FINAL FANTASY XV Gameplay Panel at PAX WEST 2016

Watch Director Tabby (Hajime Tabata), one of the lead game designers Haz (Wan Hazmer) and global brand member Raio Mitsuno take to the stage to do live gameplay of FINAL FANTASY XV featuring driving, dungeon battles, magic synthesis, and an exclusive boss battle reveal!


FreedomEagles100 says:

“Are you excited about it?”

I’m excited about this freakin’ game since 10 freakin’ years. OF COURSE I AM

Jose Galindo says:

I don’t even remember the last final fantasy game I played. I think it was ff 13.

Leon Reaper says:

what do you do with the Ores?

Aranea Highwind says:

This game will be a great!!
Final fantasy is back and stronger than ever!!!

Adalid de los vientos says:

bad gameplay

ohgodwhy says:

Should’ve kept it turn based which allows for a lot more strategy. As it is, it just looks like the player is doing the majority of the work and his AI allies are doing hardly anything.

Nipponchi says:

Why can’t we just playing it now man! I can’t wait!

Liakos Apostolopoulos says:

This is the promising ff in many years!!

Jak Plasma says:

9 more days people… just 9 more days…

Eriq Beard says:

Looking at the title of the quest, i say this fight takes place directly before you go to Altissia

Miles Coleman says:

Why does this look so boring?

Oleg Olek says:

эта самая. лудшея серия игр. спасибо огромное вам. надеюсь 15 часть проивзаедет все ожидания. успехов вам

leftymu says:

Any chance we could get an upload of the TGS gameplay with subtitles?

mengieboy says:

That shirt… I so want it! They should have it available online for everyone when the game comes out. I would definitely order it. Plus plus for Square Enix I’d say. 😛

Fil Bencs says:

Hey, Square, i would love customizable characters! 🙂

Mustafa Dogan says:

They need to patch the games HUD, it goes off-screen and there is no alternative way to fix it on the TV setting,
game settings or the PS4 settings


everything looks fantastic the combat not so much

Tank Tonka says:

Haz is so likeable

Alseir says:

If the physics are so great. How are they running so fast in the water?

eliasGM says:


RPG Veteran says:

Dungeon gameplay gives me good memories os snes final fantasy games
Looks like they done a great job
Game looks better everyday!!

Ernesto Motta says:

just 6 days untill sept. 30, oh, wait….

XenoCrisis A says:

I want to get into this game, but I’m just uninterested in the combat…

Game Collector SMP says:

Legendary Series

Wouter Herrygers says:

So I’m seeing Gladio doppelgangers at 6:20 – 6:23 and 7:30 – 7:32, and it’s freaking me out. For a brief moment I thought that was part of the reason why you shouldn’t go there early in the game.

MrJekken says:

is this running on normal ps4 or ps4 pro?

REL says:

Had to stop watching. At any point does someone come out and say “Hey, microphones are plugged into an amplifier.. you don’t need to shout into them or get any closer.”

jane jiang says:

Final Fantasy is always amazing game , FF8 is my favorite, i wish FF8 could be remade or would have season 2 like FFX-2 with a continued story ^^

Oneish says:


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