Final Fantasy III In a Nutshell! (Animated Parody)

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Reuploaded and censored due to complaints, please do not flag our videos as we rely on the monetisation to be able to make them.

3 down 12 to go! We’re in for the long haul boys and girls!


Aeavymetal666 says:

I feel like the golden mansion part that you missed, could’ve been the funniest part in the video. But 3 of these FF Nutshell videos are pretty good. Can’t wait to see FF9 Nutshell.

Knexell Llend Victorio says:

Really Luneth for every time you say “We can never go back to this place ever again”

Altan Sipdrae says:

No joke about the original character being onion knights with no backstory at all? Or just about the fact that they’re ONION knight? 😮

Ariksander Stuckwisch says:

We can never come back to this game again.

Eric Holy Sword says:

Haven’t beaten this one yet but oh well, this game doesn’t have much of a big story anyways from how far I’ve gotten.

Seph Schliemann says:


trejo123456 says:

Genius! Utterly Brilliant! Makes me question those sentient crystals and the world they rule

Wilson says:

Can’t wait for the rest. Would totally love to be a part of the voice acting team!

blazinglory42 says:

FFV was just ridiculous i cant wait for you to do that one 😛

T.K. Vang says:

Loving these!! Keep up the good work! Liked and subbed

Richter S says:

“you are incredibly stylish for a skeleton “

Skeleton “ tthank you finally some one notices “

tj knutson says:

Hey 2 is worse than 3

Brony Saiyan says:

FFIII is one of my favorites

Randy Lopez says:


Ieatpaste23 says:

Do castlevania 1-3. Or Ninja Giaden 1-3, the nes version.

kalas Vega says:

I actually started playing ff3 and I’m on the final boss I guess and now it’s spoiled and I’m very glad I won’t rage for wasting more time on it

Cobalt225 says:

I love you.

anthony sweat says:

Perfectly captures just how garbage ff3 is. And I’m a huge FF fan.

kblite84 says:

“I don’t fight and I only heal when you don’t need it.” So…true…currently playing FFIII PSP atm >.>

Ninja Santa says:

Love your videos!

Harold D says:

We want MORE!!!!

Crystalline Wolf says:

Luneth is such a thief. *Robs Rabtoons*
We can never see this channel again.

Fashioned Soul says:

Awesome work! Really enjoying these.

Orian L. says:

What was censored?

Jewish Girl says:

Just make a FF6 version lol

aaron asencio says:

Lol feel bad its censored but much aint censored but Still bullcrap

Matt Sedlak says:

emo cloud.. lol

Epic Potato says:

For the record, ffiii nes is one of my favorite in the franchise, final fantasy 3d is one of the worst in the main series.

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