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Final Fantasy 14 Gameplay final look MMORPG gameplay video + commentary by Omer from

Final Fantasy XIV is a subscription based fantasy MMORPG from Square Enix. I’ve been playing it for over a year now and cleared most of the content and wanted to share my thoughts about the game after having reached end game. I play on Gilgamesh btw and my character’s name is Remotay Sugoi (Feel free to add me to friends).


Robonator says:

Graphics and polished? No way. Otherwise we wouldn’t have random ground textures that have a better resolution that the armor of the main characters. The shadows are also relatively buggy in some areas and i dont like how the performance scales. On 1080p i run around with 110+ FPS. On 1440p i struggle to reach 60.
FFXIV has a ton of, mostly smaller, issues, yet it is by far by favourite MMORPG.

Also yeah, the normal content is pretty easy. The only reason to die is probably going to be because of the other players, but i dont really have a problem with that to be honest.

Kiel Desmond says:

Thought you were gonna check out the new moba mode.

Proximuhtyz HD says:

Go try zurvan ex lol

oy vey says:

“i’ve completed all the savage raid content, beyond ultimate savage which is the hardest tier content in the game that very few people have cleared” > proceeds to clicks helios, the main aoe heal
ffxiv in a nutshell, the biggest concentration of casuals or just bad players you will ever find in a game

Zariarn says:

There’s 3 things that I don’t like about this game:
Very slow starting out.
Invisible Walls everywhere. Not open world enough.
Not enough NPC voice chat

Nanbopally says:

Lol Dragon dies game fades to random grey room. No corpse no charm just “ok, it died. Gtfo” . These lack lusters out me to sleep

Scellow Dev says:

Most boring gameplay i ever seen in an MMO

Frank says:

Just dont like the combat… The game looks good….

Moe Cheese says:

LOL! That red mage. Came where you are running with the AOE. lol.

Ernesto D. says:

it’s weird that you have the mount from v4s yet you think the nidhogg fight you’re doing is too easy…. like, you know that’s not the real fight, why even make that comment? O_o

Daniel Miller says:

Ffxi is better. Ffxiv to script and repefitive

313rdGaming says:

Currently w8ting on Bless and Lost Ark for PC & Anthem for ps4.

sallee132 says:

I hate this sort of characters.

Kaizan says:

No customization x-x? thats the biggest selling point for a mmo D:

Popcorn Chicken says:

This game is aids. Don’t waste your time.

SubZeroZone420 says:

Man it’s so cringey to see a grown male playing a lalafell female, i have nothing against playing females but i get the pedo vibe when i hear a grown man playing a lalafell. LoL i just got out of a Palace of the dead run to 200 in discord and one of the dudes was playing a lalafell with a little pink dress and he sounded like a 40+ year old man EHH. Most guys play a female model because they find them kinda nice on the eyes and for the animations what excuse is there for that finding little girls sexy? Some deep problems with wanting to be a little girl?

boomh says:

“panty shot, hell ya” – okay, i’m sold

Susan Tuna says:

still fells so fucking slow for me maybe cause i play tera for many years

John Higgins says:

An easy way to solve early MMO early problems about boredom is to make the character creation be the first five levels, aka when you start the game you have at least 5 abilities to play around with. I am also a huge fan of letting the players go through once if they want to a small run with a lvl 30-50 char so they understand what they are getting into if you can’t change classes later on. For an example of what I am talking about in Guild Wars 2, you have a few different options for your “personal” background story. Instead of coming out of that a lvl 1, you should be a lvl 5 or possibly 7 and it can say gained X levels during the story, basically counting the selections as quests completed and possibly 1 or 2 magic items.

Then when you start the game, show the player the key bindings on screen once in the mapout display. In this way, you can make the intro quest above baby’s first MMO in difficulty and add some interesting elements. While you incorporate more of what makes the game unique to play.

TrollBronze says:

lol i think mobas and fps has ruined my love for mmos. i tried WoW and its just too slow for me.

Happy gamer says:

Yes sir! Couldn’t agree more 🙂

richanater99 says:

Final Fantasy 11 > FF14

WatjeBent says:

Good video, Just play WoW or BDO, Mu-legend(for Diablo lovers)

Grimsol says:

I really like the asthetic of Final Fantasy games but the combat is so slow, the global cooldown is terribly long and makes combat super boring.

ILikeChocolateBrah says:

I played it for 2 months when the Heavensward came out. At the end of the day, the combat killed it for me. It is far too slow and the global cooldowns are way too long. The game would be much more enjoyable if they made the global cooldowns like in WoW. Just an idea.

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