Final Fantasy XII PS4 Gameplay – 5 Reasons You Really Need To Play It This Time

Check out this brand new Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age PS4 gameplay while Rob and Hollie talk you through 5 reasons you really need to play it this time. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Matthew Flowers says:

I’m kind of scared because you never mentioned if they fixed infuriating Rare Game appearance percentages or rare drops that are just… ugh.

mike lambert says:

Am I the only one that wants ff13 remastered? I thought those games were much better than people said they were.

Antonio Sousa says:

Had to stop watching at 50 seconds. Since when is the job system new on ff12? It was part of it on the international edition.

MurseAndrew says:

Worth mentioning, for those that are unaware, FFXII is set in Ivalice. The same setting as Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Demo says:

Buy it just for Trial Mode. The last set of challenges is pretty crazy

azure dragon says:

my main problem with 12 was charecters vaan was cool I thought he was suppose to be main person then ash came in like really wtf im not against female main role but she was weak. empire was not really evil so main bad guy did’t really strike me as evil 12 was start of final fantasy going downhill with focus on graphic and new battle completely forgeting telling story well. tho I do like class zodiac thing but wish they took out gambit that killed it for me made battleing grinding to easy I pass out my guy do all work. truth be told it was ok game but I fear for remake and remaster in future with them trying to change redo everything thus making what masterpiece it was and destroying. as much as 6 was my fav of all time I don’t want remake cause they mess it up but i’ll prob buy this remake and this may get hate but to me 15 was failure with all look noodles on billboard lets get ppl to go out and buy them like add and sadly battle system was worse I seen it wasn’t complete game and took forever to make square enix has been letting me down lately. but every 1 likes different stuff about games this is just me

Samantha Snow says:

Loved the combat system, the story though. Loved Fran!

Wanderer Named Guy says:

It took me two try to really get into this game, can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to play this for my birthday 😀 Gilgamesh, I’ma coming!! And i’m sacred to try the Tower again 🙁 lol

rakhmad aristha says:

I once can chaining 32 quickening in PS2

Eastbluedrew says:

God I loved alot of things about this game but the battle system annoyed me to no end I felt like I was doing nothing

KyoHaru says:

Can someone tell me if is the story is interesting or good? That will sell me the game or not.

HelkernVuur says:

It does have a gold trophy for completing all 100 trials.

Barubary says:

One of the most important gambits I used all the time: Enemy HP=100% > Steal. It makes you a lot of money over the course of the game. I wish the trigger “enemy not stolen from” was available, but this works too.

Lune says:

Only one reason its *my favorite Final Fantasy* So play it !! he was so underrated on ps2, i was lonely Now everybody will see how great it was

Lune says:

*Dont Open All The Chest…* c:

homobono soriano says:

ff12 has been available on the psn store since 2007 , I already have it on the ps3 and got it off ps plus for free, it has been pulled off the store since 2016 im guessing cuz of this ? lol its not worth 60$ even in hd the psn free was better

Fairuz 12 says:

wah 2job.. izjs can only choose 1 job t.t

rusted sword says:

am i the only one who absolutely hates the gambit system?

jrreogreugerugregreger says:

Lol, that fawn pun from Rob was next level dad cringe humour.

William Faulkner says:

you dont, it sucked

Brad Hapgood says:

reason not to play it…. it’s not on pc

Ari Adzmin says:

But FFXII is the prequel to Vagrant Story Rob. FF Tactics somewhere in between the two as well.

Krauser Croog says:

We need a new FF game with a battle system like this. I love it so much.

Krugan017 says:

When I played this on pS2 it was a massive snorefest and couldn’t even get myself to finish it.

Quatrei Quorizawa says:

Will it be on PS3? Please say it will be on PS3 also.

Ethan Looney says:

Yaw should talk about radiata stories. it’s squares best game of all time Q_Q

Canfony says:

I just want to know one thing. in the settings can I invert the x axis? I dusted off the ps2 and gave ff12 a revisiting and the whole ‘analog stick left makes you look right’ thing did my head in.

Joe Bailey says:

This game is an absolute gem! I personally turn off the blue and red combat lines to aid in immersion. Never has a game had such beautifully written dialogue. My favorite quote of the game – “The humes ever skew hist’ry’s weave. With haste they move through too short lives. Driven to err by base desires. T’ward waste and wasting, on they run!” It captures the faults of the human race so brilliantly.

akechi mitsuhide says:

I’ll give you 5 reasons not to play it:

3. Vaan
4. Vaan
5 Vaan

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