Final Fantasy Explorers – Gameplay Overview

Watch as Griffin and Phil take on a mission to take down the eidolon Shiva in Final Fantasy Explorers for Nintendo 3DS.


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Apathetic Aplomb says:

Griffin really cucked Phil on that loot.

Anthony Rubio says:

@Polygon How does this game compare to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the Game Cube? I’ve waited years for a good remake of that game. As difficult as it was to play multiplayer, it was one of my favorite childhood games to play with friends in a full party. I wasn’t too pleased with the FF:CC games that were later released on the DS. Keep in mind I’ve never played a Monster Hunters game before but it has been suggested several times that might be my best option for the time being. Do you have any recommendations?

Jeff Duncan says:

man you guys need to go school the game trailers tv people. just sat through their “review” it was absolutely cringe worthy. those guys are morons

Ljngstrm says:

Looks bad and boring


Is there a way to set the difficulty of the game to HARD if you find the game over all too easy? Also, very important question….. Is this game similar to dragon quest 9? Where your able to not only grind for experience but also farm for items for crafting like alchemy, smithing. I loved dragon quest 9 for that ability to craft armor and weapons but only if you had the right items were you allowed to make that rare sword or chest plate. So you had to travel the world to collect those items.

Gabriel B says:

Lol munster hunter shity version

Alejandro García says:

Is it true that you can’t play it on 3D even in new 3ds??

Rodolfo Rubens says:

This game is beautiful!

Duncan Ketcheson says:

When the Hangouts notification went off, I was really confused and concerned it was my phone.

francisco munoz says:

Is this like Chrystal chronicles because i really loved it! And I’m thinking about getting this game

Cornish Gamer says:

well done m8 great video quality keep it up

md lucid says:

Looks like what Crystal Chronicles ought to have been. I’ll probably pick this up to play with my friends.

Aldowyn says:

‘not killing them is tricky’ *they have health bars*

Skarnageable says:

Looks more like PSO to me. I like that

Andres Sacapuntas says:

Looks a lot more like Phantasy Star Online, but then again nobody really remembers that series since they stopped releasing them worldwide.

joesvidya says:

The screen looks so cluttered when attacking

livfly says:

it’s 50% off at eshop atm and I can’t make my mind

ErringZeus says:

Momster Hunter Clone with a Final Fantasy Skin but it has multiplayer so eh..

Cameron Bush says:

Haven’t played an FF game in a minute.. This may be the one!

remuel mauro says:

how to download this game??

Totuandatst To says:

sky 3ds , onlne BAN

Epic Don says:

Nice video I kinda liked it I may actually play the game my self capturing monsters sounds really cool although there is downflaws such as timers for each quest :/

RuDoe Ry says:

ign phucking hates this game there review was a cringe joke.

Hunter E says:

Have heard the Monster Hunter comparison a lot, as a fan of that franchise it looks like my only chance of liking this is to make a real point of forgetting that comparison, looking at this as a Monster Hunter game with hard lock-on, boss life bars, ground-projected attack telegraphs, low-risk combos, etc would just feel like such a dillution of what makes that series special…

esper2142 says:

Great video guys. You answered a lot of my questions, and weren’t annoying. Kudos!

Daniel Warren says:

Why is the screen so cluttered all the time? Can the UI elements on the bottom be turned off?

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