Final Fantasy Explorers ( English ) – FIRST 30 Minutes – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [ 3DS ]

Final Fantasy Explorers ( English ) – FIRST 30 Minutes – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [ 3DS ]
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Killswitch Enrage says:

This game is shit.. i love the final fantasy series.. but this game is plain boring. The trailers didnt tell a second that this is just a shitty monster hunter game.. i was so hyped to play it and then i was highly dissapointed.

Tayohni says:

Ummmm….I know sometimes even the best game ever can look boring at the start, but this is just really dull to watch. Does this get better as you get further in? I’m trying to decide if I should get this or one of the other five RPGs on my wishlist.

TerriX Zero says:

Nice gameplay Xcage. I hate to ask : did you buy Final Fantasy Explorers just today ? I thought that suppose to be released tomorrow.

Wolfgohan says:

I want but how do u pick a class

CrimLunaSun says:

So it’s a monster hunter final fantasy cross? <33

Themakeshifthero says:

Can you turn off the sound your shoes make when you run? Shit’s pretty annoying…

Raul Juárez says:

Does this works with circle pad pro for 3ds xl?

AmsetEd says:

so basically this is Fantasy life with a Final Fantasy vibe to it

Kits Life says:

This= Ragnarok Odyssey

Kafei デルプ says:

WTF should’ve just made a new crystal chronicles…echoes of time was super good

GlacialRuin says:

Im a very specific type of FF fan I suppose because these graphics look so… Old. And is there even a story? If there was, I wouldnt care as long as the mechanics are alright.

Chrisorr says:

man I saw this on the shelf and it caught me completely off balance, didn’t even know another ff game was coming yet. I came here to see what kind of game it was as the back of the case didn’t seem to shed much light on it. Granted I know what final fantasy is, played and enjoyed ff7 as well as ff10 and 10-2 along with lightning returns. I can say that I enjoyed ff10-2 and lightning returns more than any other ff game due to the faster and more active pace in gameplay. And Lightning Returns had what so many others if not all other ff games didn’t have. You can make Lightning look how you want her to look. This game looks like it’s another one of my favorites for the customization and active gameplay.

FootballSkillz says:

its like dragon quest

getshrekt says:

Isnt that just a Monster Hunter clone?

Dark3Nesz says:

are these controls AS clunky as monster hunter?

Broschdada Masseur says:

So it’s basically Mh in ugly and boring?

Bella's Dad says:

same battle music over and over….and over…and over……..ahhhh this is driving me fucking crazy!

can you turn the battle music off in the options? this is a seriously a deal breaker for me. That battle music is going to make combat even more repetitive and annoying.

Colin Fortin says:

Am I the only one who thinks that male voice A sounds a lot like link

Domonic Viviers says:

i cant wait for the vita version

john manuel says:

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger except bahamut. Bahamut will kill you

Lan Hero says:

I’m going to get it I love FinalFantasy don’t care what anyone else say

Anderson Amorim says:

what a boring game, now all i have is bravely second.

Linktothe_Awesome says:

It’s literally Monster Hunter with a FF skin.

I kinda like it.

G4M3R23 says:

lmao already bought this 2 years ago of the jap version. it took them 2 years to localise this omg xD finished it perfected it.

T-KushMH3 says:

I just wanna know does it have online co-op

Roy Soetantio says:

this game look horrible! just horrible! oh my…

Johannes Krieger says:

would u say this game is comparable with bravely default???? Or even better when not worse

Oliver Sydnor says:

This is just monster hunter but it takes place in the final fantasy realm

Not Kari says:

3 movesets wtf?

Quentin Bundy says:

The first thing you are told to do…run away from Bahamut. Now!

Sherwin Odchigue says:

thanks for sharing.. I’m planning to get this game after I finish Fire Emblem Fates once it was released..

Game Flame says:

i never played final fantasy so this is a new game experience

solarsaturn9 says:

Is this on an O3DS or N3DS?

Walther Penne says:

3DS is officially declared as dead now by me…Final Fantasy Explorers is a really boring game. Not going to get it. Only getting TWO 3DS-games this year – if nothing exciting is going to be announced.One of the games i get is the hyrule Warriors Legends…but this here…Looks like a Monster Hunter-Spinoff. Or a copy of Monster hunter. Without the Story!All in all i have ~60 3DS -RETAIL-games then after 5 years. Until it finally dies. Not bad…but not even coming Close to the Number of WiiU-games i will have then xDSo far after only 3 years i have OVER 60 RETAIL games for WiiU .not counting Downloads. I will have far more than 100 games until WiiU gen might end 2018 or even later, depending on how much Support it will still get when Unreal Engine 4 is finally available.I have to say 3DS gen was really disappointing for me. Pretty short. Sure, some very good games there were…But after 3 years the Support clearly suffered. And now, in 3DS 5th year the Support clearly is lacking 1st-party wise.And no i don`t want any “Dragonballs” or “Anime” or “Nier Automata” or other stupid japanese crap nobody ever heard of. I want REAL westernized games. Not japanese ripoffs. I allready bought Monster Hunter 4. I don`t Need nor want this game here since ist essentially the same. Just with different characters and some different Monsters. WOW!Very soon i will have a WiiU-game which allows me to MAKE MY OWN Castlevanias, Monster Hunters, Final Fantasies or even Shooters. And yes, you can even make your own Racing-games there too.So why would i Need this? I can create my own Sprite-Character there. And i can create my own Levels with the game i mean here. And boom. I have my own Final Fantasy.And boom i have my own Castlevania. And boom i have my own 3D-RPG/Shooter/Racing-game. No more really new games needed.

Kytaari Bounder says:

people have been pussified, that’s why ff isn’t as liked as much these days. society = wimps.

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