FINAL FANTASY XV – Episode Gladiolus Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080P 60FPS] PS4 PRO

Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game DLC Episode Gladio 1080P 60FPS PS4 PRO Including all DLC Bosses, cutscenes and the ending. Gilgamesh boss fight in FF15.

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jefthereaper says:

Now I just feel as if Gladio should be able to summon a huge steel beam instead of a sword…

Tohsaka Rin says:

What a shitty DLC. Charging people $5 for something that should’ve been in the game originally.

Sahal Sidat says:

It’s a $5 dollar dlc, what did you expect? blood and wine?

Joshua Paul says:

This is what they should add: Additional weapons and gear for Gladiolus combat specifically, allowing us to try different builds. Also, let us play as him freely during open world segments. Right now, this feels like a glorified gameplay demo.

Tree Lemon says:

Prompto’s eyes are purple! What does that mean?

anthony cruz says:

When I click DLC it says it can’t be accessed right now???

Queencat 0075 says:


David Kristianto says:

relax Gladio…. no need to push yourself too hard…. you didnt even have any part in the final battle… all you are going to do is sleeping on the ground while your king finish Ardyn by himself…. and how come you didnt use these newfound power by the time you are back with Noctis?…. pointless trial….

William Briganti says:

Are you doing the Prompto Episode, too? I really want to see what Ignis does too; If he doesn’t get a restaurant of course.

Trashy McWhite says:

I’m gonna be very disappointed if all upcoming DLC’s for FFXV are just an 1-hour stage that looks like a hallway, like this one.

Duckie says:

oh look, more people complaining.

Kyle Klim says:

Keep your money for GOTY edition 🙂

Nikka Nicole Ontoria says:

woah! this is it. 😉 nice! thank you!

ben ash says:

Is that all you get pfff 1 hour and 30 mins ! That’s pathetic wtf

Nisher Neko says:

noctis playing mobile game “FF Mobius” xD

StrifeXIII says:

Do you even have a 4K TV? The fact that the HDR option is greyed out in your settings suggests you actually purchased a PS4 Pro without having a 4K TV, which is of course totally pointless. Unless you own an older model 4K TV that isn’t HDR compatible.

Julia Shenandoah says:

It is midnight here right now, which means this gorgeous DLC is released…. RIGHT NOW 😀
Yesss. Did you notice that the developers have even added several cool matrix-like effects to the combat – for example a trail of disturbed transparent air behind the fast but precise swung sword? Epic!
But please do me one favour, please make the other DLC`s a little bit longer 🙂 and I hope that the promised offroad Regalia will be added with the next DLC.

alfasilverblade says:

After playing Zelda Breath of the Wild for 3 week, Final fantasy 15 look and plays like complete garbage.

Kaywynn Jones says:

To the people complaining about Gladio’s play through being less than 3 hours. Chill out because any additional character featured games tend to end up having a short playtime. Plus, Gladio left the party for less than a week at most. So this episode was gonna be short regardless.

Game With Rayne says:

Video looks great on PS4 Pro – thanks for sharing

kuro gami says:

it’s already out? where I can DL / purchase it ? ( I’m Region Asia )

Jose Neto says:

20:55 This is a message from Nergal

George Dorgali says:

so thats how gladio git those scars

DragonKnight90001 says:

An hour that’s kinda disappointing a bit

Chet Hawley says:

Is this the Gilgamesh we all know orrrr?

SoulFuxion Justin the Werehog says:

@Shirrako I have the Season Pass, but I can’t gain access to Episode Gladiolus via DLC. Do I need a PS+ membership for it to work?

Kurogami 411 says:

You’re a beast xD

Nikki Budders says:

1, that sword is freaking huge. Must be some 10 feet long.
2, that still doesn’t answer the question of how the hell did he end up doing a that weird job he reunited with Noct in.

ygo900 says:

What an underwhelming Dlc honestly, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time buying this. The gameplay is meh and the there’s just about as much ‘story’ as there was in the main game and the plot couldn’t be more generic if it tried, I’m so glad I had no faith in this Dlc unlike the faith I had in the main game so I wasn’t really disappointed because I had no expectations to begin with.

This tells me everything I need to know know about the rest of the Dlc, nice try square but I’ll be keeping my money instead of spending it on lackluster Dlc for an already lackluster game.

Deathhybr1ds says:


Neo Gamer says:

how do you already have it

TheMerc1993 says:

I got this yet this error thats keeps coming up at 6:10 anyone else having this problem or is it just me. If anyone has any ideas how to fix it let me know.

Ice Humphrey says:

I downloaded the dlc but I dunno where I can access it. help?

Roxxas 4 16 says:

so, it’s Cor Gilgamesh? if it is not, then, I’m glad

Neo Gaming Channel says:

After playing NieR Automata this game is too boring. Hard to play the combat in this game after playing another arpg with better combat.

BlackDoge says:

I’ll name my next dog enkidu haha

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