Final Fantasy Peasant Plays Dissidia NT (PS4 gameplay) – LAUNCH PLAY AT LAST!

Final Fantasy Peasant Plays Dissidia NT (PS4 gameplay)

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Sloan Jackson says:

Had really high expectations for this game and was let down.

Terrance Walch says:

I expect a Kingdom hearts 3 reaction for both trailers from you Pez XD

preethi Vatsavayi says:

I recently subscribed to this channel. I was on the bench about playing ffxv. I am from ffx era. The only ff games I completed were ffx and ff13. I love them but I got bored while grinding. Your ffxv walkthrough helped me decide. Thank you peasant. I have been waiting on dissidia. I can’t wait to see this walkthrough.

Chris Melvin says:

Hello pez did you have a great holiday

Schizomonoxide D says:

Odin is a little more difficult then ramuh I think but it took me at least 8 tries on ramuh

Lonewolf XIVX says:

Good to see you back man!

StormSnake0618 says:

For the people complaining about him not uploading anything KH or FFXV related atm, Pez is dealing with some real life stuff atm. Not gonna put his life on blast here, but it was discussed briefly on stream a few days ago. He’ll get around to covering the new KH trailers and whatever else soon.

Rhaenyra Reigns says:

TIME STAMPS (and more):
@00:00:00 – Introduction & Treasures unlocking (@00:03:30) [9 left of initial 27];
(Notable: *Cecil’s* Cecil Reimagined II; *Lightning’s* Guardian Corps Uniform II; *Kuja’s* Brilliant Cores; *Vaan’s* Zwill Blade)
[Sum-up: 4 skins; 8 quotes; 39 avatars; 3 songs]

@00:11:50 – Online battles (random);
@00:15:49 – 1st match: Bartz + WoL + Sephiroth (Alexander) *versus* Bartz + Garland + Garland (Shiva) [FF13’s Eden];
@00:21:26 – 2nd match: Bartz + Tidus + Lightning (Ifrit) *versus* Squall + Noctis + Cloud (Shiva) [FF8’s The Promised Meadow];
@00:25:12 – 3rd match: Bartz + Noctis + Lightning (Ifrit) *versus* Garland + Lightning + Cloud (Shiva) [FF6’s Narshe Outskirts];
@00:31:13 – 4th match: Ace + Tidus + Lightning (Alexander) *versus* Lightning + Squall + Ultimecia (Leviathan) [FF9’s Alexandria];

@00:33:50 – Treasures unlocking [0 left of initial 13];
(Notable: *Onion Knight’s* Onion Knight II; *Sephiroth’s* Cetra Blade; *Ace’s* Akademeia Summer Uniform I)
[Sum-up: 3 skins; 9 quotes; 23 avatars; 4 songs]

@00:41:44 – Online battles (with viewers);
@00:47:19 – 1st match: Garland + Squall + Jecht (Shiva) *versus* Cloud + Noctis + Terra (Shiva) [FF11’s Stellar Fulcrum];
@00:51:44 *- Pez dances like a real Star Lord that he is;*
@00:52:57 – 2nd match: Onion Knight + Cloud + Ultimecia (Ramuh) *versus* Kain + Ace + WoL (Bahamut) [FF1’s Cornelia];
@00:58:27 *- Pez does Kefka impressions like a Boss (that he is);*
@00:59:59 – “A tournament was won with Firion + Cecil + Golbez” news & thoughts;
@01:01:48 – 3rd match: Kefka + Garland + Jecht (Shiva) *versus* Sephiroth + Noctis + Y’shtola (Shiva) [FF5’s Lunar Subterrane];
@01:06:23 – Set chaos ensues;
@01:12:15 – 4th match: Exdeath + Squall + Cloud (Leviathan) *versus* Ultimecia + Vaan + Garland (Shiva) [FF14’s Porta Decumana];

@01:18:36 – Treasure unlocking [0 left of initial 2];
[Sum-up: 5 avatars; 1 song]

Unlocked quotes:
FF1 – Garland:
“You are me…and I…am you.”
“That did not go as I had imagined.”
“Grin and bear it.”
FF2 – Emperor: “Ungaaah!? Aaah!”
FF2 – Firion: “I-I mustn’t…but…”
FF4 – Cecil: “We are the Red Wings–the pride of Baron!”
FF6 – Terra:
“Espers… heed my call.”
“What was that?”
FF7 – Cloud:
“Come, planet! Show us your answer!”
“Need something to complete my disguise.”
FF4 – Cecil: “I’ve worn this darkened armor for so long now, there’s no mote of light left in me.”
FF10 – Tidus: “What would an adult do in this situation!?”
FF10 – Jecht: “When it starts, I won’t be able to hold myself back.”
FF11 – Shantotto: “Ohohohohohoho!” x2 (2nd = 1 x 900 Gil)
FF13 – Lightning:
“We hope in the face of despair – that makes us strong!”
“Bhunivelze named me the savior and ordered me to rescue his people.”
FF14 – Y’shtola: “Less provoking and more pummeling, if you would be so kind!” x2 (2nd = 1 x 900 Gil)

Unlocked avatars:
FF1 – Warrior of Light x5 + Sarah;
FF2 – Firion x3 + Leon + Emperor x2;
FF3 – Refia;
FF4 – Cecil x2 + Edge x2 + Dark Knight Cecil + Paladin Cecil;
FF4TAY – Ceodore;
FF5 – Lenna x2;
FF6 – Terra + Strago;
FF7 – Cloud x2 + Barret + Cid;
FF7DC – Shelke;
FF8 – Squall x3 + Laguna + Ultimecia + Tonberry King;
FF9 – Zidane + Quina + Vivi + Amarant + Garnet;
FF10 – Bride Yuna x2 + Jecht x2 + Tidus + Seymour + Wakka;
FF10-2 – Rikku;
FF11 – Shantotto x3;
FF12 – Ashe + Larsa + Balthier + Fran;
FF13 – Lightning x2 + Fang + Sazh;
FF14 – Thancred + Y’shtola + Papalymo + Cid;
FFTa – Ramza;
FFT0 – Deuce;
SPECIAL – Ramuh x2;

Unlocked music:
FF1 – “Opening Theme” (Arrangement);
FF1 – “Main Theme” (Arrangement);
FF2 – “Main Theme” (Original);
FF6 – “The Decisive Battle” (Arrangement);
FF8 – “A Man with the Machine Gun” (Arrangement);
FF11 – “Belief” (Original);
FF11 – “Fighters of the Crystal” (Arrangement);
FF14 – “Torn from the Heavens” (Original).

StrictlyOval says:

Pez, can you react to new KH trailers pretty pls? <3

Kenny Marcos says:


OPmules25 says:

did the match between Kow and Peasant happen yet or did I miss it?

Curtis Shideler says:

Monster Hunter and Dissidia are battling inside me for every free moment of my time right now. Monster Hunter is running around and timing attacks perfectly, but Dissidia is cutting Monster Hunter’s bravery down. What am I to do?!?

Animeproud24 says:

Pez, if u didn’t notice before, when you open the treasure box, when you get a Gold Rare item, the orb in the middle actually glows a bright gold color before u open it.

Blaiselion Slinger says:

its been a week, is pez dead??? noooooooo

A Sword Master says:

React to KH also u have a new subscriber

Steven Johnson says:

I used to play this game every single day for hours on psp i cant wait to get my hads on this

Chinga3000 says:

Fuck this for a game of cards .Babies trash .

jacob gomez says:

U kw I wish square could do another poll in ff15 so I could get some costumes for noctis, maybe a squall costume, maybe gladio gets to look like the vampire looking guy from ff7, promto, cloud maybe, and ignis idk some character from the series as a dlc I hope they do that but idk if it doesn’t come there’s always mods on the pc version next year

jkbobful says:

Pez u gona watch the new KH3 trailer

kirara2516 says:

My fav candy is either 3 musketeers or grape flavored blow pops.

Daniel Males says:

Barebones online game would they kept some of the stuff from the psp games it would be much better

RoadRoller-kun says:

New KH Trailers

Riley A.K.A Young rezzy says:

Fuckkkkkkkk boi fight me 1v1 psn:angerick100 im calling you out

Carlos Michel says:

#FinalFantasyPeasant please play Undertale.

Mario Lurita says:

You have to react to the two new trailers of Kingdom Hearts 3 from D23 Expo from Japan. Here is the link to the first trailer.
And here is the link to the second trailer.

Owen Polley says:

Morgan Freeman should voice tifa in the remake

T V B O O says:

This game is so fucking good, why is it getting hate? The story mode is not bad, so what if you have to play the game to play more of the game, that’s how games fucking work!

Carlos Michel says:


aquapyro1 says:

Peseant we need you to react to KH3. NOW

Gamer Zeryphim says:

I am so vastly disappointed in this game. I was really into it at first then I realized that for not having a real campaign mode, there should be no reason we have only 2 game modes and core blows major ass. As expected 3v3 has the same issues as all team based games, the game desperately needs more game modes, more customization, just anything to generally give it more playability beyond online matches… I also can’t stand the bravery skills for some of the characters. I am really salty over Jecht and Kain’s kits my top 2 next to Tidus in Duodecim and I can barely use them any more.. Everything else about the game is fantastic but I’m just salty about the lack of game modes and the character updates…

Katrina Mantra Dabough says:

Its back to the Pez ‘n’ chill times! yay!

kirara2516 says:

I swear I will pay any price for Zack Fair. I WANT Zack! ❤

Fate Audax says:

What happened to Bloodborne series? Come on peasant, I’ve been waiting for the Bloodborne series for almost a month.

EvilGod50 says:

Yay Pez is back with the streams <3

Unfortunately i missed this one as i was working, but if your on tonight i'll be there! 😀

Yuni Yukitatsu says:

#FinalFantasyPeasant Not sure if you ever seen what has been added to Patch 4.2 Trailer of FFXIV Stormblood or D23 2018 of Kingdom Hearts III Trailer. You might get Excited. But kinda late about the Patch 4.2: Rise of the New Sun

Steven Johnson says:

sorry for the breakup i hope you feel better

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