Final Fantasy XV 40 Minutes of NEW GAMEPLAY (EGX 2016)

Final Fantasy 15 40 Minutes of NEW GAMEPLAY

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Bradley Benjamin says:

Sooo… at 22:27 it shows that not 30 seconds after meeting Cindy, Prompto has taken a picture of her from the side and a close up…. I wonder if the awkward conversation that followed is going to be in the real game

Senpai's Ghost says:


Nick Masla says:

glad to see more gameplay of the xbox version. This is the version I’ll have to play until a pc version comes out (wonder how long that will take)

Kaywynn Jones says:

“Games are morw important than school and work!”

My kind of group. XD

Nicholas Tran says:

Im afraid that this will turn into another MGSV. Big giant gorgeous looking map for a walking simulator with great gameplay mechanics. But its so vast, that your fights are rare here and there.

Zach Thoms says:

Massive game!!

RPG Veteran says:

so good!!!!!!

leon voulgaris says:

Not interested for these 4 losers. Especially considering that you control only the one stupid emo loser while the other 3 losers are auto default shitting around. Thats grouse…

XGAD says:

that stamina bar is distracting as hell…. why did they put it directly onto the character? man… please remove this -.-

Emanuel Pinto says:

I have a question. Some of the bosses shown so far has had that tip over their health (or stagger) bars, telling you how to defeat them. Could that be turned off? I wanna discover things by myself, not being tipped every time I face a new challenge.

Aranea Highwind says:

Looks so fun!!

Motchie 547 says:


RubberDuckerFuckerBerg says:

The developers gone full retard with this game! They use up to 30 million polygons per protagonist just for the hair style alone! 30 MILLION! Even FF 13 hasn’t had an ENTIRE character with even close to 30 MILLION polygons!
Can you mongrels even comprehend how much performance they waste through such asinine design? This game could either run or look better. Nope, waste hardware on stupid hair! This is the pinnacle of retarded game design!

Rick Hawthorn says:

18:50 Noct forgot to pick up the folding chairs and is walking around empty handed 😀

Michael Hill says:

Can you make the characters… not emo?

Danny DaS says:

Can you create your own character? Sorry that’s a stupid question, I mean obviously you can, this is a free roam game so yes I know it would be fucking stupid if you couldn’t. I apologize for the dumb question xD

Coke A-Cola says:

Soon enough, it’ll be “New FFXV game play of the entire game with the announcement that the game will never come out.”

Makyy P says:

Not a fan of the outside environment battles they kept showing. Too realistic to our world with minor shrubs, dirt and rocks. Spending hours wondering the world, doing side quests on that palette will be a turn off real quick. Not sure why they can’t make the outside world more lush and beautiful reminiscent of the old FF games.

Motchie 547 says:

The game developer/s is/are greedy. Some stories/quest/animations requires you to buy it online or from the store. Super greedy!

Ivett Basity says:

LOL, Noctis is carrying those invisible chairs again ! XD oh and Prompto should be holding some stuff too. No wonder they delayed the release of the game, gotta fix those bugs

deandre hayman says:

i don’t like the fact that your forced to camp to level up

Grayson Metzbower says:

what song is the battle music?

Liakos Apostolopoulos says:

amazing game

toro max says:


toro max says:

2do like

Mark Wallace says:

i played the game at pax west and i see theu have improve it much more!!

Joshua B says:

Infinite sprint exploit? Looks like if you do that phase dash thing, then you get a reset on your stamina bar.

Boris Bartkowski says:

Is this ps4 or the ps4 neo version?

GardenAttorney says:

He has a point there 18:54

ReyemNeirda says:

I don’t understand, we know from the movie that the use of magic is limited to the ring bearer noctis gets fire and use it without the ring ?

CronoDyne says:

Looks like SE hasn’t done shit for the awful framerate. What a surprise.

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