Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Gameplay & Overview (English)



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mammasgullunge says:

how do u play this on pc?

kingru says:

why is ex death in this game

Ryu Kusanagi says:

sorry, but Rain designwise for me looks like a carbon-copy of Shulk including the Weapon which is Monado-ish looking.. well

darkmage102 says:

Got a *5 Terra so i’m pretty happy about that. 😀

Jeremy Letto says:

my 1st (& Only, So far) Vision was a White Mage Named Leah, But I Haven’t used her yet due to Getting Magitek Terra, Biggs & Wedge from the Bonus Tier 1 thing with them Reaching 10M Crystal Points or Whatever.
FYI, This is my 1st Mobile/Freemium FF Game, Downloaded it on my LG G3 Yesterday after I Got the Email saying it was Available Now.
I’d Love to see a LP of This!

magic mane says:

also add me, my ign is PrinceZu

Nathan Ahnemann says:

i love this game it has the classic feel to it i play it alot

Chris Smith says:

I got 1 5* and 2 4*s in my 10 tickets, the only ff character I got that was higher than a 3 * was a 4* Penelo

Dylan MAXWELL says:

is this game offline or online ??

Some One says:

When a guy on youtube playing a mobile game voice acts better than 90% of anime english dubs… lol

illutionist nmk says:

this game is awesome! hope there was at PlayStation

Blackstar says:

first ticket draw is… shantotto… not sure to consider it good or bad luck… >_>”

X10N says:

i cant play it on my bluestacks.. ._. sigh


been playing so much got about 100 hours XD The OST is amazing was super surprised

MarkoTurn says:

You can actually make a lot of character 5 star by leveling them up and upgrading them 😉

Roorin Cod says:

gameplay – 8/10 storyline – 9/10

CerealHero says:

This looks cool I’ll check it out

Baldemar Jackson says:

Reminds me of Brave frontier but with an interactive story

magic mane says:

is anzelm,kain,or Ronaldo any good

Chris Night says:

I didn’t start with rizer I got a healer instead named “Leah”

$enpapi says:

This game was pretty easy tbh, finished it all in a day & I ain’t pay shit, Square Enix ain’t getting any of my money

Michael Hernandez says:

I dig it..I’ve been playing since yesterday.

The Scotsman says:

Once I open the app, I am met with a blackscreen.. Bummer, because I really looked forward to playing this ://

Willis Allen Jr says:

First!! tee hee

Diaily says:

It’s a good game played it months ago by apk file in english at rank 30 with they drop the energy cost at high lv to be able to only play 3 times a bit much 10 to 15 cost and I’m at 30+ pool

kingdominth4 says:

Why do all final fantasy games have to be about some crystal? It’s so cliche. It’s like they’re not even trying with the plot.

Spencer Sim says:

12:18:He never explains why the protagonists’ ignorance is a sin..

Shadow Moses says:

Fuck mobile ‘gaming’.

Ken Ken says:

Love this game! Got a 4* Medius, Kain, Galuf, on the 10 ticket summon. Very cool! Great story and very addicting gameplay. Thank you Mrhappy for posting the vid. Hope to see more soon on character upgrade, so on. Thank you!

Everlasting Warrior says:


zienkyz says:

i didnt know brave frontier did a cross over with final fantasy

Edward Cheong says:

Copy brave frontier one

evotemplar says:

Star don’t really matters
these are the units you should try to draw
“Best”: Vaan | Exdeath | Bartz | Cecil | CoD | Firion
Noteworthy: Garland | Terra | Roselia
Useful: Cyan | Miyuki | Edgar | Shantotto | Krile | Vivi
Good TM: Zidane | Bartz | Luna | Cecil […]
(5☆ GL -> 6☆ JP: Exdeath | Bartz | Cecil | CoD | Firion)
(4☆ GL -> 5☆ JP: Krile | Kain | Rydia | Galuf | Maria)

Chris Smith says:

5* crystals are rainbow filled btw 🙂

Joshue Rivera says:

so if ya’ll see Immune-X add my Samurai

Barret Scott says:

buy FF 1-7 on Android. Bluetooth a controller…good to go. Can’t go wrong with turn base on Android. FUN FUN! Also, Chrono Trigger, available under ten bucks.

Futuredestroy says:

I found your channel because I got Kefka in this game and wanted to learn his history XD

NewbeZone Gaming says:

i like with final fantasy, so i make video for this final fantasy brave exvius too. 🙂

Daga Luv says:

I love you voice acting but your Rain needs improvement. lol.

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