Final Fantasy Dissidia NT Trailer (TGS) reaction: Summon battles, Gameplay modes & Noctis reveal!

TGS Tokyo game show is underway and kicking off with a reaction to the newest Final Fantasy Dissidia NT trailer set to release on 30th Jan 2017 on the PS4. You can spot a mix of new gameplay modes like summon battles, capture the flag and 1v1. Trailer also doubles up as an official character reveal for FFXV Noctis in all his warpstriking glory. Also thrown in is some news about tournaments, plans from the producer & a possible juicy teaser for Aranea Highwind. Enjoy!

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The Famed Oni - says:

Can we get a versus 13 outfit, plez square!

eel s says:

Down for tournaments!

SolarisStrider says:

Man if they give me Zack as a character in this and it’s a 10/10 perfect game for me lol

L1Slayer says:

Rinoa should finally get a voice-actress and get into the game!

Jarate Hunter says:

Just tossing my opinions out here, but my Dissidia NT wishlist would have Caius, Noel and Serah (tag team or separate), and Genesis.
Also (idea from the FB page) an Altissia stage where, maybe, we can fight Leviathan.

Victor Pereira says:

I want to see Caius D:

Alexander Luna says:

i guess we are forgetting that freya was a badass female dragoon

MrJoshura says:

I’d be more surprised and hyped for Caius Ballad joining dissidia than Noctis, Noctis was gonna happen eventually as that was a dead giveaway, i mean they teased him in Dissidia Duodecim.

Amyellevivv セベツク says:

implent a Moogle plush battle! XD

SekondSpark says:

2:36 close your eyes and just listen

BobTheSkeleton says:

I personally would like to see Rain & Laswell from FFBE. But dream scenario would be Locke from FF6

ksjadhvjuzhgk, sfajkoa says:

While Prompto, Ignis and Gladio are being depressed that Noctis is gone, Noctis is over here doing this. MmmmmmmBOI.

zhaoyun255 says:

Before Dissidia, we got Gundam Extreme Vs!!!!!

Chris Beard says:

This is what noctis was actually doing those 10 years

Grey Fox says:

I want Regis.

Denzel Rozier says:

I honestly hate the new HUD if only for the fact that the portrait for your character is no longer present. There’s no reason why that should’ve been removed, and I honestly didn’t have a problem with the size of the old HUD.

Tyler White says:

Nice to have you back Pez – kupo!

Total Fantasy Theories says:

Square enix, include Ardyn in this game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Ricardo dos Reis Schmitt says:

Noctis is not the best character of the final fantasy series,its a worse.

Christopher Fountain says:

Noctis for dlc

david monsterstein says:

Since we got clone characters now whens Zack
Lol and I’m saying noc and bartz are the same COME AT ME BRO!

Dodowingster says:

Square is going to give us a 3 on 1 battle. 3 players against ULTIMA/OMEGA/RUBY/YIAZMAT in Dissidia!!! Do it Square. Do it for our life!!!

KarakuraNinja says:

If this game has story I am sold. Dissidia story modes are interesting.

bassgasmask says:

Softengine looks great on FF Characters (Always thought that DOA5 had the best looking characters).

Sly1981 says:

Not sure if you have seen gameplay or not but:
(I am sorry if posting other content is bad…. forgiveness please)

Joshua Manriguez says:

They seem to be as close as possible to their most powerful forms, like Cloud seems to be from Dirge of Cerberus and Lighting is definitely from Lightning Returns.

The movement is slow as Hell though.

Curtis Shideler says:

Even if I hadn’t played the beta, your reaction sold me! Hahaha. Glad you had a good break.

TheBloodOfSin says:

I vote for Iris to be added. After Aranea Highwind though of course. I could see Iris using similar styles and skills as lightning, but her own way and style of it. Though who knows.

otaku mode says:

Pls you are over reacting i mean really OVER REACTING

Michael Chapman says:

…gameplay looks fucking terrible.

Nobody says:

2:37 to see pez cum

Infinity 95 says:

I knew noctis was going to be playable because I read somewhere that said Square Enix would include him in the game.

Kevin Gruber says:

To everyone who said there will be no 1v1: i told you 🙂

1UPForever says:

>tag teams
Well you know the only real option is Palom and Porom.

Kaze Vongola says:

The trailer was amazing!
But since I hate multiplayer games (especially on console where you have to pay extra), when it comes down to it, if it will have a singleplayer mode I will buy that shit day one, otherwise I’ll probably never touch it.

Also, I’d love to see Rikku, Rinoa and Reynn.

Master Keeper says:

Can we have Zack Fair now? I mean all the protagonists of Tabata’s titles from FF are here except for Zack, forever waiting

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