Final Fantasy XV 45 minutes TGS 2016 gameplay – Dengeki livestream event

A long gameplay segment from the Dengeki TGS livestream. We see some new parts of dungeon, as well as some other live gameplay of more familiar locations.

Gameplay segment 1 – 1:00
Gameplay segment 2 – 20:07
Gameplay segment 3 – 34:48

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Paulo Victor says:

“onegai ishi masu!” “ay! ay! ay!” hahahahha I love Japanese (I don’t know if I wrote it right)

nobody1322 says:

I hope final fantasy 16 will be back in pre tech days… Final fantasy and cars and metro cities dont seem to do it for me!

jaychang1990 says:

seems like magic is based on the draw system from ff8.

PartySpyro101 says:

Not gonna lie, the npcs in the diner reminded me of sonic 06 npcs

Emo666Cali says:

the only thing I can tell you fps people is get some fucking glasses because there’s nothing wrong with this game, it’s been redone 5 X it’s been played by the Square Enix team there’s nothing wrong with this. if you can go back to your racing games and drive around a loop all day if that’s what you want but fps is not a problem with FF XV so take your lying blind ass sarcasm somewhere else!

mrL o says:

thats so fucking annoying omg my ears bleed

Calvers06 says:

Think this vid needs an ear rape warning. Fuck sake

Mad Maxxassin's Creed says:

I have played the demo and i think this game will be awesome!!!
I want to play it now!

Anime King says:

It has been so many years since this game has been announced and the fact that I’m still as hyped for this games release as I was ten years ago should tell you something.

alex hasukawa says:

guess what. Noctis has to kill his own father to get the “last sword.” that is when Noctis true powers will be revealed.

XGAD says:

I dislike that green stamina bar on noctis very much i have to say :/ that was better in the duscae demo where the UI was less..

Sex-E Coco says:

fukin japs with their hais and sugois just stfus fuck

Immortal -SIN_21 says:

knew this game was gonna look like shit ah well moving on. better luck next year square

INCOOM13 says:

I can see why the game was delayed.

Jeffrey Redding says:

I wana summon Neo bahumut on that lady….

DarielJB says:

NNNNNNNNNNNNNN! ooohhh! ehhhh!! hai! Lol Her voice is so high.

Talon Marshall says:

I’d totally fuck that Japanese chick. I didn’t mind her.

Matthew Kozar says:




mario9785ify says:

I need a link to the regular battle theme PLEASE

Abitosh says:

Do Japanese women really talk like this or is it just for advertisement and what not

Suhaimi Azil says:

the girl’s voice is really annoying as fuck.

yujirorasy rush says:

graphic look outdated. idk if any improvements from last ff.



Prince Sharma says:

i mean its really weird how they were speaking their own language….it was way off….it’s like they are faking … unnatural

LazerKraken says:

this is in PS4 PRO?


awsome sound keep it up,keep bringing more awsome content i will be here to hear it cheers ;]]

Dane Delano says:


ruhelmiah10 says:

Frames dropping all over the place

Erratic OCD says:

Those textures make me sad. The close up of him sliding past the wall and the wall looks like shit.

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