Final Fantasy VII Remake – Gameplay Trailer

FF7 Remake 1st gameplay trailer, combat, cutscenes & more

footage from PSX 2015, do you think we will get more news and trailer/gameplay in 2018?

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Wolff The Fox says:

Zangetsu? Haha


If they don’t mention my boy Zack I’m going to be sad af ..

Abel Cerati says:

About time

the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged says:

Honestly, hope this plays more like Kingdom Hearts than XV. Holding circle wasn’t great.

Daniel Menezes says:

Noussa véi, saiu?!

Andre Rabello says:

esse jogo eh mt loko

あ あ says:


BlissinthemiX says:

They must put a turn base option

Francesco Faluomi says:

All these years for a fucking action game? I wanna die…

Deano Magneto says:


kurt nissen says:

Remake FF8 next !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac Zais says:

This game is probably never comming out

R J says:

That “voice acting” was just for the trailer, right? We’re getting real voice acting for the game, right?

LingFox says:

The only game where if you either cast Holy you finish the game.

LavaLeech_HD says:

A thing i never noticed till now. Barret shouldnt be fighting with you against the shinra soldiers (at the end of the trailer). Hes supposed to be on the train with wedges biggs and jessie

Fox LeFox says:

Let me guess. Nothing of this will be part of the actual game when it finally gets a release someday in 2024.

pariston hill says:

want to see sephiroth

Isaac Zais says:

And if it does will be royaly screwed up

Fantasy vii says:

I wish they stop casting young American actresses to make a voice acting they all sound like the cast of mean girls

Hairs M says:

i dont even care if this even comes out anymore.

スズキケンジ says:


muhammad daniel says:

Hope this game out when ps5 come out… -_- when they play demo on ps4 I see fps so much drop …. 1:20

Nathan Hawks says:

Dear SquareEnix,
To quote Tifa from FF7 Machinabridged:
“Don’t fuck up!”

HyperHypnos says:

FF7 is my childhood game, and I think I’ve been re-playing this game yearly since then.
Let’s just hope the remake will be a good one and can bring nostalgia to us fans.

Marcelo Bezerra says:

Boto é fé no cloud, um magrelo, que consegue segurar uma espada, com uns mais ou menos 30 a 40 Kilos. O barret parece o Blade.

Progga says:

Am i the only one who thinks that the gameplay actually looks bad? There is no more charme in it, all gone …

Gianluca D'Alo' says:

If we can already buy the preorder it shouldn’t take years to be realesed???? Or not….? Well now that i look well on Amazon there are questions about the game that are 8 months old… So it means that Square Enix already has a lot of interests to pay back -.-‘

Gojira Tool says:

“Remake” LMFAO this is a whole new game.

Mike D L says:

Uh, listen Barrett, you said bell peppers and beef

Piezonuclear Luna says:

I hope everyone realizes we’ll be waiting for this well after PS5

キーフラン says:


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