FINAL FANTASY XII Zodiac Age PC – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue [4K 60FPS]

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game PC 4K 60FPS Max Settings.
Showcasing all hunts, all cutscenes movie, all bestiary monsters, all espers / summons, all best weapons, best job class choices, all concurrence, platinum trophy, all trophies, all secret bosses, all main boss fights, yiazmat boss fight, all trial stages, all rare trophy game monsters, all areas, full map exploration, final boss and full ending.

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William Regal says:

just brought this game on steam hope its good will be run by EVGA GTX 1080 FTW =)

ylang ylang says:

would be perfect for the switch

Mateus Costa says:

what config i can run this game 4k at 60fps?

Smith Wesson says:

Just came back from Albert F’n Wesker’s Last of Us stream. Cocksucker blocked my messages!

Aldin Vejzovic says:

PS4PRO 30fps master race!

devilmikey00 says:

Remember when they said that the PS4 version couldn’t be 60 fps because the game was made in such a way that it couldn’t be done in 60fps without causing issues. It would appear that was complete BS. I’d be kind of pissed about being blatantly lied to if I bought that version. No way the PS4 can’t handle 60fps on a remaster of a decade old game, never mind the PRO version.

DewNLeaD says:

I think that 50€ for the game is so expensive.

Hier Roasler says:

Did you do livestream on this one?

Bosses Crusher says:

The 4K are really something

Le Quan says:

For this game , I think game seriously look bad with 60 fps lol . The dramatic and cinematic of battle ,cutscene are just out of place and look like fast forward

Chedson Yuri says:

Gosto muito do tei canal mano, ganhou meu gostei de certeza

kibblz says:

You’ve played this game so many times in the last 2 years DAMN. I don’t know how you do it man. You got patience to play the same games over and over again.

Jesus C says:

Guys is this game worth getting haven’t played it and I was wondering if it worth it anyone please respond ???

Dogmaguy74 says:

He stole from an asshole so its ok in my book right guys?


does this game have ps4 prompts?

brett mull says:

Do u no de wae?

Fernando medrano says:

i love this game. 🙂 from the very day i bought it years ago

matheus machado silveira says:

ohh look so good 🙂 but now i cant buy it i just got new 3ds xl and ultrasun feelsbad man

Musaiz333 says:

I’m playing this on PC, but its frustrating because my game is running at a minimum of x2 speed, even after choosing to run at regular speed :

Elitist Prince Dizzy says:

8 PS4 owners disliked the video cause they cant do 4k 60fps lol

Lucinaldo says:

4K fps … altas mentiras

LangsGalgEnRad says:

what pc specs?

SolidMGSnake says:

I honestly just want to see a compilation of all the quickenings and summons in 4k 60fps. Eye candy right there

ZephyGaming says:

whats your specs

Brandon Garpa G says:

If you can pass the level of more than 45 that was my recor in the beginning without knowing any character I subscribe

Gary Meyers says:

Usually when you put FPS and resolution in your title, the video is actually in that resolution.. 4K is irrelevant when we can only see 1080p. Thanks for uploading anyways. Was just curious to see what it looks like

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