FINAL FANTASY XV – Bloodhorn Level 51 Secret Fight & Ragnarok Sword Gameplay

FFXV Lv. 51 bloodhorn boss fight and location, never saw or fought vs him anywhere apart from the main mission quest, im not sure if he was added in update 1.05 or if he was there before. Red warp sword / Ragnarok, Booster Pack+ DLC gameplay. and choco mog outfit. Carnival DLC, enjoy


Mahir Chowdhury says:

Why is your mp so much and where did u get that weapon ?

david liu says:

nice info i never know he was there LoL

SkeTch says:

which method would you recommend for leveling up?

The Heartless says:

That sword sucks. I got weapons that are doing 2000 to 2400 damage with 9999 for a critical hit. I see the ragnorak cap around 1600 or so and 9999 for critical as well, but it’s not the best sword in the game and that sucks because it’s a really cool sword and it has a red aura around it

Celeste Kairi says:

Level 113? O.o

Dyrbara says:

He was alredy there

Бильбо Бегинс says:

Is this PS4 Pro?

Isaac Cook says:

I wish Noct’s afterimages were red with that weapon as well.

Jeremy G says:

in just about all previous final fantasy games, the higher your level, the more damage you do. If you’re level 90+, you do damage in the 7000-8000-9000 range (9999 for critical attacks). It’s a shame that final fantasy 15 has us doing so little damage, even when you’re over level 100. You gotta warp strike or do combo attacks to do 9999.

prompto doing 700-800 damage with a powerful gun at level 113 is pretty sad. But it’s not the gear he has…or the meal power ups, it’s just how the game was made.

crimson raiza says:

never saw him either

Jayjay Myers says:

lol I saw him and killed him last year

FrungFring Z says:

Did they buff Trigger-Happy? In the video it seems to be doing more damage than before.

natdomo says:

He always there

Sanja S. says:

That voice actor for noct… absolutely don’t fit :/ in the german version much better, also by Prompto

King Jae says:

Nice work

Clayton chapman says:

He was there before, but ya its the only location on the map that he shows up to my knowledge

NegroFogo says:

yup he was there before 1.05 😉

Yellow Flash004 says:

Is the season pass worth getting for this sword and other things? I kinda want it for the stamina badge as well

Battle Cubes says:

Did they add new voice lines? I’ve never heard gladiolus say the line about the date with a cup of noodles before

David Stewart says:

This is not a secret boss.You actually fifth it in a mission


Does this creature really need Omnis Lacrima as the theme?

185CM BOI says:

& he was just eating there quietly !!

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