Final Fantasy XV DLC story quests and CO-OP gameplay details

Breaking down exactly what the DLC packages for final fantasy XV and co-op mode entails, announced at the Paris ‘Omen trailer’ event today. We did see a bit of gameplay of all four characters dueling so perhaps PVP mode is even possible?

There will be DLC missions for each individual character ordered Gladiolus, Ignis, Prompto and then as a whole group. New quests, monsters, combat mechanics and locations will be added.

Pretty good I think for just $24.99

The sons of Odin video:

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StanleyHigginsIV Stan says:

is the co-op local,online or both?

Nesoshima Gatori says:

So multiplayer is out now?

Syed Fadil says:

trust me… the game map not bigger like u think…

iShux says:

The ads beside the website scared the fuck out of me

Lesly Santos says:

first thing i was dreading like why does that crap have to be DLC? Bullshit is all i gotta say..

Camille Lake says:

They are jealous of you. Because so far, you’ve been right.
They are jealous because you’re passionate about Final Fantasy and are able to see what they can’t. (fuck’em.)

AresDemigod says:

i cant imagine how coop is gonna look or work

Maxs says:

no damn co-op mode!!!! please SE no co-op. leave FFXV a single player game.

Trevor Robinette says:

This is TOTALLY MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!! I totally called this like 2 months ago!!! 3 other friends are getting the game with the season pass and we’re gonna co-op the crap out of this game!!!

hussein nasseir hussein says:

if you are interested in co-operation I am more than happy to play.

hussein nasseir hussein says:


hussein nasseir hussein says:

you can have gines.

GodBarrierDjinn says:

when multiplayer comes out its esports time baby

LeonA0 says:

if there is gona be co op it will be loby based. im sure of that

Oscar White says:

I hope they somewhat do the same for kingdom hearts 3 to play as Donald or goofy

Jeremiah Logan says:

yo bro you can have ignis but I’m playing promto. add me===> (luciankinkiller)

Yusuke Urameshi says:

If I had to choose one multiplayer mode, it would be online Chocobo Racing!

Com- PleX says:

So does that mean we will have an open world co op game play with us being able to play as any of the 4 heroes?

Aria E. says:

I dont believe this, it’s too good to be true.

Jacob Buffinton says:

whadya know, an ffxv ad before this video

Jermaine Gorham says:

what’s your psn, I hype for game as well I’ll definitely play with you in CO-OP

Camille Lake says:

OMG…he IS talking to the crystal. Wow…I didn’t see that at all. (very hyped for this game.)

Alex MaGanda says:

I really love how enthusiastic you are im so hyped about the co op i wanna know so badly how the co op is gonna be and work out *_*

Peter Sarchiapone says:

this is very exciting

KoopaXross says:

Bringing co-op into this with online brought this game from 100 to infinity.

JMattTG says:

Ay im ready to rock this game!!!! peasants all over vs Eos. (Noctis all the way) PSN—-> Jmatttruegamer add me up :P.. 9 more days 0_0.

David Begun says:

Hey peasant! I love your videos, I have some comments about this though. firstly, I liked how much you looked into the mythology and your theory is sound, in previous FF’s they have done some similar things, but I noticed that the picture showing Gladdy alone looks awfully like the gorge, I think it’s called ostrom gorge. I was flying over it earlier today and it has those curved rock formations all along the sides. I hope he’s going there to meet Gilgamesh.

Lesly Santos says:

first thing i was dreading like why does that crap have to be DLC? Bullshit is all i gotta say..

Seraphim190 says:

hey bro! i love your channel, do you know if Vr will be added to the dlc? thanks (-:

Ivan says:

Where is to vote for Aranea’s story chapter and playable female character?

numba 118 says:

i got a feeling gladiolus made a stop in the kingdom hearts series lol promto made references so he may have went to see hades lmfao so Hercules will be there

Mezs Tv says:

This is going to be awesome

MrRhythmicDancer1 says:

Without giving spoilers, how did Ignis go blind?

Jack warr says:

Just imagine a 4 person co op for the whole story

VeRn says:

Anyone wanna run coop
Age- 15 For those who dont like running with younger people and I dont mind running with younger people just dop with me when it comes out.
Gt- M3RkZ_ReConDyont be annoying lmao

If you’re running with me Know how to play and I mean like know your controls cause I dont like people asking me which button allows me to do that

Last and the most important is don’t be sensitive and I mean if you run away from a daemon or something and I say run like a lil bitch you are dont be getting mad its just a joke lmao but real

Wait nope this is the last if your older then me don’t be a dick acting like you know everything and your the best and shit like how gladious was acting unless your rping lol

Sergio Gomez says:

first video I’ve ever seen of you and I love you vibe. great honest content. keep making videos like this and you’ll always get a like and a share from me.

The Username says:

Thats cool but you have to pay for coop? Thats some bullshit, coop is something that should be free

Isaiah Dray says:

I wanted to be Ignis too! i love to cook too so i really dig his character 😀

Marc Christian Bruan says:

it the dlc payerd or free sir?

Dewayne Ames says:


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