to the actual hunt within the dungeon) press down R3 to bring up the menu and go back to entrance. if you do it quickly enough right after clearing it and before the hunt complete comes on screen, when you arrive at the entrance it will still show as active, so you can just fast travel back to the camp, and go for the kill again, can consistantly get a kill on in every 2-3mins by doing it this way.

Lesly Santos says:

lmao and i have 9 subscribers im over here like what the fuck? lol i had not even ever noticed i had any subscribers lmao! thats weird i dont even post ANY videos lol other than just comment

Lesly Santos says:

0:49 DAMN i kinda cringed a little when i saw the load screen lol and shivered i HATE it but im used to it i know why it takes long but sometimes im like what the hell!!

ValorOni says:

I hope the DLC will give the guest party members better positioning for photos,be part of the car ride/chocobo riding and extra dialogue/conversations during walks/fight. Including leveling them up, and changing equipment

Glacies Cerebrum says:

am I the only one think that aranea is cute in the cover?

Glaz Canon says:

did you now you can save pictures by pressing square?
if you didn’t well now you now

nonokun says:

Best waifu ever.

Q Chavies510 says:

damn it wont even let me back on the game after this glitch

Shidah Izumi says:

Aww… wish we can put her into different cloth.

OMG UMMX says:

Are going to do swimming glitch and swim across the map.

watafak bro says:

where is the photo on your thumbail ?

Haris Murshidi says:

most intriguing noct LOL

อภิเชษฐ์ ประยูรรัตน์ says:


Lesly Santos says:

lmao boy oh boy altissia is a DAMN pain!! lol whats up with all the maze shit? like i know the Maze Runner was a hit but come on bro not cool!!!! lol especially the dungeons

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