Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus – 10 Minutes of BRUTE FORCE Brawling Gameplay

Players will take control of Gladiolus in the upcoming DLC for Final Fantasy 15. The no-nonsense bruiser will fight his way through a new environment to prove his strength.


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shane blue sky says:

i hope we are able to unlock more combos.

Teddy McKrell says:

the sound mixing on this is pretty wack… i didnt realize mask guy was actually saying things until gladio responded to him

Josh Betancourt says:

some of them need a haircut…like ASAP.

Miles Grande says:

when will this large boy hold me?

Failzwhale says:

Actual DLC gameplay is at @4:00

ninjafruitchilled says:

Meh, I think I cannot be bothered with FFXV anymore. They butchered it by leaving out all this key information about the characters and plot, and now I have no emotional investment in finding out more. Time to play Zelda.

Dirge Novak says:

That music is asinine.

Jabba WR83 says:

Getting a dark souls vibe…

Hadrian says:

Gilgamesh :/ One arm? fk it. Why the voice in cutscence is very low?

Waton Noob says:

the same song all the video :/ …

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