Final Fantasy XV – Battle Gameplay First Look

Get your first look at the battle system in this gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy XV, coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.

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Ian Proctor says:

This is the game Dragon’s Dogma should have been.

Guichi no tachi says:

this version will never be released on Xbox 360

reddy m says:

Does it only com in Japanese

gabelogan60 says:

Everyone saying this combat look smoother than the final product , but in my opinion the final product looks and feels the same. The combat is awesome


يشبه ساسوكي من فلم ناروتو

LeonSora says:

I just hope a lot of this isn’t cut from the full game. There were so many cool moments here. For example, the swimming portion when you see Leviathan and hiding from the behemoth at the very end. Man.

Christina LaChance says:

FUCK YEAH THATS RAW! Can’t wait to buy this.

Shoop400 says:

First it looked like manual, then in the demo it was automaic, now it’s back to manual. CAN’T WAIT FOR 3.0!

daniel bun says:

we need scene and this gameplay also…. totally awesome!!

Leandre Bauswell says:

I feel like we didn’t get this one because console’s probably couldn’t handle it, like a lot of this stuff looks wayyyyy too much for the consoles of the time to run maybe on pc sure, I wonder why ignis wasn’t in the game at first.

13Kr4zYAzN13 says:


Jesus, I hope we can still do that
It’d be SO freakin useful

kloud622 says:

This make the final release look weak. So many things left out it makes me wanna scream. Nomura should’ve finished this.

GreenSmog17 says:

why was the insonmia city stuff taken out godamn, it makes me wanna cry…. it looked so cool. i have been flying around in the airship just trying to see that damn city but it keeps turning me around lol.

DavidLoZanO7 says:

When the gameplay was good. now is a piece of shit. Why did you leave it tetsuya?

Naxion OtakuLinKBurst says:

This gameplay has epic action than the final game

Heart Connected says:

is this going to be release on xbox 360 too right?

Jonathan Sullivan says:

I remember playing this area in the first demo that came out, but you just battle one iron giant and no behemoth.

Ricardo Carmine says:

dunno about this one

Reptar the Gnar says:

kinda reminds me of cloud strife and sasuke uchiha combined. I like it.

Horacio Cuevas says:

If this was in the game it would have made every gamer’s Dream a reality

Roland Ravina says:

None of this shit is in the game. Fuck you Tabata. Fuck you Nomura. Fuck you SE.

Naxion Ledesma says:

tetsuya leave CAUSE he would concentrate KINGDOM HEARTS 3 THAT ALL!

Jordan Lee G. says:

best graphics ever omg hipe

Lukvit Leong says:

I finished the current FFXV… Fck my life after watching all these Nomura’s version of FFXV trailers

ShadoeFax says:

Why can’t they just use turn based fighting again

cailleau quentin says:

What is the name of the song?

Geno Footer says:

Where was Iggy…?

Adrian Meraz says:

This is a free battle mode?

halgreen Lim says:

how to kill iron giant like that?

Kon says:

Look at all that cut content.

Last Noobn says:

The combat is WAAAAY smoother than what it turned out to be.

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