FINAL FANTASY XV – Comrades Multiplayer Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue (Full Game) PS4 PRO

Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer Comrades DLC Gameplay Walkthrough 1080p 60fps PS4 PRO showing the character customization, all main missions, all bosses, special items, cutscenes, soundtrack ost, secrets, co-op mode, final boss & ending.

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Alvin Wallace says:

Wish my Avatar could be black

Kane TheOne says:

Is there really no option to group with ppl directly from friends list? You still have to do that whole ridiculous create camp/passcode garbage? ? Please tell me this isnt true.. after all this time, they couldnt add normal fucking MP??

Living Detritus says:

okay who tf hired Libertus’ VA

Seriously, I could’ve voiced his lines better than he did. It’s so flat, it’s like he’s trying to narrate a story he has no interest in, only he grabbed someone else’s script instead

Facundo Escobar says:

Should I do the URGENT Missions as soon as possible or can they wait

Zeto over 9000 Ripper says:


Zero Two says:

“Multiplayer” plays with ai entire time

H.F GAMING says:

If he was playing on a pro, surely HDR would be available to select?!

Harrison Jaeger says:

They style reminds me of the Black Parade.

Mammoth Games says:

Can you play this offline at all?

Dmitrij Guriakov says:

EUROPE WHEN!?!?!?!?!?!?

Derek Camp says:

imo ths guy has no idea wat hes doing. good gameplay though

Arbiter Of demons says:

I think it wouls load faster on a scorpio

La Lumiere says:

Pas de possibilité de faire des rooms privé ?

aiden Pierce says:

I want the coat he is wearing badly

Tobi San says:

So are there any good offensive spells

Nicolas says:

Sooo when’s Ardyn’s retelling of stroy will happen? All these dlc happning and coming, still so many unsolve questions.

killerjay47 says:

This dude sound like jiraiya!!!

C4 Garuda says:

Character came out lookin like Assassins Creed: Rapist Edition

Thomas Singleton says:

Is there gonna be a free roam mode to just explore with your character or is it just doing hunting missions?

aiden Pierce says:

Guys it comes out the 15th

Stevenson Su'a says:

i wish radbrad was playing this game

RubyRoseTheWolf says:

Did I hear Pierce Washington? XD

jefthereaper says:

I can already see how I will try to immerse myself into the story, while my other 3 companions look like freaks of nature or clowns with the weirdest faces, hair and clothes possible.

TheRealStudios says:

for fart and whom?

teamhebi13 says:

Im confused do we download it on is it the game?

Sora Light says:


Jeno223 says:

nice vid 🙂

Charlie O'Toole says:

How do the glaives use magic if the king died?

Agus Q says:

The character is a reference to metal gear rising?

Vaegir808 says:

I hope there’s more hair customization, because like all but 1 of those hair are ugly as fk.

Grand Priest says:

Are some people getting it early? I’m not getting it, and I checked for the latest update just now. Downloaded a bunch of stuff, got it installed .. yet the DLC isn’t showing up anywhere on the DLC list. There’s just Episodes Gladio and Prompto, as usual.

Sora Blade says:

Yes!!!! Thank you

Devin Walters says:

Is this a standalone game or do you need the main game to play this?

Fathul 911 says:

what the music name at first ?

TheIceLurker says:

Can’t even make a loli. Literally 0/10

Thish ish that Chrishhh says:

Final Fantasy XV Steelbook Edition? ~$97.00
Opting to buy expansions as they come out? $35~38.00
Having to pay $20 for a product not advertised to passholders? Fucking priceless.

There’s some people in life who can’t be swindled. For everyone else; there’s Square Enix.

slick vick says:

Too bad you can’t change the skin color

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