Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay



Kurogaea Monari says:

Looks so much better than what we have now. Fuck ffxv

62swordsmen says:

I hope they can at least make Versus 13 an alternate universe and go back to this, yes the alternate universe idea sounds stupid but they have done far worse and doing so can at least give us the chance to see what Versus 13 could’ve been and we can get a chance to play an amazing game and I highly doubt just making Versus 13 an alternate universe to XV would affect the end result, the story would still be same, the characters get to keep their names and roles (except for some that were replaced and added), and the action and the cut content will come back, yes XV probably hurt the name of Versus 13, but looking at Versus 13 it looks like it could still save itself and save FFXV and it could still be a huge hit

Nice Vibes Music says:

This looked like shit. Glad we got the superior product in the end.

DTearLesS says:

Look better than present one

Omer Saar says:

Uuggghhhh, where is this game! Come on, it looks like kh 2 only darker and with the mafia

Jovan Jeffery says:

This would be nice on the Nintendo switch

b521111 says:

Turn on captions then go to 1:22
3:41 yes sir like ice-cream juggle a guy

Kirai Uchiha says:

I thought XV now was great. But they should have kept ALL original content. Seeing this makes the game look and seem like utter garbage. They butchered it from something that had extreme potential

jean-pierre dos-reis says:

I think a lot of content that was in versus 13 is gonna be later added as DLC

Dominik Makówka says:

This still hurts. I wanted this. THIS. I dont think a game will ever disappoint me quite as much as 15 did

JamesLITZ says:

jeez, this was a rough watch, thank god they made XV instead

FreshCabbage says:

I bought a ps3 for this…

Dan S M says:

Ff15 is so much better looking thank god

dimmkah says:

This looks so much better than what we got.

diegohermano says:

Being able to play in Insomnia (not only 1 chapter), battles in ships in movement, controlling other characters, being able to drive war vehicles… such a shame those were not incorporated in FFXV

Martez Jones says:

Looks better than ff15

startmirca says:

Omnis Lacrima!

PolarPhantom says:

This footage makes me sad.

But I think Aranea looks better in XV.

Just Han says:

Honestly, this looks like what avalanche raid in midgard city if back then the graphics was this badass

The Bardock says:

I forgot about this game… this what turned into ff15? I haven’t played it yet.

Drakonman The Fox says:

The more i look at this trailer the more i feel this game was originally just as linear as 13… im glad they changed it.

Boim 27 says:

10 years they delayed this game, when its release, its not 100% complete game, they separate some part of the game into piece of DLC, what a shame, i hope not do the same thing to FF 7 remake, or their fans will be mad

Morlamen says:

It’s a pity we didn’t get this instead Crappy Fantasy XV

Wake Wind says:

-Replaced cartwheels with dodge roll. That’s fine.-can use magic while airborne but can’t aim like on the ground. That’s fine. Should be added.-Noticed that ground weapon switching is faster here than final game. But final game has waaaayyy faster aerial weapon switching so that’s fine.
Here are the big ones though.-Double jump. I mean you can already stay airborne almost infinitely with the air step ability. Is a double jump really needed?-MA hijacking. This is really the only one thing they need to add imo.

Phú Nguyễn says:

Who knows, Square might use this fighting mechanic for VII Remake

Pizza parker says:

Prompto wasnt in the early version of this game

Cesar says:

damn this game looks like shit

ohgodwhy says:

How was the trailer better than the actual game?!?!

SexCannonMusic says:

Lies asleep in the fantasy indeed xD

Jaddix says:

to all the people saying that this would’ve been better than xv, well, let me ask you this; *how do you know that?* sure, there’s a lot about tabata’s draft of xv that could be revised, but no one _can_ know for sure that nomura’s draft would’ve been borderline better.
personally, i feel that a very cold, angry, and vengeful noct would have been very, very annoying. we don’t need another boring cloud character like lightning was.
the game looks simpler and more organized in its interface because *it’s a trailer.* of course it’s going to flow more smoothly than the final game.
no one knows whether stella, ms.generic girl #1789 was going to be a better character than luna; even then, “better” is a purely subjective matter.
if there’s anything that can be said about nomura’s writing, it’s that he loves to write a fucking cornucopia of characters before giving them a plot to follow. i don’t think he’s the kind of writer that writes characters and plotlines because they’re necessary. there’s a reason why kingdom hearts is considered so inaccessible in terms of plot. if nomura were to write the plot to this game, honestly, _i’d rather pass_ on trying to understand why anything is happening.
armored behemoth would’ve been rad, though. i agree with you guys there.

Zulul Scout says:

Honestly people are saying they like this better but imo ffxv is better.

Neuro Pulse says:

It’s too bad they butchered the gameplay when they rebranded by trying to simultaneously be an action game and not.

jamesw242 says:

A final fantasy for pre-pubes and first timers.

BaraTiddies says:


NoctLightCloud says:

fuck I REALLY wanna play this game ><

ユリハジメ says:

A world without Stella is completely garbage. Both the gameplay and the plot are also better on XIII versus than the XV one. Tabata!!.. At least bring our Stella back!!

Devin says:

Turn on the caption on the time when noctis and ignis talk.

Adilliosz says:

This looks better than the real ff15

Ike Kimita says:

The battle system is ok but I dislike the outdated graphics. I prefer FFXV contrary to all the comments below saying they prefer this. I’m glad we got FFXV.

Yasuri Washimoto says:

I myself fucking love xv .
they wanted to me make a change and not a so dark game
like in the omen trailer where Noctis isn’t with the bros and goes through the journey alone

Beastquith Nox says:

I wish FFXV settings are like this it’s much darker and more like fantasy based on reality themed than FFXV something like persona style settings so modern.,and I like the first design and character of Noctis he looks like so serious and overrpowered just like cloud. Well i hope they make FF games like this not main title but a spin-off.,And let Yoko Taro handle it lol that would a rollercoaster shit of feels and mindfuck.

dougnaruto says:


Jim Bob says:


Frost Wolfe says:

This still looks better.

mariacristina ingrande says:

ciao dove posso trovare il demo di Final Fantasy Versus XIII come questo nel video

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