Final Fantasy IX PS4 Gameplay – FIRST 15 MINUTES – Opening Cutscene & More! (PS4 Gameplay)

Final Fantasy 9 PS4 Gameplay, First 15 Minutes! Opening Cutscene & More
– FF9 PS4 Remaster

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Here I showcase the opening 15 minutes of the game on PS4. For a full walkthrough on the Remastered version of Final Fantasy IX, please check out my completed series. It will guide you through the game on PS4 or PC.

Full FF9 Walkthrough Playlist:

Final Fantasy 9 was first released way back at the turn of the century for the original Playstation (PSX). Seventeen years later it’s back in this PS4 re-release with updated HD models and graphics.



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Final Fantasy 9 PS4 Gameplay, First 15 Minutes! Opening Cutscene & More
– FF9 PS4 Remaster


Son Gaea says:

Sweet, but it looks fairly the same to me so far.I’ll need to find a side by side. really hoping the crank the music and vista’s up.

Lucio says:

As much as I love this game, I hate how they blurred up the backgrounds. We should have an option to toggle the original ones, I don’t care about big pixels.

Rick Vickery says:

FFT War of the Lions PS4 Port with online Multiplayer available across PSN next!

Jacqueline Ruth Lim says:

it looks weird. the characters are more detailed yet the background remains the same as the PS one version. lol.

Rain Wolf says:


Timothy Salters says:

15 mins! hahaha It takes a hour and half to get the first real battle of the game.

ployth9000 says:

oh I thought this was a FF 9 remaster or something with updated graphics

Bulbi Izi says:

mmmh it s look like android but with 60 fps

RealTalk309 says:

16 bucks right now on psn I’m on the fence about it

dow kow says:

So, it’s not a remake. Just higher resolution of original. Background is all pre-rendered and character models are not redone either.

Gregory Alan Bailey says:

Why would I play this when I have the original sitting in my house?

Luis Aldo says:

Are you gonna do trophies? Lol i got my platinum of FF XII thanks to your guidance I guess im gonna need you for FF IX as well

Munakata Reishi says:

This is one of the best games ever existed and my 2nd favourite FF (after FFVIII), a true masterpiece. This is how you make a great FF dear Square-Enix, the super overrated FFXV is nothing compared to it. Btw I can’t wait to purchase it but right now I don’t have the money, I need to wait till next month. So glad a platinum is finally available, Istg I’m gonna complete it 100% like I did on ps1 😀 I hope a ps4 version will also be available for FFVIII even if my greatest dream would be a remake like with FFVII.

Juakin BM says:

I’ve see that they have manteined that fucking horrible UI from Smartphones and Steam…

Gaj B says:

Not paying £20for it

JoBananas says:

Can you speed it up like FF7?

Neverdone says:

The models looks awesome to bad the background isn’t up to par with it.

Jay Dub says:

9:50 watch the dude go through the options praying he does not have to use the ugly mobile UI


He does

Humacunra says:

Looks like shit. But it was expected

IMRavnos says:

It look sso bad with the muddy backgrounds and hyper crisp characters.  Reminds me of the phrase Half Assed.

OnwardsToMail says:

Will you be going a full guide series on this game like you did with FF12? I hope so, I think I will be needing some guidence with a few things in this game, particularly a good strategy against Ozma.

espada9000 says:

0:10 Oooook this game looks underwhelming as fuck. Why is it out for PS4 out of the blue?

Zach Easter says:

does it have to have the gray bars on the side? can they at least be black or something?

Ivan Katona says:

One word: beautiful.

This is how you make a great Final Fantasy game: lots of meaningful NPCs, huge towns, secrets and side quests available from the start, etc. The opening (among many other things) also reminds me so much of Final Fantasy XII. No wonder these two are my favorite, by far.

mclouf89 says:

Awww, looks like they still didn’t restore the full analog movement from the original. Just the same 8-way movement the Steam version had.

Dexter Labs says:

Guys it’s the steam version

Sher William Benedicto says:

Quick question: I have yet to buy a PS4. Can I play my PSN FF9 I bought for my PSP/PS3?

xBryanAM7x says:

Can i switch the ps4 saves with the phone?

DjZeroPlayer1 says:

its no remaster its just an emulator with the highest settings on the ps4 lol

vini ruler says:

its too expensive in Brazil damnn

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