Final Fantasy XV: COMRADES! Multiplayer Expansion Beta Gameplay! PS4 Pro

The Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer Expansion, COMRADES, is live! Let’s jump in and see what it is like! Taking a look at quests, avatar creation, all weapon types and all the missions! Also going to try party up with some viewers! You must have the Season Pass and PS Plus/ Xbox Live to play.

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1080p 60FPS Playstation 4 Pro


sir cool says:

Is this dlc set after the world goes to shit or before

Definitely 505 Games says:

I hope I can give my character Ardyns voice

ArchAngel Knights says:

Dude! Learn to fucking balance your mp. All you’re doing is warp stricking. Holy shit

Sensedog says:

I kept getting server problems whenever I tried to do a quest with a group.

inasexymood says:

They better add iconic Final Fantasy costumes for your avatar or Square Enix finna catch these hands. I need a Sephy, Vincent, Squall, Garnet, Yuna and Lulu outfits at least.

Savion Smith says:

TBH this is kinda stupid. They could’ve put a lot more time into the story and main game than this

Lulu Heartfilia says:

Female voice 3 is obviously Naruto’s voice actress

Dunkey Kung says:

Dang kow, when’s the next stream playing it.

Tirany says:

at work right now and cant see very much but can someone give me a summary of what you do in multiplayer

Phil Anson says:

Tabata said he wanted to add it, and the 3 chars to the story mode also

Caleb hickman says:

I have the season pass on Xbox and it shows up but I can’t download it wtf

PlainTarget says:

I hated that I couldn’t play with my friend because he was in Nifelheim and I was in Lucis.. We were in the same region and I couldn’t quit the game without closing the application.. So it was a 50/50 chance of getting into the same server as my friend…

MercilessV says:


Zippo271 says:

hahaha, I think those you are playing with are just bots xD I sure hope thats just for the test and that Square is not tricking everyone to think its online lmao xD

Sean Lewis says:

I CANT EVEN ACCESS THE ETA i bought my premium edition just like you were supposed to have with the season pass to be able to use it

Phil Anson says:

I hope they add the multy char you create to the off line story mode,

torment says:

Does the deadline mean that you can only play until that date and after that the servers shutdown or does it mean that you can only download it within that limited amount of time?

Aaron Gore says:

If you don’t like it so damn much go back to playing Final Fantasy 12

Ryan Markle says:

This guy has no idea what’s going on in the game, jesus

MonsterKat says:

Is comrades the same content but playing with friends? Or is this a full blown new game almostv

Skcyte says:

So you’re a glaive in this mode?
How come the king have less magic than the glaives? Lol

Phil Anson says:

Lemon he was probally trained by cor, since he was in charge of the glaive 🙂

dementedsoul10 says:

if its just like this then ill just wait for it to officially launch

K-Slicc Tha' Gr8 says:

Ok so for all of those that AREN’T familiar with the FFXV story, WATCH KINGSGLAIVE AND YOU’D KNOW WHY THE MP IS THE WAY IT IS FOR THIS EXPANSION. Keep in mind that the King’s Glaive can use the king’s powers AS LONG AS HE’S ALIVE, NO MATTER WHERE HE IS. On ANOTHER note, they are NOT of the Lucian bloodline so they have to be carefull of how much MP they use. For Naruto fans, it’s like NOT being an Uchiha but having a Sharingan implanted into one of your eyes…IT COSTS TO USE IT. The beta has ALOT of potential and I wish we could AT LEAST dodge if we cant phase through attacks. Thats another thing this beta is missing, drop the barrier and add attack dodging

J. biz says:

Lemon you gotta be autistic, read the QnA’s or even the description of the test on the store page!
“This closed online test is an exclusive preview that allows you to experience select elements from the upcoming multiplayer expansion including creating your own custom avatars.”
key word being “test”.

Ken says:

Hi Kow, first time viewer here of yours. I really enjoy you thus far because you are very detailed but at the same time you seemed to be bashing this beta/demo a lot. You said in the beginning of your video to bare in mind this is a beta so expect problems but yet all your labeling is the problems and not the positives. Again, it is a beta and if anything Square is giving us a piece and just seeing how it goes and testing the stress of the servers. I am trying to take the positives from your gameplay and comments but you became such a “Debbie Downer” after the 60 min mark. Granted yes it took you almost 50 minutes to find a game but I stuck around because you are very detailed and check every inch of a game, which I like a lot.

You keep complaining and yet you keep saying it is a beta, yet your upset? I am not sure if you are upset by what is readily available or what is not available. Again, its a beta good sir, a small piece of cake, a scoop of ice cream, a lick of the lollipop, a sip of the soda. Kinda harsh for a beta that is only available for 5 days and you must be a season pass holder. Just be happy that ppl got the opportunity and are part of something special.

I am not trying to be mean but towards the end, you are so biter that you give off the vibe of “don’t even waste your time with it guys”.

Phil Anson says:

That the multy players I heard might be added into the story mode also, be interesting, tabata said he might

Jayjay Bernardo says:

Will your progress carry on??

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