Final Fantasy XV Gameplay | SDCC 2016

HazyRome and Shin are back with some SDCC 2016 Final Fantasy XV Gameplay from a new demo.

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Young Milo says:

The dudes making this game could learn a thing or 2 from God of War’s boss battles because this is lame as fuck.

Jimmy says:

lol…i played this demo there and it was pretty awesome. These guys just dont know how to play it, let alone read…

Ayy Rurikki says:

You suck.

Tempest Ryuno says:

There are no control issues. People like you guys just don’t read simple directions to know when you’re supposed to hold or tap the button.

Crafty Shawn says:


Bellybell14 says:

You hold triangle to get to the warp point lol

[̲̅C̲̅i̲̅я̲̅c̲̅н̲̅x̲̅ ̲̅я̲̅σ̲̅b̲̅σ̲̅т̲̅ .̲̅т̲̅x̲̅т̲̅] says:


Lightning Strikes says:

This guy cant play for shit.Making the game look bad.

YoungManny0306 says:

Damn bruh this good has no skills.

VENOM Awakens says:

Western Audience does NOT like quick time events! It was fun on PS 2 but not nowdays!

Long Tran says:

Trash gameplay.
When SE decided to make RPG with realtime battle instead of turn based, don’t they even learn some **** from other games?
Gameplay seems messy and boring as hell.

(Failed to bring Cloud gameplay back)

Git Gud says:

Lol what? This was running from a stream? Interesting.
The other PR guy you talked to later I think he’s not allowed to say the truth about the stream so he just said “yeah yeah ps4” just to be quiet haha

Gunner Harp says:

There’s a lock on option for a reason. Don’t blame “bad camera angles” and “frantic battle” on your lack of ability. There are advanced combat techniques you didn’t even scratch the surface with.

Sergio Martinez says:

Couldn’t even finish the video. Jeez.

nightshadow says:

you guys are fuckin trash dont blame the game cause cod rotted your minds too much to be able to play a REAL game im betting even god of war is too complicated for you manbabies let alone something like dark souls lmfao

Roger Little says:

despite some of the issues it kind of seems here that you aren’t very good at the game. I’ve seen Advanced combat from the Platinum demo on YouTube and some of their gameplay looks trailer Worthy, so…

HyperSonicXtreme says:

What’s worse? this guy or the big large Japanese guy who was showing off the game in E3.

Aluja says:

Holding a button is hard, but reading?! Not in the realm of possibilities.

Git Gud says:

Haha yeah the button issues were because of streaming the game no doubt this is likely the pc build

Tyler Campbell says:

Wasn’t the demo. You hold down triangle to point-warp. Also old FF games had quick time events in VII and VIII.

Joseph Akers says:

im SUPER glad they took final fantasy.. got rid of everything that made it final fantasy, and gave it the god of war treatment.. because thats what the fans want.. /gagmewithaspoon

Calamity86 says:

i think you’re doing this on purpose. you’re all over the place yourself.

Leon_Squall_Hart says:

In a VERY early interview, they confirmed that there would NOT be multiple versions of spells (Blizzard, Blizzara, etc..). You will have the one spell and you use it, thats why is so beast in this game.

NeroModeGM says:

omfg this guy suck so much…

Nikolai508 says:

Just been watching old gameplay from a year ago and it’s nice to see such drastic improvements.

Jacob Davies says:

yup, the ff series is done for.

XYZee says:

sponsored by SAMSUNG

sylent19851 says:

to frantic? gotta stop playing the same rpg’s and adapt to change

BLU Soldier says:

(Sees control instructions for a ps4 controller and using a ps4 controller)

Player: Is this running on a ps4?


Tbail1138 says:

loved the game. love the direction. hate the voice over. hate the gamer

Venumidas says:

There is a hard lock on.

Naldo Lins says:

Goty u.u

TruXByakuya says:

FF13-2 had quick time events also

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