Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Gameplay Walkthrough – IGN Live: E3 2017

Fighting the new boss in Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood.

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Eddie Sharp says:


JCmasters100 says:

Do you need a lvl 50 character in order to play as the samurai class?

the bandicoot says:

not first

Jake Nadeau says:

whats that guys ?! its hard to hear you over the sound of my awesomeness with multiple fell cleaves

DiruMede says:

Oh man i was an addict to thsi game a couple of years ago, feeling the itch again.

C M says:

Asking if FF14 is still going to be around when FF16 comes out, all I could imagine is FF11 sitting in a dark corner still humming along.

Purrfect clAss says:

I like how everybody is able to beat Raubahn Savage but me

Joel Corcino says:

I can’t wait to quadruple fell cleave everything >:D

Brandon Harris says:

Blizzard has done it again!


when this game goes free and gets full controller support I’ll consider playing it. till then meh.

Fred Campbell says:

Fuuuuuuuuh I want to play

charmaine tababan says:


Conner Darrell says:

So, here’s this giant enemy crab.

Alphoter says:

That “new” dungeon looks EXACTLY the same as any other old dungeon in the game. I see dungeons will keep being the same old boring stuff and combat looks the same too: slow and boring. Sad expansion. More of the same.

Don Keels says:

why can’t insomniac Games release spiderman ps4 early just like God of War releasing really really early 2018. because everyone is saying spiderman ps4 made by insomniac Games is the most coolest game ever from ps4 Brian and bill and the producer thank you and good job for making this spiderman game so awesome Brian and bill you guys make a good crossover team and thank you too producer for making this game so cool and smooth thank you insomniac Games for this coolest spiderman game for ps4 only. and I have a ps4 also and I’m a big spiderman fan wants I get spiderman ps4 im buying it on playstation store

bboyairness says:

man… its gonna make me get back on it

Gamers Bites says:

Is this game require playstation plus account?

Neko Paul says:

wow the video capture is relay bad in this….

grimre says:

first comment 🙂

Ben James says:

Here I am sitting in queue. 2,024 at 5:00 a.m on a Friday morning -_-

Bryan Lassley says:

Still a boring game

channelofstuff says:

ffxiv 4.0 is currently using 1.0 servers

Singularity Bound says:

Wtf is that some kind of tank quicktime event lol…
Looks cool.

the one who knocks says:


fleeplayTV says:

early access it’s taking its sweet time let’s GOOOOO!!!!

Hadee Alviar Abu Zahra says:

question. do mmo’s like these have a “story” mode where you get the satisfcation of finishing a game ?

looking forward to playing this game, but i need to know if its just mindless grind :/


I am thinking of taking ffxv but I want your advice first would you kindly help me.

Mira L. Caelum says:

still the best mmo ever

Alex Deva says:

The story is nice and all but goddamn the combat is so slow and boring.. everytime they force me to do a dungeon to advance with the main story I just want to stop playing.

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