Final Fantasy XV – Episode Ignis DLC Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Full Game & ENDING [1080P 60FPS]

FFXV Episode Ignis full game walkthrough & Final boss + Ending
1080p 60fps ps4 pro

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Master Gamer says:

Its finally here! :DDDDDDDDDD

Yukouya Nagoshite says:


I mean, i am, but wHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO EMOTIONAL?!?!? TT^TT

BioHazarD says:

Iggy plays a lot like KH2

BlakeTheEmperor99 says:

Ouch. Just ouch.

Horacio Cuevas says:

okay my biggest question is… how did he find his jacket?

Grimlock says:

Ravus betray the empire

SSJ K-DOT says:

I wish Prompto, gladiolus, and Ignis had the warp strike ability like the other Kingsglaive members.

Master Gamer says:

Ravus is doing all the damage while you provide tiny backup

Death Whisper says:

11:10 Attack On Titan

Brandon Stepp says:

I’ve realise after playing all the episodes and the main campaign, they made Ignis have the best side story and the best gameplay out of the everybody in the game wish they would have had more commands for Noctis for his personal beside warpstrike and armiger

Slippery Snake says:

Stupid faggot can’t play for shit and keeps on skipping the dialogue

Cyrus Wu says:

Now they need to patch the base game to have more epic moments like this

Daemon_Razgriz says:

Wait so Nyx has to sacrifice his life but Ignis just had to sacrifice his sight???

Stkrdknmibalz says:

Ignis’ voice in english during the fight with Ravus kinda lack of emotion

Riley the Cutie says:

*explosion within arm’s reach*
Ravus: You alright?
Ignis: Well enough.

the formality of this interaction is what got to me, honestly

mari says:

Yep, this made me cry so much. I knew it’d be sad but noT THIS SAD

璃々てとー さん lily teto-san says:

Ignis is british

DarkStigmata says:

A small mention to Nyx, puts a tear to my eye.

Jake Stewart says:

Hopefully this is hard.

Aoi Mataki says:

I know that Squarenix will always deliver. The gaming mechanics are stellar. I wish I was a beta tester for their company

mrx says:

1080p was not for this video the video had some drops

Kaz-Magic Arts says:

Now we need a DLC about Ravus. I would love to play that one.

wesleyam says:

It was painful to watch you fighting enemies, u couldnt even select the right stances for each combat situation.

EndSteel X says:

Why english dub keep calling him Iggy instead of Ignis :/ full name sounds much badass

Nameless Duelist says:

16:48 did Ignis just say “fuck”?

LwNickV says:

So dumb that Ignis literally SEES the future… Perfectly, Bahamut telling him is one thing, but visually seeing the events perfectly as they are happening.. no… That’s a pretty stupid thing to do, It means the astrals know excactly what’s happening in the future, meaning they have nothing to fear cuz they know Noct will succeed.

ramonthebomb says:

At the very end when Noctis says “Thanks for everything, Iggy” @ 1:18:00 when it cuts to Iggy’s glasses on close-up, you can see a the young adult Noctis in the reflection. It’s a very nice touch, because that’s the last time Iggy ever saw Noctis and that’s how he will always remember him… just beautiful the way the team handled this DLC

Expander says:

Now that’s how a story should be told! Too bad we had to wait more than a year to get some good coverage on all the things missing.

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