Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – E3 2016 Gameplay [HD]

E3 2016 Gameplay of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

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Genre(s): Role-playing game
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Developer(s): Square Enix
Release Date (NA): TBA 2017

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Pedro Vitor says:

Cade os BR nessa porra ?

MagicCatBox says:

But does it have the highest quality pixels?

Martin Furai says:

Lame as fuck, 50 bucks for a good, yet old game.

squall leonhart says:

è brutto proprio come lo ricordavo

T.K. Bold says:

…I.. can’t tell, did they improve the voice audio?

Steven says:

I’ll get it, as long as they put in options to disable the inverted camera.. I can’t stand inverted cameras.. 🙁

Diamantis XIII says:

“if you don’t use your gambits right you’re done” or learn how to play the game. I didn’t use any gambits at all except auto attack when I was younger, and it was fine.


wondering if auto save fucks over anything in terms of item progression, wondering if they changed anything with “equipment queue cancel” or dustia chaining and if they changed anything for trail mode

JustAnotherOne says:

Wrong characters in the party. All of them. :3

Simon says:

This PS2 game looks like a ps3 early game now, amazing :O

Lightpost says:

I can’t get enough of Ivalice. It’s probably the most enchanting/mystical/magical/whatever FF world Square has come up with.

It even made me play Vagrant Story even though it’s not canonically the same Ivalice, and boy did FFXII captured the latter game’s atmosphere really well. The enemies and its animations, dungeons, art style….
I do hope there’d be more FF Tactics and an FFXII spin-off or better yet, a sequel!

L u n a t i c says:

I remember grinding a lot when I had Lamont in my team. His unlimited Hi-Potions are broken af.

Amigo500 says:

this looks amazing,will buy.. hope its for pc too ?

Knightz ANT says:

Auto-save feature in this game sounds atrocious…..

freestylexgp says:

Get a costume for vann so he doesn’t look retarded.

Sage Mantis says:

This game is ridiculously rich and it actually did get extraordinary recognition, except the players didn’t appreciate it whatsoever. This game was honestly the next Lord of the Rings.

Basch Lives says:

This looks awesome. Can’t wait for this.

BottledUp says:

I would have loved to be able to get into this game when it initially came out, big gaming regret that I never finished it, I might have to get this version lol.

Alain says:

one of the best games ever made, can`t wait for this !

Noctis Kami says:

wtf happen after final fantasy X?

Nikolaj Targaryen says:

The questions are: this remaster’ll have the seitegrat bow and the speed mode???

PsyGnosiS says:

the graphic looks like shit, still look like ps2 game.. what a fucking rip off

CrimsonFox Hound says:

if this is the current final fantasy and SE didnt improve then Kingdomhearts, FF7remake, and Persona 5 will take over by huge margin.

CrimsonFox Hound says:

why include speeds? hmm

shutedan says:

great.. now they add features that could have been in the game already 10 years ago if they were on top of modernizing their game systems in the first place… what is new here that hasn’t been done with emulators since over 7 years or so? …. no load times?? you really make that a “feature” for a title that is 10 years old???? oh square… you will run out of titles to abuse people’s nostalgic feelings very soon if you dont come up with sincere new work…

Blinded says:

I actually liked FFXII better than FFXIII. Actual exploration and ability to properly micromanage your party was much more fun than hyper-flashy actions I had little control over.

Travis Gulley says:

If they included final fantasy xii revenant wings in the hd remake of final fantasy xii that would be awesome because then you would be able to play revenant wings after playing final fantasy xii that would so awesome if they included that in the hd remake because since they included final fantasy x2 in the hd remake of final fantasy x why not include revenant wings in the hd remake of final fantasy xii

aaronyoung20 says:

Lushu Mines after all these years I still remember those days as a monster+bounty hunter and recall certain monsters only appear if you had nothing but females in your party but now i’m thinking about the forth side member like Larsa and how he effects the monsters appearing, Its been awhile so I’m not sure if they appear when he was there.

Cassiano Motta says:


Alexis Couto says:

Is this PCSX2? LEL

Eric B says:

nice additions

Oliver 92 says:

I don’t have a ps4 but I’m super excited about this game.

LoneNightfury says:

granted, this was possible on pc like 8 years ago, but thats none of my business… ill be happy if i see an appended gambit system, updated textures(although the textures from the original game are good even by today’s standards.), and an option to play the USA version of the game instead of the international zodiac job system. also… isnt an autosave feature kindof defeating the whole suspense of the game? i remember playing this as a child and always being scared to die and that created an amazing feeling that i havent got from any other game. the option to save anywhere has ruined games in my opinion.

The Bloke says:

wow so much hate on ff xii this is my favorite one

Decadent Descent says:

Cant wait to play this again! One of my favorites in the series for sure.

Chris M says:

pipe down fuckers, A) this is on stream B) you’re watching it on youtube. Of course the quality of the graphics are going to look shitty.

ks22 says:

the best FF ever for me, played IZJS with a PS2 emulator, but never finished it, hope this comes to PC and be able to play this at 4k! Hope its 60 fps too, but who knows.

The Dreadinator says:

FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! My favorite FF, I am actually currently doing an LLG run on PCSX2!

imyourgodmachine says:

put over 100 hours into the original. cant wait for this!

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