Final Fantasy XV – 20 MUST KNOW Gameplay and Story Facts

In this video, we take a look at 20 MUST KNOW Gameplay and Story Facts about Final Fantasy 15. Are you excited for Final Fantasy XV? Will you picking up Final Fantasy 15 when it releases later this year? Comment your thoughts on 20 Must Know Gameplay and Story Facts about Final Fantasy XV! This is 20 Things to Know about Final Fantasy 15.

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captian buttfartz says:

7:35, square Enix ceo: how about we delay FFXV by two months six weeks before its release? Focus group: Brilliant! it will piss so many people off that it will be halarious! tetsuya nomura: you want kingdom hearts 3 released when?!?!

Random Videography says:

Noctis seems like the love child of Squall and Cloud

Vamps Gaming says:

can we speed up time to nov.29 i wanna play this game noooowwwww !

juanaloulehoux says:

Selling PS4 UCE NA version. Paypal only. Pm me

joshua2799 says:

Watch Movie, then the mini series, and finally play the game.

Jake Friesen says:

calling in sick to work on September 30th lol

Hammerman 469 says:

So is the final version guaranteed to run well on the playstation 4? The demo ran fine but if there’s going to be severe fps drops in boss fights that will fuck up gameplay is it worth it? I love final fantasy but i dont know if i should just wait for this to come to the pc or if it even will ever come to the pc

XYZee says:

FF15 the most realistic hair I’ve seen ingame

Brandt Miller says:

I know this a long shot in the dark but does anybody think that the white hooded figure that has yet to be named to be that of Ravus Nox Flueret, Luna’s Brother? Because his white outfit looks awfully familiar with the nameless figure’s one.

Tom Mackie says:

Does anyone know the song that is playing at 1:50?

JoniTRIXz says:

Do you think it will be possible to change noctis’ armor?

Kyaiaia Kyaiaia says:

I saw a video once and I literally thought there were two versions one in 2006 and a remake this year lol. Who would have thought it was only a trailer and the actual game only comes in 10 years later? XD >.> not me..
I used to play ff games but I’ve stopped playing literally anything, looks like this game is gonna get me into the gaming world once again. I’ve never been too excited about a game like this before I’m usually like -_- over most games… but this one got me super excited XD Thank god I didn’t know, imagine all the ff lovers having to wait 10 years I can’t wait another few months. idk how one would survive…

TheBigRed19 says:

The game just got pushed back to Nov. 29th, but for all for the right reasons. I’m really looking forward to it!

ScotlandSlag says:

Why do videos like this, when we can get all of this information when we play the game?!?

rabecca lopez says:

new release date Nov 29th,2016 they delayed it

Goth Xtreme says:

What version of “Prelude” is this!? 1:45 or rather whats the title of the track?

muhanna basalem says:

it’s actually 29th of November now

Chris Kobe says:

They Changed it to November 29 and now we Gotta wait a few extra months, why Tabata?

Rithysak Serey says:

Engine 2.0 but how come the graphic is downgraded? ;(

Maddie Cupak says:

Waiting to get paid is so excruciating, cause then I’m gonna preorder this shit so fast.

Findyification says:

my body and money is ready 😀

RoyScott27 says:

This is gonna be my first final fantasy game and I can’t wait to play it

Sheep Sheep says:

You should mention the release date has been pushed back

Charles C says:

They should make dlc weapons for the party.
For Noctis, they could give him the Blazefire Sabre or Gunblade, the Buster Sword or Jecht’s sword for Gladio, Cid’s Spear or Fang’s spear OR Zidane’s daggers for Ignis, and they could make Vincent’s shotgun or Laguna’s machine gun for Prompto

Kagiro Kasuri says:

If they’re any gamers who know patience, it’s the FF and KH fans!
SOOOOO hyped for this game! Was extremely lucky enough to snag the UCE!! <3

Random Videography says:

anyone else noticed that the game released has been pushed back a little?

Ray Ryuzanagi says:

it got delayed, again.

Wrath Schulz says:

40-50 hours for the main quest? bullshit I just finished the game with 35 hours and I fucked around for at least 5 of those.
If I rushed I could of finished it within 30.

James j says:

a little bit more than 2 months from now and I will own final fantasy 15
anyone else

Antoine Bandele says:

Nilfiheim is how it’s pronounced. They say it in the Kingsglaive movie.

Jan Msetau says:

The Demo was not good so far but i will give it a chance

19880215 says:

Wow i thought i would play this as a teenager, but here it comes out a decade and some later and now i’m an adult

rvtres says:

im stupidly hoping that since its size is based in rank, when bahamut is summoned, only his upper body is seen rising from the horizon (because his actually the same size as the planet, think wrath of asura big). think of that giga flare though

Cruz Montoya says:

There’s rumor they’ll announce at GameCon this week that they will delay the release date to November. It’s not confirmed yet, there’s still a lot of tweaks they are doing even to this day, it’s either rush production or delay. Hopefully though I hope it will come out on schedule.

Rizwan Fayaz says:

Does a newbie to FF have to play previous games just to understand the story?

joshua2799 says:

Well, Kingdoms Hearts seems shitty now compared to other games because of story and character. FFXV takes the cake.

Tyler Debrecht says:

they should have played no mans sky and got monsters based off their worlds…

chakatsnowfire888 says:

i cant wait for this game November needs to be hear now

snkhuong says:

if they took fucking 10 years to make this game it MUST be good. Please don’t be another FF XIII

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