Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0 Demo – Catoblepas Boss Fight Gameplay

Final Fantasy 15 Catoblepas Boss Fight Gameplay 1080p
Low level guide on how to defeat this boss in a short amount of time.

FFXV Episode Duscae Demo 2.0


Artem Nazarenko says:

Ебать ты лох!!!!

darkbendover TM says:

oh no, not the turtle again. if they want us to grind turtles for good stuff like ff13, i gonna totally pirate this.

Antonio Ocanas says:

God bless American way ….this shit is real different from American stile games that gives me the creeps..let’s say compared to fallout…skyrim, crysis etc etc….this game look real boring to me….
many things go misplace for my. those black clothes don’t fit in that ambient..or “natural world” they look like fucking emos…or one of those 90s teen music band….
and what’s up with this guy’s voices…it’s so odd when you look in their faces they look completely gay (what a 15 years old girl perfect and handsome boyfriend should look like)… with that hair and that girl faces …but their voices sounds like real ” macho man”…to be clear it’s like kiano rives…with the voice of Sean conery. .just don’t correspond one thing to another…
God, Japanese people has a extrange sense of the world to me…
the same with games like Bayonetta. ..the other day I was playing the demo…and good ..what those guys think of “fantasy”’s so weird and exagerated….and well with characters like that (bayonetta) it’s clear to me that they are so damn perverts to….it’s not that I Dont like pussys and Titis i love them…it’s just that the way they itroduce it in games it’s misplace to me…like that Semi naked agent from MGS the Phantom pain… it takes away any sense of reality to the game narrative…

zxn6869 says:

is it me or is this 30 fps

Jay Dub says:

And it doesn’t drop anything :p

Dotar06 says:

Any of you guys having problem with sub pixel shimmering in this demo? I started it up recently and all the grass and trees around me are blinking nonstop… I hope it won’t be a problem with the game itself 🙁

bryan martinez says:

that pig looking dinosaur is so peaceful eating grass…wtf is wrong with yall 4?!..lolz..and Zues is in this game!..lolz..bring hercules too!..

Bisma Yudha William Jenkins says:

I can’t help but to think Noctis as Sasuke whenever he run.

Vandy Niyomkham says:

So you can only summon when your dying and the summon does the same shit. Looks pretty repetitive. they need to go back to turn base and stop trying to spoon feed us this MMO nonsense.

stuntbounce says:

Man i wonder wich lvl you have to fight this thing on par 0.0

Artur says:

0:50 going straight anal huh?

Mike Hunt says:

is this getting released on Ps4 or Ps5?


how much exp would this give you without using summons?

Voldebutt says:

Didnt realize this game plays almost identically to dragon age 3

TheSanarossOne says:

Nice fight 🙂 Also I wanted to ask : if you actually got to finish the creature with Noct and not Ramuh, would you get the exp ?

Ismaael Dieng says:

Sorry for being ignorant about not seeing this before, but what is this? A full game/demo, or?

Brandon Crider says:

it worth it, how many leveles do you get and what good items?

Anthony Diaz says:

So wait. Summons are a fail safe that makes it very hard to die? You don’t use them for added dos but a, “oh crap I messed up, carry me game” feature…. ;-/

Rokeru Maluku says:

catoblepas is not a boss, only a stronger mob

Anthony Derome says:

I can tell i’ll love this game from the music alone xD.

zelda foxx says:

Glad to see summons aren’t an insta-win

King Of The Dews says:

Lol probably wasn’t a good idea for me to skip a bit of the video only to cut to the point where everything goes to shit with Ramuh 😛

MrBelascoaranShayne says:

Im sorry but, whats the point of the game? Getting injured to your last breath and then leave the battle to a giant thundergod? What is the purpose of the game if you’re not even fighting (your character by himself is doing less than 10% of the whole damage) and your partners died since the beginning of the fight? When can you prove your gaming skills in this game?
Is this a disguised “family” RPG where everyone can win just by summoning big fellas and then taking the victory for themselves? A six year old can do that.

(BTW maybe I’m just an idiot. I just try to understand the Final Fantasy mechanics. I’ve never played one.)

NoJodasEncerio says:

food for a whoole life

DarkOmen says:

Hoe do i get this demo? On xbox one

Aaru says:

it seems you’re AI companion in this game is useless they just keep dying and standing around it’s hard for this kind of bosses

WhatTheGyx says:

Noctis looks like a teenager but sounds like friggin 40!

Kye Riehl says:

I remember being 12 and getting excited for this game. I’m 22 now.

Haylee's fangirls beware says:

The Black haired kid kinda looks like zake

calipdis2 says:

mmm but he could not defend himself with magic or something… like a boring unfair wildhunt.

Patrick Hancock says:

This game reminds me of xenoblade cheonicles.

billyblackburn87 says:

This actually looks really impresssive

Marco Longo says:

“Total Experience: 0”

ok 🙁

WhatTheGyx says:

Dat Fucking Graphics!

Ismush says:

I don’t want hurting peaceful creatures.

Rcboi96 says:

dude that thing has a fuckload of HP

Berkay C. EROĞLU says:

Basically no matter what your level is, get critically wounded and call for Ramuh’s help for killing anything which is not giving any experience or items. Nice looking game.

Eduardo Gomez Murcia says:

bah, you cannot control your alies? so what the hell is the meaning of the fucking game?

The Truth says:

IN-SANE amount of health lol

Shanmieh says:

i cant stop laughing when those guys got downed

Ismush says:

“Shadow of the Colossus”, where?

Frank .F says:

final walking on landscape XV

Kyle Bovet says:

so pretty much let ramuh fight this creature.

Trance Voyage Sessions says:

He was just having something to eat. Then a bunch of spoilt brat Emo kids turn up.

MPmusicgroup says:

um i wouldnt take this animal as a boss it look nice i think you just pissed it off

TCT Creator says:

Why they can attack a Hamrless Animal ? It just walk and eat some grass !

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