Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age – New PS4 Gameplay

Hollie and Rob talk us through Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on PS4.

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Righteous1 says:

Is this game a part 2 or different game, or remaster? I dont get it

Kefkaspawn says:

im looking forward to this remake. ff 12 is my favorite next to 3 or 6 depending on version. but if i have a remake of Locke and Celes and Kefka…… i may have to revisit that as well. The gambit system is really what made this game what is was. i honestly cant wait to replay it with the idea of trophies also. 🙂

Wayne Whitehead says:

As nice as the new music will be, I hope they include an option to swap between old and new music like X/X2’s remaster.

TheGamebreaker1234 says:

so far this has been my favorite final fantasy of all. it also got the best critics review’s a final fantasy game has ever gotten

blazenj14 says:

ff XII was my first and favorite FF of the franchise. compared with content and the battle system, IMO, I can put hundreds of hours more into this than any of the rest of them.

ApexCactus says:

Take almost any game that came out in the last ps2 life year, and the game will probably still look amazing.

The PS2 and the Game Cube where at the top of their game for a long time.

dragonlink123 says:

Do anyone know how long this game is? Is this game really t fun?

Tiago Lopes says:

This is for me THE FF, excellent story, innovative gameplay and wonderful characters… Great game!!

Nicholas Hartle says:

Vaan’s abs still look terrible.

Still, this could have had Bubsy 3D level graphics and I’d still play it. We finally get the Zodiac jobs in English.

Benjamin Kham says:

yesssss i’ll have a chance to do a 100% completion run this time.

KING Cross says:

This game was by far the most customizable Final fantasy ever, from Gameplay to settings it was so advanced back then. Im amazed at how the ps2 could handle this game at all. 10/10 one of the best so challenging,tense and fun

Nesouk Kefka says:

Best FF ever and the IZJS version for me is even better can’t wait, it will be day one for me.

Killa Koala says:

12 was easily the best Final Fantasy gameplay ever.

ShadTH15 says:

I have a question – do they bring the job system to the remastered version from the Japanese International PS2 version or is it just HD version of the US/EU version with the original licence boards?

Mark says:

it’s 2017 almost here

Taka 98 says:

Why hasn’t this game gotten much coverage

Bryan Davis says:

hopefully those textures are fixed by release

CrazyCircles1 says:

For everyone who didn’t play this game and loves Star Wars, it’s a must play. And contrary to X, the world feels big and alive, with changing vegetations and big free roamable regions. Plus the madatory optional bosses weapons and summons. Main character is a bit of a let down, but the rest of the characters is interesting. For me it is one of the best titles ni the entire franchise, amongst: VI, VII, VIII and IX.

Marcus Lacey says:

very excited for this, played it on release, I traded most of my games just to get this back then, absolutely loved it

Jose Christian says:

12 is one of the best after 12 only 14 .

Matias Capdevila says:

Its not even running at 60 FPS? Or its just me waking up too early this morning?

rougedog580 says:

iv already pre-ordered ff 12 za

kitramsey5150 says:

Lol at the ppl who demanded a remaster of the worst of the old school FF’s.

Strik Ace says:

Games need more gambit style systems, especially if you have teammates, which you can’t control all at once

NotOrdinaryInGames says:

I think I’ll play the PS2 original.

Why? Because.

Jarrett R.K. says:

I played this game from NA release in Oct. 2006 until summer ’07. (Had a break for school but y’know). Ten mofo years ago!

Bought it as a gift for my sister when I was a broke, poor 19-year-old buck of a student in ’06. She played it first and beat it, but I got more hours logged. lol. She’s welcome to the old #PS2 copy. I’m getting a Pro in a year for this and other games (doesn’t make sense to buy it now; wait for price drop AND next holiday season).

TheAmazingCake says:

Really good video. Great commentary. Can’t wait for this. The thing I loved most about XII was it marked a return to Final Fantasy’s classical roots much like IX. So many mechanics from the originals made their way back and I loved that about it. But there was a lot of fresh stuff that I liked too like the Espers (AWESOME art design for these). XII also had such a mature and elegant graphics style. I really loved some of the character designs; Balthier, Basch, the Judges, and Gabranth especially. Ok, I’ll shut up. I’m super hyped for this and I never played the International Zodiac version so this will be a huge treat for me.

Noctis Lucis Caelum says:

This is one of the BEST ff ever , guys play this game

theprince08853 says:

Absolutely loved FF12. Is the battle system the same? I didn’t mind the new battle system at all and I hope it doesn’t change in the remake.

KarusukeV3 says:

This is still my favorite Final Fantasy of all time. I wish it had a release date..

Jonas King says:

So down for this. I guess it is weird, but I love the look of this game and especially love that 60 fps. Probably getting a PS4 for this.

xthatwhiteguyx says:

It looks literally identical to when you’d play the original on a backwards compatible PS3. The original had a widescreen option, and the PS3 rendered it in HD; so all the text and menus were extremely sharp.

Lukas says:

When does this come out? I’m kinda pissed I just replayed this a few months ago on ps2 and now I have to buy this and play it again ><

tasha monteith says:

Always awkward to watch these videos because Rob will just always talk over Hollie and it makes me cringe

Jonathan Banning says:

if the battles are changed i SWEAR I WILL KILL SOMEONE

jeff kaminsky says:

12 is my absolute favorite

Feylon Keldo says:

Maybe its just me, but it doesn’t look very HD. yes i know its low poly because ps2 graphics, but the textures really dont look that much improved (i have a 30 hour save on the original ps2 copy)

Andrea Sperelli says:

Gambits.. so underrated…

diego alex says:

and no 60fps :/ great…….

Stephon Johnson says:

Why is nobody talking about the legendary rare monster random spawns. Epic


i cant wait to come out on consoles! and i hope that there be not a limited dmg! some new weapons/armors and some new and maps and a system to make upgrades weapons obtaining materials that will keep fun even more:)

Dinomaster451 says:

I can handle that stupid slow line battle system.

Alice Twilight says:

1:20(guy in the right) what is that race?

dark sol says:

final fantasy XII one of THE best games I have ever played, really looking forward to playing this on ps4. I can grind away for hours again like the good old days

trulysick86 says:

this isnt ps4 gameplay… this is exactly how it looked on the ps2. I would know, i put 200 hours into one game

Mike Rider says:

I see they made some changes to the class system.

This is supposed to be based on International Zodiac Job System, on which Lv.1 spells hit multiple opponents, which it clearly doesn’t in this demo.

I’m interested to see what other changes there will be, the fact that you are going to be supposed to be able to reset your License Board and re-select your entire class is going to be huge, that and HD alone is definitely already enough reason for me to get The Zodiac Age.

Of course, it sounds stupid, but I like the new, better and smoother looking HUD as well.

ozku1995 says:

i freaking love Final Fantasy XII. im waiting this one to come out

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