Final Fantasy XV Gameplay – Exploring Eos By Car, Foot & Chocobo

Final Fantasy XV is nearly upon us! Rob gives Dave a tour of the beautiful world of Eos, exploring in the Regalia, on foot, and by chocobo. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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rickengothic says:

Larger than No Man’s Sky?

lytiffrger2468 says:

if this game took 10 years to make they might as well start working on Final Fantasy 16

Juanma Rodriguez says:

chocobos are so cook

kickbuttme says:

does it have ff10 ?? would love return to zanarcand and stuff

EmoLord1175 says:

Will Rob ever get his vengeance on the two Iron Giants? Find out next time on PlayStation Access! To be continued . . . .

MrLinkolin says:

I didn’t know you can scroll through albums by holding down the D-pad, I was getting frustrated scrolling by individual tracks between FF IV’s Overworld them and XIII music! Thanks Rob!!

Spencer Geographia says:

Can someone enlighten me how crafting works? Not really familiar with it I havent actually played a lot of role playing games that has crafting in it

BlueShadow74 says:

Rob have you Beat final fantasy xv yet?

D_W_4_L_3_R Trickz & Trophiez. says:

exploring the world seems zzzzzzzz like..

Matthew Weston says:

I think FUEL’s map is bigger.

MusicRed says:

Hahahaha that ending!

Aldi Renaldi says:

this is on ps4 pro or standard ps4.

Goldeneye84 lost pain says:

My girlfriend named our cat Riku, she’s a huge final fantasy fan. Which game was Riku from anyone know.

Kolibri 1491 says:

Hey guys. I want to say I really appreciate you giving coverage of FFXV to the people who are still on the fence about whether or not they want to get this game. I just want you to know I want to explore each beautiful bush and pond and tree on my own so I won’t be watching this video, but I gave you a like and I want you to know I still appreciate it. 45 hours into the game now and I LOVE IT! Have a great day guys <3

Noctis Lucis Caelum says:

“Final Fantasy XV is nearly here, Dave.”

Dave: “So is your end.”

kickbuttme says:

So far my favorite game as far as game play and stuff…and i even love the story so far. A prince..forced to become a king…has to reclaim his throne. but I really lvoe it so faaaar. Characters….they are good. 😀 i just love the bond.

IMZ says:

Not a fan of pokemon but imagine you get to explore different monsters in a game such as this one.

Ysurone says:

feel sorry for those imperials, they just got destroyed 10:49

Vicki Graham says:

Hi, are you making any more FFXV videos or features? Would love to know how Rob and Holly are finding the game now they are playing it.

Rbizzle Z says:

This was so entertaining

paul Hilder says:

I did the same thing @playstation access with at night but luckily i had an over lvl 3 chocobo so I just ran away lol

Jules Wagner says:

Okay, i need some help because I am considering getting this game, but I actually have no idea what it is about. Can someone please answer these questions:
Is it like a puzzle game or one of those games where you play through a story line with quests?
Are chocobos a big part of the game or just a for of transportation like a car?
Is it an online game? Do you fight other players?
Is the whole game about just fighting people? Because I heard that there was like chocobo racing and breeding and training and stuff.
Can you tame/own a chocobo or just rent?

JoeDP25 says:

The Chocobos remind me of the birds you could ride in Jak and Daxter, minus the cool rushing headbutt attack

James Simmons says:

Go back and fight Dave!! I’m two lvs higher than you and beat the giant and lv 18 soldiers alone (team kept dying lol). Granted, once the next giant and wave of soldiers came I hauled ass. And this is all on a lv 11 side quest to get meat lol

emanuele ciaccio says:

parla chiu picca beccu

Howard Finch says:

thumbs up for ps access Final Fantasy XV playthrough

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