Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – 10 Minutes of Gameplay [HD]

At PAX East 2017, We Got This Covered got a chance to try the remastered version of Final Fantasy XII, which will be gracing store shelves this July.
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Kamarul says:

this bring back memories

Mysteriastic Magically says:

I like final fantasy mostly because of it’s stories. Remastered versions usually have no stories so i don’t really like them.

DarkCode says:

My second favorite game ever only surpassed by tactics ogre let us cling together

Daniel Christian Mantik says:

I was put 400+hours n never finished the game on ps2. 100% completion was never done. Powerleveling to lvl 99 at earliest chapter as possible using DUSTIA METHOD and ELEMENTAL at dessert also the rare monster too hehee… and yeaah RED CHOCOBO LVL 99 was a great battle back then. so many methods to follow, truly
the experience that never be forgotten so easily..

美咲ハナ says:

Wow final fantasy has changed so much since it first came out on ps2 ps1 ithink?
Ps. When they run it looks funny XD it’s like their on steroids lol…

Aden Martinez says:

meh….looks very underwhelming. ill stick with true rpgs in final fantasy brave exvius

Thunder Goku says:

You guys can have a preferred style to how you play Final Fantasy. You are allowed to like whatever Final Fantasy you want.

Julia Shenandoah says:

Hmmmmm……. this antropomorph bunny is cute but I am not yet convinced after enjoying the masterpiece Final Fantasy XV. XII will surely be a nice game (if it can be switched to non-turn-based combat).

Travis Douglas says:

I had so much fun with this game until it got incredibly hard

Neo Virz says:

oh the days when i got no fucking idea on how to play the game properly and got fucking rekt by espers and moreover by that frickin wall in The Tomb of Dickwall

kevilin brites says:

its wrong i say “ive got a huge bonner seeing this”?

Reagan Dy says:

This game will take me out of reality for a few days for sure. so hyped for this.

Greenest Hue says:

Am I a furry if I’m attracted to Fran?

Jack Burton says:

no turn based?…fk off then

harrimat100 says:

After seeing this at Walmart, it was gone after 3 months. Never seen it again. Glad I got my copy.

Kai Lockhart says:

I’ll never EVER use that awful speed thingy it looks so stupid.

FireCloud42 says:

man i can’t watch others play FF12

spooky says:

I dont like the combat

Toby K. says:

FUCK I missed this game. Was tempted to buy a used PS2 to relive classics like this and other games, but now that it’s being rereleased…Fuck yes.

iamthatis85 says:

Tries to watch in HD, YouTube auto corrects down to 144p after an eye roll i bump it back up to 1080 only to have the video crash…

John Dylan Schwartz says:

Please let there be a PC port… please let there be a PC port…

Bruno Bernardes says:

This pop in….

They didn’t fix it

Some hand says:

I love about this game is the battle gameplay and the soundtrack! Ahh the memories!

Alvin Kertanegara says:

I love this battle system, no transition, not too much action neither.

RPD STARS team and Tantalus brother says:

I like FF12 very much even at the first time i tried it,and i’m the classic FF player not the newbie.
I remember my friends didn’t want to play FFXII because they were so in love with FFX and hard to move on especially FFXII has absolutely different battle style.
FFX is just ok and highly overrated! No ATB and no world map, stupid sphere grid instead of leveling system and plus the story isn’t that good, it’s just touching because it has love story THAT’S ALL.
People keep saying FFXII story is weak but I think the opposite, FFXII has politics story and it’s more complex than that saving-the-world-and-fell-in-love-with-the-guy-in-the-past story.
FFXII has all the FF classic elements, it has massive world map, lots of magics, various races, fully equipments, leveling system, ATB, tombs, dungeon, lots of quests

Not Juam says:

caralho, meu filho joga ruim hein?

Primos imediatos de 2º grau says:

Is that bow the zeitengrat? Or just an entirely new weapon?

Patrick says:

I couldn’t get into 12 the first time I played it when it was new but I was expecting it to be like 10 and when it wasn’t I guess I just sold it back.

Lucifer Satan says:

What a nice SHIT frame rate…

SO glad the Steam version will be at 60fps…

xcaluhbration says:

12 curb stomps 15s battle system and AWFUL disjointed story. THIS GAME feels like an adventure.

RPD STARS team and Tantalus brother says:

The best Final Fantasy after FF9

Stiles' Reviews says:

The U.I. and menu look absolutely terrible…seriously they look like a bad fan hack… but that’s a small price to pay given how great everything else looks.

Jared Martin says:

Why were Vaan’s abs so weird looking on the PS2?

deedeetta says:

I don’t see why they couldn’t make it in VITA.

Briny Guz says:

Ohhhhh I’m gonna finish what I couldn’t back in ps2! Defeat Tiamat 😉

James Ferris says:

I love this game best game ever

Nestor Collazo says:

can someone please confirm for me that Zodiac Age still has the “Active” battle option (where time doesn’t stop when you access the battle menu) !!!!!

Tilman Rath says:

Why are the ground textures even worse then the original? i see lack of improovement

Filip Velickovic says:

Is this… a turn-based battle? Seriously? In 2017?

CooloLarsen says:

FF12 > FF15

yeah tbh. says:

FFBE makes me hype for this.

Anita Wertz says:

This ff has been my fav of all of them. I fell in love with the auto Gambit system and the free roam world.
Idk just the way the battle system was set up was
Awesome to me I never did like Random Battles.
This looks much better in hd
For damn sure. You know ya can turn off the target lines right? They are actually really annoying and if you have Basic motor skills they are Completely useless..
In the end I found that
Hammers hit the hardest
And did the most damage
In a shorter period of time.
They do hit really low at times but it’s rare, they hit
Crazy fucking hard more often then not
And they will at times make you strike Like 4 times at once without The meter filling up in between.
Over 15,000 with each hit
In under 5 seconds..
I believe I was mid 40s
In level.
Oh and if you can manage to luck out and get the key to the mines you go through
In the beginning.
There is a fight you can steal the death bringer
Has random insta kill built in against any enemy aside bosses ofcourse, With a 90 attack rating
Well worth the time and effort. I managed to get one for each character.

DanHelsing says:

It drives me crazy when people leave behind loot..

Paxton Hambling says:

the only final fantasy i ever had any interest in until 15, not much of a turn base combat guy

Robo Space Kitten says:

why thefuck would u buy this? u can get it on the ps2 emulator and it looks better on that than this and its free

Michel Oliveira says:

The best Final Fantasyis FF6. Anyway, FF12 is a very good game.

Nik says:

Cant wait to play this game. Huge fan of final fantasy, and im mad theyre only giong stupid digital for the remaster of crystal chronicles on switch. This game is up for pre order tho physically at my local EB games, and i think it will fit nicely..

Emperor Ehryn says:

Doesn’t look a whole lot different…

Space Cowboy-D says:

I cleared this game 100% back in the day, I’m so scared to do that again, this game was a nightmare to 100% clock, getting all the beast marks done was a super grind, I felt really happy and accomplished when I did but man the grind is not worth it, just a note to the newbies awaiting to clear this game.

LOL grinding the nightmare beast mark for a rare drop, fuck me.

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