FINAL FANTASY XV: Comrades Multiplayer Expansion Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – BETA (1080p 60fps)

FFXV Comrades DLC Multiplayer Expansion Betais out! let’s test everything out, watch me play liveon ps4 pro in Full HD 60fps. No commentary

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ronell cutkelvin says:

is it also for xbox

Ikeman332 says:

I still haven’t seen anyone beat the last quest with Cindy LOL

Shivam Thakur says:

Am I the only one who thinks the graphics are kinda diff?.

The Gaming Platoon says:

Do we have to pay for a PlayStation Plus thing in order to do this?

TheTrinitySaga says:

“Zanar,” I said to myself, “what are you thinking?”

zero5559 says:

So it seems that out of that survey we got this multiplayer thing? well lets see how it goes.

DBO Kachan says:

I was expecting like open world multiplayer kinda disappointed but still hyped lol

koko6504 says:

i cant get into a quest for shit.

S Prez says:

If u can’t find it type in ff when u search for games and it should pop up

Emilio Stanculovic says:

Kinda cheap

Jay Hunnighen says:

Does anyone know hpw tp change servers

Mani De Maki says:

wtf is wrong with the char models and outfits? I would have been a lot more happier with just the cast being playable not these weird dolls.

Deon Williams says:

Hopefully I can make a black guy for myself.

Anono Moose says:

One question: Is there free roam?

Rin Yoshiba says:

best game 10/10 ign

sulfier bloodline says:

how do u download it?

Brian Medina says:

Damn son I like how you made your character thicc

Deon Williams says:

The Xbox servers are complete ass, I’m having hella issues just to join someone’s squad.

aryan826 says:

soooo is it not openworld, and i asume you require the base game for this. casue i hate FF but if you can play a chick in an open world im sold

Alan Mendoza says:

Seriously they should add all the options they gave for the additional content for the main game instead of a multiplayer

Armorwing01 says:

Watch this have a better story than the game.

Captain Gabes14 says:

How did u get it?

cpard2d2 says:

l don’t know why it would require ps+/gold if they match you with AI players most of the time.

slc or says:

no elemency???

shane blue sky says:

The hype is real.

Xanatospr says:

its official, Squarenix has no fucking idea what they are doing.

Magic Don says:

can not wait til the whole game is out. ill be able to play it without waiting on a damn dlc date.

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