Final Fantasy Peasant Plays The Last Of Us (Gameplay Reaction) – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL OPENING

Final Fantasy Peasant Plays The Last Of Us (Gameplay Reaction) – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL OPENING
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Rafael Robledo says:

10/10 rating

sarahlastrange says:

It’s ah awesome game I hope you play it to the end

CJAdams97 says:

This game games intro is one of my favorite in gaming

Jack Black says:

why are you playing the PS Now version should of got the PS4 version it has Ellie’s DLC

sonicrocks8daysaweek says:

Play it pez

Slewedleo says:

One of my favorite games of all time!

Why are you playing it on ps3? Its on sale for 10$ in the PS store :3

Shane Firth says:

The beginning of this game always destroys me, I’ve played it through maybe 5 or 6 times but it always kicks me in the feels.

shadowlover199 says:

I left early in the stream but I hope you continue the game it’s very fun

Hiu Fei says:

I’ve never actually watched a full play through of The Last Of Us. If Peasant is going to play all the way through, I’ll definitely watch them all

Clorok Bleach says:


TheoryCL says:

It’s funny that Pez’s cam is always a second or 2 ahead of the gameplay footage,
so whenever he screams I’m like “what is he…. OH SHI—”
But at least I know when the jump scares are coming lol

Caleb Hoskins says:

Really need to continue this walkthrough, u will not regret playing this game. I’m not a fan of the jump scare horror games either but minus maybe one or two moments it was pretty tame, gameplay is great, story is a masterpiece, plz continue on with the playthrough

HardcoreHamster33 says:

This was a fun stream. lol XD You were in your Chaos Pez mode. Lmao!

Crystian Corona says:

The Last of Us isn’t even a horror game lol

RayAmbitious says:

Prepare yourself for an amazing and wild ride Pez

Kreeholo lu says:

PS Now has a delay that is a little annoying, so if you could play on the ps4 you’ll have a better experience, anyway great video!

John Johnson says:

I’m glad you’ve decided to play The Last of Us. The game is a masterpiece.

quaddo says:

You’re not glitched….check the game’s ladder tutorial (in the pause menu) and you’ll find the answer…. 😉
Anyway, great reactions but terrible (albeit entertaining) game play. That’s usually what happens when you ignore this game’s tutorials….

Aamra Kamran says:

Love it.

Ragefest 2000 says:

So good! Seriously underrated multiplayer!#

Daniele Clementi says:

Oh my god you never played it and i can see your reaction too! You’re the best youtuber ever now! My favourite ff fan playing last of us: priceless! +Full Fantasy Peasant

Evan Cariou says:

Do more Pez.

Clang Clang says:

Please someone make Pez play Evil Within 2

Alondra Rodriguez says:


That1guyfromco says:

Yaaaaas you’re in for emotions!!! Play all of this please!! I wanna see your reaction to the whole game!!! It’s a masterpiece

Amy Baxter says:

I laughed my ass off watching him play yesterday… and now I just rewatched and cried through the title screen. Welp.

Alex Nguyen says:

Continue with the PS4 version!

Erebos Tenebris says:

The fungus this game is based off of, Cordyceps takes over it’s hosts nervous system and makes them act to spread the infection. Some will make the host aggressive, others will make the host insects effectively commit suicide by standing on the ends of branches and the like- attracting the attention of birds which will eat them.

The cordyceps currently only affects insects- but the spores can survive a trip through the digestive tract of many birds and higher order animals spreading the infection when insects gather around the animals feces. If a host lives long enough after being affected some species of cordyceps will convert the insects tissue into fungus an release spores- same as you see around the 50 minute mark in this video. This game’s zombie infection is basically a “what if” where a strain of cordyceps evolved to infect humans.

Danny Marks says:

You should have played it on the PS4 better framerate better feel

The Hod says:

great game this one real gem 10/10

Ashflow Ramza says:

PEZ if you are holding a bottle or a brick and if you see a green circle on the enemy press fire (R2 on the ps4 version) and you can stun enemies without pressing aim (L2) and then run on them and then choke them by triangle saves bulletsPS.HARD difficulty equals less bullets and supply and enemies are harder and more aware

LadyAlice S says:

Would love to see you play more of this but if you want jump scares you should play the first Outlast!

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