Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis

Back at my Final Fantasy XV gameplay with Episode Ignis! After that killer intro, it’s time to walk the streets of Altissia as war happens all around me. Behold my spin to win strategy!

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Episode Ignis is some of the Final Fantasy XV DLC that takes place at the same time as Chapter 9 of the main story. Play was Ignis Scientia with the power is his Spelldaggers as he battles through Altissia to find a protect Prince Noctis. Wrapping up what’s left for my Final Fantasy XV walkthrough.

What’s been your favorite FF15 moment so far?

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Matt Peterson says:

A Ignis vs Ardyn cook off sounds fun actually.

KoPLeaderKiactu says:

Tabata’s like, “JK. The main story’s the true ending.”

Alex H says:

I enjoyed watching all the DLC, but this one was definitely the most hype.

I’m such a sucker for this game in general.

Madison D says:

Thought this was gonna be SGS when I first saw the thumbnail. I am Jesse’s disappointed beard.

jjkurtz03 says:

I literally cannot wait until March 6th when I can play this game again without the ridiculously slow load times. I put 100+ hours in on the PS4 and I imagine i’ll do even more on PC.

JackOBlades0801 says:

I gotta say. I thought Episode Gladioulus sucked. Episode Prompto was alright. Felt that I wasted money on the Season Pass.

Episode Ignis was a complete redemption of the DLCs imo.

Edit: Funny enough, Ignis was the character I liked the least.

Viroquet says:

“You’re pretty good though”

EldritchRose says:

jesse ships it

BaronNate says:


Alex H says:

I hear this one has an alternate ending, let’s see if Jesse covers it

Cody Johnsen says:

I don’t care, that will always be the canon ending in my heart. This should have been the actual ending.

Kath Flynn says:

Of course Gladio was Ardyn plus 4- you think Ardyn is beefy enough to make a Gladio all my himself? Hell nah, of course that hipster ass twink needed 4 more guys. Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t need 5

Athenis says:

Did anyone else think the Golden Girls theme song should have played for the campfire conversation?

Also, despite how it is billed as multiplayer, Comrades has single player story bits that actually have a pretty big impact on the main story during Noct’s nap, without making it required knowledge. Maybe they learned a little bit from the “homework” info backlash of Kingslaive, Brotherhood, and A King’s Tale. You don’t have to play with others either, and some missions it is better to have an AI team.

Alex H says:

an ominous time to add a “change view” button

Ringo Von dingo says:

Jesse I have a film for you and crendor to discuss and watch for the next cox’n’crendor podcast. 47 Ronin starring keanu reeves. It is fucking amazing I shat myself laughing at this ridiculously over acted unlogical film it is the best discovery I’ve made this month and I know it is the kind of film you adore

O Kanenas says:

YAY! Thank you Jesse!

Alex H says:

as always with ff15 stuff, the music is tight as hell

SupaPixelGirl says:

Can’t wait till Final Fantasy 7 Remastered comes out

TheKageichi says:

Now you gotta do the boss fight against Noctis. See how long it takes for you to beat him X3

Alex H says:


Kath Flynn says:

Ah yes Episode Ignis- or as I like to think of it Ignis: Mother of The Year Edition

Matt Brown says:

OK, take 2, this time make sure it’s downloaded and you don’t fall down another festival rabbit hole


Any one know if Jesse is going to play the new one?

SykotikKytten says:

Hype for Episode: Ardyn

KalanArkais says:

I’ve come to realize that Ardyn’s backstory is basically the same as that of Cuchulainn from FFXII

Kyle Broflovski says:

I will never have the patience to beat Noctis 1v1, or do the episode Prompto time trials lol
Episode Iggy was the best although it was kind of outrageous at some points, So glad they got Yasunori Mitsuda to score it

thunderborn 32 says:

jesse more monster hunter world! im playing it but i dont care its great i wanna play it i wanna watch it i wanna listen to it on the fucking radio on the way to work its the shit

Alex H says:

wonder if Jesse is ever going to mess with the multiplayer expansion, since I think that takes place while Noct’s in the cocoon?

5ardino says:

Man the new cooking mama has awesome graphics

Ian Knau says:

Mmmm you four boys gonna gang rape the car?

Alex H says:

I see Jesse, as always, has “can’t read text on screen-itis”

Kedrian Connor says:

Hey Cox, cut the crap and upload some Shadows of War

Kath Flynn says:

Honestly the alternate ending is essentially Iggy looking fate in the eye and saying “Not my son you bitch!’

JackOBlades0801 says:

1:43:15 WE NEED A BIGGER CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zairo Seihara says:

Loading song…..

deamongimli says:

Correction Jesse – Ardyn and 6 other guys

Brian Sams says:

At 1:12:51 why does Ignis have a flash light for a guy that can’t see?

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