Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – TGS 2016 Gameplay [HD]

TGS 2016 Gameplay of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

Genre(s): Role-playing game
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Release Date (NA): TBA 2017

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Lightning Returns says:

it doesnt look like HD

Pain Tendo says:

The best game I ever played in my life

Bai Laohu says:

So FFIX remake, X/X-2 remake and now XII remake in the span of 2years? Jeez man….

Ying Ko Zero says:

Man, they don’t show the gambit menu. I’m sure many would be turned off by this game’s battle system but believe me the gambit system is a very good AI system.

liquid cyberpunk says:

I was playing ff11 online and this.They wanted to give the same experience.FF15 will fill that gap lost in FF reborn same as this game did.

Slim Jesus says:

fuck this battle system..

33booyaka33 says:

Why not release on PC too you japan dicksuckers xD

Gabriel says:

4 males? I see what they did there…. 😉 this game was the last great Final Fantasy that evolved its mechanics and also stayed true to its identity. Now Final Fantasy games are one party member control, stupidly “dark” (what ever that means to you), and just very user hand holding like a community college.

Talon Marshall says:

If this version has the Japanese dub I might be able to get into this story a bit more. FFXII was a great game mechanically, but the English voice acting is just suuuper monotonously spoken drama about a boy in a nipple jacket trying to stop an empire from doing a map grab.

user00061 says:

looks good

Luther Taylor says:

I hated this game when i first started playing it for not feeling like the final fantasy I was to, (dark undertone, nobuo uematsu music) but couldn’t deny its solid mechanics, and expansive world. It eventually grew on me to be up there with the best and drew me to world of mmorpg’s. I remember playing WoW after this and uploading the music from this with a mod. Made all the difference to the hours I invested, purely from music.

Carlos René Celano says:

The prefer the english speaking Ghis

Xedhadeaus says:

It sounds like they didn’t butcher the music. I wish they retouched the textures.

Jordan C. says:

I just wanna hear the music and sounds, but they just wont shut up

Evilswine1986 says:

Looks like Turbo-Mode is making a return, could help with some of the slower parts of the game

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