Final Fantasy IX (Android Gameplay)

Let’s Play of Final Fantasy IX for Android

Final Fantasy IX is a paid upfront Android game with zero in app purchases.

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Cloud Strife says:

I just hope this fills the screen properly because i got a game yesterday called SeeD3 and it was too big for the damn window … i REALLY hope this fills out the screen correctly for one reason … i ADORE this game!

On My way says:

sweet memory .

ooooswain says:

Why the hell do they have to put battery symbol time and stupid pause symbol in the corners? It’s useless and immersion breaking.

Tyurru360 says:

The game looks beautiful but I can’t help noticing how flat the backgrounds look compared to the models 🙁

unkreativ says:

hey, I want to buy ff9 too but I want to know if this game needs wlan during you play this. I hope somebody can answer

Rocío Agudo says:

How to record the mobile screen and so do big to upload to youtube? When I record the mobile screen is a small rectangle …

Victory Beam says:

How come the broadswords dont have that really cool reverb swish sound? I just feel like some of the sound quality was lost when they ported this.

Zominion says:

That stupid 15 FPS lock in battles. The same will be on PC (just like in FFVII and FFVIII). Lazy bustards.

John NoNameGibbon says:

26:15 This game is steampunk Golden Age Spain. And occasional Depression era shit.

RPD STARS team and Tantalus brother says:

i can’t believe you didn’t steal Mage Masher weapon from Baku blue dragon head

Nice Dude says:

it looks better than the steam version great job ! 🙂 greetings from argentina

Steven Goodman says:

the background looks fake in high resolution. what a shame, it looks so nice on my old tv

huzidamasta says:

I think the graphic quality of the characters stops the static, pre-rendered backgrounds working as effectively personally. They don’t match anymore.

Lord Obamakiin says:

Can anyone remember the song/tune/music when you booted this up on the PS1 and the tune started playing, Before the game started??? I’ve been looking for this for so long and it would bring some good memories back if i could listen to it again.

Lee Ifurung says:

You forgot to steal mage masher on Baku

Hùng Đỗ Thành says:

it is still one of the cutest game even to this date in graphic term

Dakota Mullins says:

7:30 – 8:00
One of the most beautiful scenes in PS1 history

Yugo411 says:

has anyone got this to run on Samsung galaxy s3? mines crashes everytime right before zidane appears on screen in the darkness at the beginning.

Dracotonis says:

Loving the improved graphics!

Sandro Borges says:

Oque muda este apk do emulador? oO O falta de criatividade…
Este jogo é um classico. Coloca lo em apk , nao foi legal. Prefiro continua em emulador!

s3v3ns0rr0w21 says:

this is awesome…missed this game. hope they will make Chrono Cross for android and IOS….

Simone Duarte says:

sjoh sji kdkpkkkkkk

ocha nadia says:

how to instal this game

Sparta74 says:

Has anyone figured how to solve the world map problem when playing on NVIDIA Shield TV (sideloaded)? The controller works fine for most areas, but the game does require a mouse for the card game. The one problem so far (a big one) is that there’s no way to move on the world map. Could this be solved with a mouse compatibility issue?

Hiryushiro says:

7:16 a jawa lol

francis june estorque says:

how to full screen?

SinistroModz says:

U have forgotten to take the stuff in the room in the beginning and didn’t use robbery at Bach (he have a good things to get) ^^

S.R Woodward says:

such a special game in my life… happy that it is back again receiving some attention & more people will get to enjoy it again or for the first time

Alice says:

And yet this still isn’t up on the Steam store. Wtf. I wanna relive these awesome memories. Get off your ass, Gaben and/or Square.

Lucas AROHA says:

You’ll still keep posting the game?

YogiBeer 4049 says:

This game is so friggin good,best in the series to this day.

David Timoteo says:

looks the same of ps1 game i got the original here lol

Pichan Liwag says:

question, do the graphics like this stay in every android phone? because i tried the PsExe version of FF9 and i must say the graphics is super pixelated, not like this one..

Gabriel Medina says:

Is offline?

Daniel Ordaz says:

aburres como juegas pendejo

Marcus K says:

And again Queen Brahne is not impressed !!!

Phoenix110189 says:

For some strange reason there are missing textures in the game. Some characters look fine, but the battles and certain textures on the models are missing. It’s just a black outline. It could be my GPU!

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