Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Trailer PSX 2015 Live Reaction

Here is My Live Reaction to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Trailer shown at PlayStation Experience 2015. Was not expecting many things to happen! Many things!

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Trailer shown at PlayStation Experience 2015. What do you think about the combat?



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Daniel Pedersen says:

What happened to the very long spiken on his hair? I liked that!

Ashflow Ramza says:

@skylenox Where are you man are you gone for good?

kevin lopes says:

Why the hype on this game never really like final fantasy played 10-2 it’s well to many final fantasy and it’s all over the place the story is out of wack and well I’m more of a new ip rpg guy and witcher 3 kinda guy and fighters and racing games and action adventures don’t rally play rpg or mmo or shooters or telltale games or horror or super stealth no weapons games

Flameroller, Pale Shitlord of the Cis says:

I just hope they don’t put in some stupid system in place of the materia system. That system was great. The combat being real time action based beat em up isn’t a bad decision, even though it would have been awesome keeping it turn based as well. I think it’s a bit lazy that nobody is willing to try and update the turn based system with new ideas. Instead, they always go with real time beat em up or first person shooter for every new RPG. It would be awesome if someone would just ignore the nay sayers and go for it.

Shane Shields says:

I still say the “ps3 tech demo” was not a tech demo


Waaaaiiiittttt!!!!! Did this homie said that ” Its coming out on PC!!!!!!!!??????? Holy shit

TTR Rissa says:


Midiouss says:

The gameplay trailer made me want to ruin a sock.

Benji Price says:

Well the game comes out in Dec. 2016, and i think developers like to have games done 2/3 months early to test for bugs etc.

Aaditya S says:

Congratulations man being on the trailer reactions of Final Fantasy 7! Hey atleast you were not the crying guy which was funny but we can understand that being emotional for this is alright!!

Noctis Kami says:

No game in the world will matter when this game comes out

cutegamerguy says:

I think the game looks amazing and shows that they’re definitely trying to stay true to the original game which says a lot.

Velga Jigmal says:

I hope they take their time with it and not rush development or we’d end up with a shit remake.

Aaron Lang says:

your the man haha

Nguyen Duc Anh says:

They use the Crisis Core battle system on this? OMFG I’m so hyped !!!!

Sight See-r says:

You do realize that January 31st 2017 will be the 20th anniversary…. if it isn’t released then I would be very surprised. They have been working on this for a long time.

Amane Aerith says:

cloud has develop eyebag 🙂

Brad Eddy says:

a new combat system will be different to get used to.. but it will be a nice change.I was playing the original on steam today.. started a new game..

Rico Stifler says:

In all likelihood, it will be released in 2018.

Keivelator says:

FF7: Action
Kingdom Hearts 3: Action
FF15: Action
WTF Square?

Eric says:

Hey all whats up, question; could it be that the company put together this video using the ff15 combat engine to kind of cover their asses? let me explain; the combat engine is already there from 15, and they could easily switch to the ff13 turn based combat engine if there was overwhelming outcry against the real time combat engine, I think its possible that they’re just testing the crowd to see what the response is gonna be and they can change the combat system if it looks like there’s a strong push against this style of combat. All I’m saying is the game looks like its gonna be real time but that may change so we should just wait and see what the reaction is gonna be like.

Kodi Liam says:

NO! I dont want Jessie to die in HD!

MasterJazz09 says:

jeez why the fuck did they change the turn based combat.

Wistbacka says:

But if I may criticize something about this game it is that they NEED to re-record the voice acting for that “fat kid” (sorry, I don’t know the guys name). His voice is too childish and too annoying.

Otherwise it looks so awesome.

carlitos wey says:

¿Action RPG? Nop… Hack and Slash … R.I.P. FFVII

Alfred F. Jones says:

*Looks around awkwardly because I’v never played that game……And never really wanted to*

Pasha Solonin says:

Just a few weeks ago I heard a rumor that Final Fantasy 7 remake will be coming out after 2017.

Andrew Kennedy says:

the combat kinda reminds me of crisis core

McK says:

While I understand the need for a new combat system, I’m still not a person who normally enjoys the Kingdom Hearts style of battle system.

I would’ve love to see what FF10 did and still have it turned based, but that you could swap your party members in and out mid battle. I think it would be the perfect tie with something old and something new since in the original FF7, you were stuck with the same 3 party members when you entered a battle.

John Lacson says:

I honestly thought you didn’t like it when your face went all ‘what is this?’ when they showed the combat system. Good vid Sky!

Elhanan F. de Oliveira says:

talking to my three friends came to say he had an erection by anxiousness this waiting
to my surprise the concordance was unanimous so I thought it would be a valid argument
the sad thing is that here in São Paulo in Brazil will not have access to the game so soon 🙁

RealmOfWonders says:

Why do you sometimes apologize after cursing?

Aaron Mc Daniel says:

I loved the teases trailer several months ago. My heart was pounding and I broke out in tears. I’ve been playing FF7 since it first came out when I was 8 years old. first final fantasy game I played
when I saw the game play trailer for the 1st time I was impressed with it all. I loved how they kept to the Original script with the opening scene.
The combat system looks great I knew they would change it because of the times and I agree with their choice…..MY ONLY WISH IS THEY WILL LEAVE THE MATERIA SYSTEM ALONE!!! leave it as it was.

budmeister says:

When I like what I see, I touch myself too…

Jonny Foster says:

@skylenox Do a psx 2016 Videooo

Fyrecide says:

I’m probably THE biggest FF nerd out there; I have been an avid fan since the NES days, have played and beaten every FF game to date, I can recite dialogue & details from every game (especially VI, or III as it was outside of Japan, and VII, IX, and X) on the spot, et cetera. And even though I am a die-hard fan on the ATB / turn-based combat, I am still psyched for this game.

The standard “Fight > Magic > Summon > Item / Defend” menu structure is in tact, there are still Limit Breaks, and I’m certain Materia will still play an important role. As long as the world map (and therefore exploration) is in tact in the later episodes / games (since each part is supposed to be a “full game” according to the devs), as are the towns, mini-games & side quests like Chocobo racing / breeding, finding Vincent and Yuffie, and optional bosses and such, and as long as the equipment / materia system is still at least *mostly* faithful to the original (with maybe a modern twist or something that benefits it and isn’t just a change for the sake of change), then I’ll be 1,000% satisfied with everything.

I think Square can really redeem themselves with this game. I don’t need a 1:1 HD remake of the game, where it’s the exact same game with prettier graphics: I can play the PS3/4 or PC port with HD graphics if I want, even if they pre-rendered backgorunds and polygon textures/models are still outdated (although the PC version had mods that let you update the character models, so…). So I can still enjoy the original in all it’s glory and very much be pleased with that. At the same time, I also don’t want a completely foreign version of the game, with an all-new battle system that has nothing to do with the original, and none of the charm / feel of the original; that would be horrific.

This seems like a great blend of both the original / nostalgic with some modern touches and flare. In short: I’m hyped as hell 🙂

Pasha Solonin says:

I bet that Final fantasy XV will be released sooner than final fantasy VII remake. I expect final fantasy XV to be released in October 2016.

cangri1788 says:

Today’s gamers may say we are overreacting but since I started playing videogames I have never played a game so good as FF7. I just can’t wait to play this.

tj clear says:

c’mon bro its ff7 the combat system upgrade is what i was hoping they were gonna change final Fantasy 7 rebuilt as an action rpg is about as close to perfection as u can get if it was the last game u ever get to play id be perfectly content lol.

Rx93NuGundam says:

FF7 Remake only missing Hironobu Sakaguchi… but… hope they cover that up nicely.

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