Final Fantasy XV Gameplay, Microsoft E3 2016

Gameplay from Final Fantasy XV live from Microsoft’s E3 216 press conference.


Kuribohchaos8 says:

if it was possible for this to be 60fps……

Nipponisms says:

I literately skipped every five seconds and it showed Noctis getting hit or in pain. Next time get someone who has actually played the game to present your game. You can do that with Pokemon Sun & Moon, not FFXV.

AdamRonaldo1903 says:

That is why Square, you must hire me?

Saudi Gamer says:

The game sucks

Daviid Chacón says:

he cant play for shit, i was waiting for someone to step in and say: give me that shit bastard! u are insulting us

Oleie says:

I wonder why they still focus on this Japan girls club host hair look thin and weak style, definitely not fantasy. I’ve played the demo and it’s terrible. Maybe the worst of the series ever

Raniie Lee says:

This boss fight is just beyond terrible. It’s like they never gave any thought into it. It’s way too mechanical and unrealistic and totally breaks you from the immersion they’re aiming for in the game. If I was a giant fighting tiny things, I will not do those illogical attacks. Really a sweeping forearm attack? Really a full fist punch attack on something that small? Is this really the best the Gameplay Team Coordinator/Manager/Director/etc could come up with for this boss fight?Terrible Giant boss fighting mechanics. Please learn from God of War and especially Shadow of the Colossus. Don’t have the giant boss just standing in a pit. Make it believable that it has better things to do and will move around the land and destroy things and your job to prevent/stop as much of it as possible.If I was at the audience, I would’ve yell out a HUGE “BOOOOOOOO The fight SUCKS! Be more creative! The fighting mechanics is too obvious! Try harder! You have until September 30th!”

ADHDGamer says:

It’s only one boss. Remember the boss in the latest demo? That was a ton of fun and not locked in a tiny area like this. I know every game has its ups and downs, I assume this one will too. Plus, the game hasn’t gone gold yet, they got time to fix things.

Rodrigo Vitorino says:

Obligatory shitty player

Shownon says:

LOLOL saw the full demo on showfloor and its DEF not this bad lmfao its actually a complete opposite and even better

tonerton says:

He played again, still he wasn’t able to redeem himself.. HE DIED or he got ZERO HP MORE THAN CARL.. he also wasn’t very strategic and he gets his SP or MP into ZERO.. Gosh MATT REALLY SUCKED PLAYING FFXV.. Matt better prax harder! fucking noob.

01superchunk says:

that looked boring. it looked like a devil may cry or god of war knock off. i cant even accept it as a final fantasy game anymore, its sullying the name now (although 13 did that already in my opinion). i just dont understand why square enix are so determined to make final fantasy into what looksto be a set of boring “action” rpg games, they only managed to do it once well with crisis core and thats because it was a psp game rather than a main series game and it only had one main playable character you are supposed to care about

Connor says:

If you sit there an defend mediocrity, game devs see no reason to up their standards because they get paid regardless. If you think this demo is an acceptable way to demo a game a few months before launch you’re lying to yourself. I want this game to be great but that’s not going to happen when half of the diehard FF fanbase is going to accept this product in any state. Express your concerns and let the devs know.

Tristan Graff says:

HAHAHA I’m sorry but that’s gotta be the most annoying attack pattern since old school Mortal Kombat spamming. Really redundant, and a horrible player to top

This_is_ellis says:

Lol The company that said that active time battle is too old and dated. This combat system looks terrible.
And they wander why bravely defualt gets so much attention?

Chronic Kush says:

People should go play the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo…. I Played it on my PS4 and was amazed by just the demo alone plus it gives you a feel for how the game will most likely be.. I Think it will be a great game… This guy however doesn’t know how to play what so ever.. Definitely shouldn’t be representing their game like that.


just like my profile pic with I drew myself.

Hei Li says:

Let’s make this the most disliked trailer of all time! ffxv is going to make square Enix smack dab into bankruptcy.

Etriuswimbleton says:

soooo embarrassing to watch Noctis being flailed around so much. Was this intentional or???

pee cee says:

This particular boss fight design just straight up looks boring, regardless of the player.

How far the apple has fallen from the tree… S-enix please, somehow, anyhow, make games like you did in the S-soft days. I feel like there is some serious lack of direction with the FF brand. I won’t judge the game till I play it but man… this just looks somewhere inbetween mediocre to poor. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

I Am God says:

What the hell hapened.

Timothy Perez says:

Player destroyed what could have been a badass demo of what is possible. Instead it made imagine ripping the controller out of his hands and have him escorted by security in shame.

StarDragonJP says:

Yeah capture him in your pokeballs

Pol T. says:

performance seems reaaaaal bad


Haha look at that graphics downgrade. Just look at how shitty the textures look.
And it looks so glitchy. Either that guy has no idea how to play or there is something seriously wrong here.

Domtrain says:

Ugh next time get your, resident game tester on the stage to do a presentation next to the Developer because this guy sucks, that’s Japan dev for you, I’m the guy that told another guy to do this cool combat mechanic therefore I’m an expert on how it works, so I know the best on how to show it of, goes on the stage………….. plays like a first time player plays Dark Souls. Perfect.

Majuu says:

Final fantasy morreu no 12,so sai lixo agora.

SolidusTR says:

its akward to hear the same music again and again.

Iori Yagami says:

dark souls …..make this game super easy……

MarioPeloful says:

Please I’m completely serious with this. What is SE doing? I mean, let’s analize the situation.

Make FFVII: Game is the biggest hit of the company and gains acclaim as one of the best games in the history.
Make FFVIII: Sells a bit less than FF7 but still much more than any other game of the company, get’s acclaimed as one of the best games too.
Make FFIX: Same than with FF8.
Make FFX: Gets back all the hype from FF7 and keeps the sales extremely high.
——————“People no longer enjoy turn-based games and graphics is all that matter” (?????)———–
Make FFXII: Sales failure and some people start calling SE is directing the saga in a wrong way.
Make FFXIII: Fail aswell and you have more than 50% of the FF fanbase talking crap about how bad the game is.
Make FFXIII-2-3: Even bigger fails and much more criticized than FFXIII.
——————“Oh people doesn’t like this anymore let’s just make an open-world simulation world “———–
Make FFXV: We’ll see how it goes but I’m sure it’ll be a damn fail and the game is gonna be completely crap.

Seriously, just because you say “old” final fantasy mechanics are outdated it won’t make it true, people LOVED FFX and it was the last turn-based game you did (let’s forget about FFX-2 because the storyline was the biggest crap ever done in the videogame industry), stop doing crap like this and go back to what people liked and made the saga great, at this point you’re just selling games by putting “Final Fantasy” on the title but they no longer feel like FF or are even close to the level of the real Final fantasies.

AlcaTraZ says:

I’m really not worried that much about the story or the game not being like the traditional Final Fantasy games. My biggest concern is the frame-rate. I hope that the game runs at a stable frame-rate 30 fps when it is released, because in the demos they are showing 15 fps gameplay.

Chia Wu says:

FF15: Epic game battle + Bad player= awkward situation on E3 show

Nacho Vidal says:

Wtf is this shit????

spacegrid wyvrom says:

Many things happening in the same screen, this is the line of new RPGs today? Actually the camera system, and the partners acting alone with no comands. I think is cool, I believe. But seems hard to understand.

Joker red says:

I dont get why microsoft buy this game for xbox. We can clearly see that xbox fan Don’t like ff in the first place. Evan the comment section hate it. And probably most 90 % of the comment section are xbox fans

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