FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE – Gameplay Trailer – Nintendo Switch

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the classic FINAL FANTASY® XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system.

Additional all-new game features for Nintendo Switch version:
– License (job) reset function – Enjoy your adventure by customizing the jobs of your party as you desire, to match whatever situation you are in.
– Gambit sets now increased to three sets from one
– Improved New Game +, Now you can carry over items that were obtained in previous play-through.

Available 4.30.19 on Nintendo Switch!

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Chaz Evansdale says:

I’m happy that the Switch is becoming a portable PS2 for RPGs.

Kylle Lewis says:

Buying two games in april this and dragons dogma…two games I have finished a million times and I will finish more times now 😀

Arve Eriksson says:

Hm… “Gameplay trailer”, most showing pre-rendered cutscenes? That’s just doing it wrong. Good trailer, though, otherwise.

TheFrancoss [ITA] says:

Final Fantasy XV?

PikaBlazijie Gaming says:

So where is final fantasy vii rework

tommy rich says:

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Big Duke says:

Still a better Episode IV remake than The Force Awakens.

Abdullah Ahmed says:

Best video game of all time i luv ffxii

Brianne Toma says:

Did this game have good character development like FFIX and FFX?

alex miller says:

This is my favorite final fantasy

ArtFenixAsordis says:

Final Fantasy needs more turn-based titles. The new real-time battle FF games are terrible. Not saying it’s the real-time battle system that made them bad but I really miss the turn-based FF.

tommy rich says:

mario party 11 is on the nintendo switch

Adam So Chillstep says:

I know it’s called zodiac age but can we please have the old customizable class system.. PLEASE

Zane Oneiros says:

YoU haVe SOmEtHiNG thAT belOnGs to Me!!! Off wiTh YoU!!!

James Hicks says:

How is this a gameplay trailer? Just a bunch of cut scenes. Ewwwwwwwwww

JB Gimena says:

The extra gambit slots and license board reset alone make this the best version yet.

Heber Nicolás Fernández says:

Wait this version is better than pc/ps4 Lol

Larissa Lohainy says:


Geminipewpew says:

Best thing to ever happen!

mushy says:

I haven’t played FFX or FF12 since their original PS2 release.
Which should I buy and play first FFX/X2 HD or FFXII Zodiac Age?
I also never played FFX2 I bought it from EB games played the intro until like 2 starter battles in and immediately took it back. They gave me a full refund back then. The guy said people had been returning it all day(it was the day of release.) Now i want to give X2 another chance.

So opinions FFX/X2 or FF12 Zodiac Age? Keep in mind I’m buying both but months apart once I beat the first one I buy.

telethea the end bringer says:

I really wish I hadn’t bought this 6 months ago on ps4.

C.S. Bailey says:

3 Gambit sets….. I’m giving this company $150 this year before the end of April

HandheldGamer1991 says:

Soo does this game play like xenoblade chronicles? If that is the case i will buy it right away 😀

Otávio Gaião says:

the best final fantasy I have ever played.

Tania Iniguez says:

Is this a nice game? Is it worth buying?

Shoot U In The knee says:

Ashe is hawt and all but I think I’ll save my pennies for FF crystal chronicles

Adrijt says:


Joshua Garcia says:

If this was a brand new never before seen Final Fantasy game exclusively for the Nintendo Switch would it be acceptable in todays gaming market? Or would it fail becuase it seems dated or something in that nature.

Matias Jacobi says:

I played it on PS2, then PS4… I guess now is Switch’s turn

Eddie R says:

50 dollars for a port that’s been out on every system? Nintendo being greedy as usual

Jimothy Ross says:

Can’t wait to play as diet Shulk!

Brandon J Larry Gaming says:

I’ve never played this Final Fantasy is it any good?

Unknow Element says:

Hahahajajahajajajajjaaj ha

David Nicholson says:

It used to be after FF jumped ship to PlayStation that if you wanted all the FF games, you got them on that platform. Now that they are branching the FF games out to other platforms, that’s just not the case anymore. PlayStation is no longer the true home of FF. Yeah, I’m being Captain Obvious, but FF should be enjoyed by players regardless of if you own a Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, or PC platform.

Jay Garcia says:

Final Fantasy xii main character has a twin…. FFXV there is npcs that look look the same

Rubén Jorge says:

Best trailer I’ve ever seen.

Chamorro Original says:

no ps vita no game. Why woFF and no this?

Sentinel16 gaming says:

I havent played this… will play vii and xi first

FineCastle IRE says:

Ive only just bought it for ps4 the other day. Dammit

Manjoe Chan says:

Its amazing how in the space of one console generation from FFX to FFXII they were able to improve so much on their cutscenes cinematography.

Kleshtrem says:

I’m not a big FF fan (never got into it) but this looks phenomenal.


Shut up and take my Gil!

GamerWithaVoice 15 says:

I’ve honestly never played a ff game. May give it a try

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