FINAL FANTASY XV – 2 Hours of AWESOME Gameplay Part 1 (PS4)

FINAL FANTASY 15 2 Hours of AWESOME Gameplay ファイナルファンタジー15

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Grilled BeefSteak says:

witcher 3 wins :>

Kifitox says:

So basically Sasuke… i mean… Noctis is a spoiled child part of a boy band. Until war forces him to grab his balls and finally behave like a man.. interesting.

49:16 Gayyy.. how you dare..

Julius Toledo says:

Will have everything in the Japanese-dub, the English is a bit of a cringe in some parts.

Justin says:

ooomg it has ben E King singing

LN says:

*Plays for an hour* 😀 You know, this isn’t so bad.

*20 hours in* ……. Oh my FUCKING god. When does the game stop being repetitive?! And why the fuck are summons just cinema hollywood bullshit? *Blindside blindside*

If you’re wondering how to beat an enemy efficiently, know what weapon to use and blinside. Actually, you don’t even have to. Use whatever weapon you want, upgrade it with Cid and blindside.

stashofsolargarlic says:

If you want loads of FFXV gameplay content, along with other games, check my channel out! thanks!

Emblem Tiesto says:


Dippy Jippy says:

This game sucks

Good Night Moon says:

Awesome gameplay? LOL

Deva Path Copeland says:

Why is everyone hatin on this game? We know it’s gone be the best game of 2016

Darmalondo Brown says:

shit game.

latonya says:


Terrance Major says:

only 5 more days left, who’s ready for FFXV

Galefrae says:

I thought you had to rest to gain your experience from your fights during through day. What is this madness?

Ghost Crazy says:

This is some Gay shit! I’ll play the older Final Fantasies! Fuck this lame ass Gay shit! And Fuck all the Geeks who like this Piece of Shit! 10 years for this!? Fuck That! What’s up with the constant Orgasms!?

King Black says:

Cant wait…my first thoughts of this games is Why in the world are they wearing all black in the desert area… driving all black Honda?

kickbuttme says:

could some one link the part where noctis is shooting a gun like in the thumbnail. played the whole game and don’t remember that

NewmakerFreeStep says:

whats the song at 2:06:10 ?

Shakiel Fleming says:

lego dimensoins is so cool

Sebastian Plugaru says:

Boring, Platinum Games FTW !!

chris lef says:

I have no idea what this game is about…

Gamer Famer says:

Glad the outfits can be changed…was a bit worried there.

Simon B. says:

the world looks kinda…empty

gametje says:

wait wtf? Noooooo i don’t want dubbed shit version i want the fucking japanese orginal sounds voices and english subbed 🙁

Chozeh Abaddon says:

My god… is everyone in this game a raging homosexual?

Wendel Dantas says:

mais uma porcaria de jogo que a square faz lamentavel final fantasy acabo

Jeremy Castro says:

My body is ready

Hernan Alberto Rojas Roldan says:

Freaking awful English dub. >:(

Deva Path Copeland says:

Is that yojimbo

The new dk Power says:

Who woke it up

Haunches says:

Im just gonna come out & say it…
These graphics look like they belong on ps3 :/

Huseeb94 says:

what Can I do In these games?, never played Final fantasy games

Ramiz S says:

Is Final Fantasy 15 worth buying?
In other words, is exploration, improving the characters and fights interesting? How interesting is the plot?

CoderTube says:

Why are the graphics so 2012?

Ghost Crazy says:

F8 meets FF10 + FF10-2 with less girls + more Gayness sprinkled with a dash of FF13 and FF13-2 packaged and bundled perfectly for all your Homo Sexual game playing Pleasures. Come on! This is Wack! This game is like Zell and Zidane had a 4 some with Vaan and Titus and they all gave birth to a baby called FF15!

Jillian Foley says:

U think these guys ars gay? Playing with big swords all day

MrPeacetalker says:

3 more days,it’s getting so close

Denzel Porte says:

The graphics looks downgraded sometimes.

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