Final Fantasy XV — First 45 Minutes of SPOILER-FREE Gameplay!

We’re here with the first 45 minutes – spoiler free! – of Final Fantasy XV, the much-anticipated open world sequel that’s heading to PS4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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Julio Marquez says:

This game looks boring af

Alejandro del Aguila García says:

Can I ask you how did you do to avoid CopyRight Reclamation for the first music at the begining? I have the same video but it can not be reproduced un mobile devices due to CopyRight Reclamation…

PiratenGriefer says:


cɧaŋɖų baɾaɭ says:

+carry u r great bruh 🙂

Chase says:

What’s this game like

Pablo Nalerio says:

looks cool definatly not my thing

Mike L says:

I was told to watch FFXV kingsclaive prior to playing the game. It was a pretty good tie in to the game and explained things a bit more.

Frankly says:

Aka the Backstreet Boys go on a field trip?

BugPope says:

So from what I’ve seen of this game, it’s basically ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ but even gayer.

Pandarah says:

23:11 wtf why is it hovering/freezing up like that. And I’m seeing a lot more animation problems throughout this video. The more realistic games get, the more we’ll notice such things, unfortunately.. It really pulls me out of the experience. Although I’m sure it’s a fantastic game overall!

TheKrensada says:

at least it looks pretty.

Cloud Strife says:

The game looks cool. To bad for the battle sistem…..

Scitch2781 says:

amazing game

Nathan Cady says:

FINALLY, a game just like SOA! *I’ve been waiting for this*!!!!!

Christian Jensen says:

Push the car ADVENDTURE game/Hold ONE button to steer and gas game/ Road with the view game/ The GAY game.

Knifeplay says:

So, what exactly is this game summed up? Is it free-roam? What kinds of monsters are there? Can I get clothes and hairstyles to customize my guy? These questions all come from someone who’s never played this series but is highly interested in doing so.

EnderSlender45 says:

I love it but it wasn’t spoiler free

Aarin Chaudhary says:

Such an awesome looking game O_O

Clockwork Productions says:

*pushes car for 2 minutes*
*title card*


ShadyCatGames says:

What if the whole gameplay was pushing the car

Bella Gwin says:

It’s Sas-gay!!!

Darlene DeVegan says:

love the Final Fantasy Series. This one looks more realistic than ever. Don’t like that women are exposing their chests like this though. so stupid.

destroyer 0009 says:

im so excited its christmas tommorow and one of my presents are final fantasy xv

Zolboo Gantumur says:

is this available on PC now ?

Pablo Nalerio says:

voice acting is cringy af

Gusman Rahmadi says:

I have a question, can you skip some cutscenes in this game? (Just wonderin’)

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