FINAL FANTASY XV – Episode Ignis Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080P 60FPS] PS4 PRO

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game DLC Episode Ignis 1080P 60FPS PS4 PRO Including all DLC Bosses, cutscenes and the ending. final boss fight in FF15 Episode Ignis by Shirrako

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Destiny Fair says:

19:41 like a true boss

The Ananas says:

2:02:55 Is this a glicth 😀 It’s fucking funny 😀

Flor Nieto says:

I cried like a baby…! ;—;)

Finza Soebiakto says:

That ending is so much better than the original one


Sooo, who is Ardyn actually and where did he come from..?

MrNarfRetsam says:

Episode Waifu.

Samantha Sun Lin Fok says:

Omg ignis is so hot with bangs i cannot

Szeszechu Chu says:

Your video is quite good ,but I have to say this time your video have sort of problem,such as have a quite big delay

tom chan says:

the fight against Ravas was time consuming his attacks hit like a truck and I died a couple of times before I was able to defeat him what’s the best way to speed up the battle if I want to fight him again? What’s worse is the fact that I have to fight Ardyn next how should I prepare against him what moves will he use?

Roellex P says:

Noctis is a pain in the ass


Roellex P says:

dammmmmmm ignis is faaaasssssst

Jonathan Robinson says:

I didn’t think ignis would actually explode…..

The Lonely says:

That’s it! I’ve come up with a new recipe.

Naomi says:

9:18 did they just shoot Titan in the dick?

Tawat Suraluk says:

such a big eyes

Toshiro Hitsuguya says:

Lol wasn’t expecting most the video to be the noctis fight does not look easy should’ve limited potion usage to make it the ultimate battle or some dlc where you fight true king noctis and young ardyn back when he was good at the same time xD

Brendon Dellinger says:

8:20 *FUCK*

Surya Moong says:

Wont be suprised if there is a episode ravus or episode luna

LowestRaptor says:

I hate the fact Youtubers get to show this early and the entire DLC, yet they can’t show XCOM 2’s Expansion, War of the Chosen, cutscenes. For DLC like Episode Ignis, for those who are getting it through the Season Pass or planning on buying it, I say don’t watch people’s videos before you play it yourself. Honestly this is the one aspect of looking at Youtubers from the outside that is just horrible. You just gave people a reason to not play the DLC themselves after showing it because “you’re a youtuber”.

Bob's second channel says:

I like promp and iggy
Promp never gave up and iggy sacrificed his vision for a promise

I like then,they have respect

Jonathan Robinson says:

That was more than a sparring match for noctis, he was serious about not eating vegetables. Easily one of the best optional fights.

Rhaenyra Reigns says:

Nice synchronicity @28:37.

That anime posing @03:14:13, though…

ArcaninesBurn Reborn says:

Was it just me or is his capture card damaged?

Extreme Stunts says:

it would have been cool if after beating the main story u can play as all of them such as prompto and gladious and ignis in the main game

TheCycloneable says:

is the writer of this episode forgot/didn’t pay attention to the main game’s plot?? there’s a lot of inconsistencies here ffs

Call Me Kami says:

God you’re awful at this game

Lc faskys says:

Amazing channel my friend, congrats God bless you! +1 like +1 subscribed

TheShadowHunter says:

This was amazing and the alternate timeline is probably something that they thought they couldn’t do anymore but should throw it in there just to get fans hyped for Episode Ardyn. Ravus was kinda tragic in this episode and Ardyn has been kind of a dick to him since that opening scene of Kingsglaive and it’s so sad that he never got any retribution. I like Ignis’ design from when he puts the ring on, especially in the what-if scenario where he gets the full power and goes all Nyx on Ardyn! This was great! It just makes me wish that they had delayed the game maybe a little bit longer so that all this could’ve actually been added in. It would’ve easily been GOTY…

DCHRAY says:

I’m just gonna say this real quick, thanks for playing the game and letting us experience this wonderful DLC! But on another note, the fuck is up with your capture card?

whygogh says:

daddy ignis

Tabby Scientia says:

Ignis is best waifu

Jonathan Robinson says:

I am an odd mixture of happy and pissed right now. You mean to tell me they made a scenario possibly better than the actual ending and ignis keeps his eyes!!!?

Clash says:

WTF, Ignis is the fucking Sanji, no shit.

Morgan21590 says:

So basically Ignis lost his sight for nothing? I know he couldn’t have known that at the time, but if i remember correctly, Ardyn only wanted to kill noctis after he became the real king of light, crystal nap and everything. I think he says something like that at some point in the main game. and the ring is in no danger either, since ardyn wants him to have that, too.

Niall Ryan says:

Man….If the game had all of this stuff in it originally it literally would have been GOTY, Kinda wish they waited another year.

zero5559 says:

So basically SE went a made a entire new alternate timeline. Nice.

Rosario Rolon says:

Your video cuts off some scenes is that normal?

TrentOS says:

Seeing Noctis use Death on Ignis is probably the funniest thing I’ll ever see

ccchingss 24 says:

Is it possible that knowing he’ll be blind/sacrifice so let him had the vision of what’s to come….? And throughout the journey he continue to has the vision of Noctis’s future…(so does he probably knowing all of what’s to come…)

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