Final Fantasy XV E3 2016 Gameplay Walkthrough Demo (PS4)

Final Fantasy 15 (E3 2016) Gameplay Walkthrough Demo

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Exochrome says:

Camping simulator 2017

H. Mika says:


久保勝 says:


Taha Yaagoubi says:

this is looking absolutely fantastic

Jean merdmacdo says:

Heroes who eat in a fast-food…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! x)
their hairs, Loreal partners XD

Tech Mind says:

lol they failed on this FF15 only thing that worth on this game are the huge map and awesome graphic….FF12 is the best FF ever created with cool music amazing story best battle mode…this game doesnt worht spend a cent

Marsupilami says:

Are you fucking kidding me? The game is so realistic that the car’s Batteries or engines break down? For fuck’s sake !!!

Oscar Luis says:

Se ve bien de hueva como lo hacen ahora. Porque no lo harán de turnos como antes.

roger lau says:

lol the translator even copy the laughing .

msk97x says:

They should have gotten Sasuke’s voice actor to play Noctus instead of having him play Spiderman

Leong Mun says:

Can i sex can i pee can i shit can i go internet on this game

Sebastian Brinkmann says:

Kudos to the translator, but I would’ ve prefered a subtitled interview.

Awanis says:

my boner is going to kill me ;D

Thor 144 says:

Porfin Ya No Es RPG c:

Joon Jung says:

9월에 나온대서 플스 산건데 아노….ㅡㅡ

Anonymous says:

That translator is really good.

Mitchell New says:

Looks we’ll literally be playing in a FF movie LOL

Gm Rich says:

i need this game

Kevin Harris says:

I rather see a sequel to Chrono Cross than play this movie. Oh how i miss Arni village …

Joe Smith says:

Only 2 more months to go I can’t wait!

zero5559 says:

I dont think we would get annoyed by Prompto…

alex lopez says:

yo nunca e jugado esta franquisia y no entiendo por que estoy viendo este video

Roman V says:

So…3 girls and tattooed guy…all dressed in black leather. Clearly japanese stuff

avery montero says:

15:13 holy shit!!!

Slick Willy says:

Can we kill prompto?

cristian herrera says:

BoyBand simulator :V

max23 says:


Jenema2 says:

Xbox one demo was running 800p

PsyGnosiS says:

“with wait mode, any player can play as a pro!” dumbest thing I have heard so far from this old boyband lover..

Ivan Zacconi says:

Kingdom hearts XV vs Attack on Titan

Hard games says:

ee esquema de fica mudando dificuldade e acrecentar aquele wait ficou bosta …

Galaxis says:

Hello titan. and i thought Ramuh was rediculous

Kennedy 77 says:

Visuals is a bit of weak sauce, game-play looks okayish.

PlatinumZhen says:

During your free time you can also play blitzball, he forgot to mention. 🙂

twister NL says:

15:14 you think that isnt a bit overkill to hunt deer ?

Mitchell New says:

HOLY Crap! We can actually fight now!

NoctLightCloud says:

can’t wait!!

Jacoby Sloan says:

how come this demo isnt available to the public?

Frank Tank says:

boring shit

PixelTV _ says:

Jrock boyband simulator x-x

Ray Hall says:

Does anybody remember when we had parties and could actually fight with the characters in the party? I remember fighting as cloud AND tifa!!! edgar AND sabin!!! auron AND wakka!!! but now we can only fight as 1 character, we cant even take control of the entire party, just stupid auto set-ups for the party while you only control the leader, I don’t even want to imagine how bad they’ll mess up 7’s battle system considering that final fantasy will never allow us to control entire parties anymore… 12, 13, 15… THIS is why final fantasy will never be as good in real-time. Screw Noctis, the only character I would want to fight with is the man with the scar, not the other girly looking dudes. And why is there only dudes in the party? we cant have a white-mage chick? square enix final fantasies all blow

Sergio Manuel says:

fallout 4

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