FINAL FANTASY XV — Game Walkthrough | PS4

FINAL FANTASY XV will be available on PS4. FINAL FANTASY XV is not yet rated. Please visit the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit for rating information


Santi 852 says:

I love that soundtrack

Raiken Xion says:

This looks flickin massive, why isnt Final Fantasy 7 like this, huge open-world map for you to explore, Gold Saucer and all the places outside Midgar??

Fernando Rojas says:

When is coming for Pc?

kubel83 says:

I am not trying to bash the game but the music is bad, it’s like it is stuck in 30 sec loop. Just Keeps repeating over and over and over.

Creed Arno says:

I need this in my life 🙂

Yasin Ergüven says:

oyunun amaci ne simdi koşup duruyorlarda ha grafiklerine sozum yok

Oblivion Top 5 says:

Take my money i dont need it TAKE IT

dan290786 says:

Wonderful graphics, open world design etc but i just sadly have lost all interest in future final fantasy games. Final Fantasy IX was the last truly great ff game in my opinion before things started to drastically change within the series. FFX was still good but started using voice actors, no traditional overworld, no airship you could control and fly around the world instead of just pointing on a map to a location like you could in 10. Same with FFXII, When square merged with Enix, the game series just was never the same after that, they don’t feel like the classic games anymore. They are still ok but nowhere near as good in my opinion

Badiaz says:

30 fps?

XellDincht says:

0:21 It reminds me of GTA5 for some reason (can you imagine Michael, Franklin and Trevor as Final Fantasy characters? xDDD)

David Russnak says:

I really hope they have better music in the final version. This is extremely repetitive, and frankly not at all appropriate for exploration of a wilderness setting.

The Snower! says:

*The Final Fantasy XV-The Running :v*

MrGaming679 says:

That music is so annoying !

Jeremy Boateng says:

Drive in a really nice car: the game

Falcon says:

soundtrack starts to be boring after some time


Hope this’ll have mods on PC! This game will become the division E3 2013 if they implement them!

Svein Einar Hagen says:

very autistic

kentriz182 says:

Not final fantasy*

PFG - 45 Ag. 042-IO says:

look at all those idiots here and “running simulator” comment… Go back to your linear and limited 16 vs 16 maps…. lol, go back to your respawn simulators.

Леха RUS-MCK says:

Чушь какая-то.

Veroft says:

How are people so negative about how this game looks… It looks amazing in my opinion.

Hasu Yagama says:

the car really bothers me xD

HitomiAyumu says:

Man the graphics have gone through a real downgrade since this.

Daniel Paul says:

Ok.Well I’ve done more research on the game and I take back my previous comment.There will be magic and summons in the game,which is a relief.So,I’ll probably wind up buying this game.I don’t know how real-time action will feel,but I’ll give it a shot.I read up on the plot,too,which sounds interesting.And yes,there are women in the game.The graphics are really excellent.Anyone curious about this game google final fantasy 15 wiki.Will be waiting for this one.

Natascha struywaix says:

The Boy with the Black emo hair looks like Sasuke ^ – ^

Mr.Galaxy says:

Is it coming to pc

michel vogelzang says:

That soundtrack <3

Kevin Sosa says:

This looks so stupid lol

ElDan BerroTeran says:

this game it’s amazing 😀

Shino Aburame of wind says:

so beautiful

Ben Onyejekwe says:

is this coming to Wii u ?

Daniel Paul says:

The graphics look nice but I’m not sure about the gameplay or story.Why are there no females in your party and what about magic spells and awesome summon sequences?Also it seems like this game sacrifices story,plot and character development for running in an open world.I prefer the turn based strategy of older games along with a story.Square enix changes the formulas that work too much.I guess that’s what happens when the series’ creator leaves.Will rent or wait till it goes down to 10 bucks used.

X Pace of world says:

Stunning graphics

Samuel Soares says:

2016 GOTY in my opinion

CoN MaN 94 says:

Don’t get why people love these games…. looks terrible.

The one weird friend says:

the guy playing is just running
I got bored really quick

seth keter says:


Nahuel Fuenzalida says:

El Juego esta buenisimo La musica si que es artante !

ඊඊ ඊඊ says:


Esteban Menchaca says:

Looks like a PS3 game

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