Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Gameplay Introduction

I’ve been playing this game for about a week or so few days after they started the soft launch release in Sweden on May 12, 2016. Did 7 summons before this, and i got all crappy 3 stars units. Now i have enough Lapis (gem) to do 3 summon and the summon result will determine about should I reroll or not. And the result is…? Find out more in the video. Enjoy! 😀

For android user, you can download the beta (soft launch) to try out the game here on QooApp :

You can pre-register for the official launch later :

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Aaron Asencio says:


the noshiro guy says:


Gonzalo Menéndez López says:

i wasnt lucky on my summons – got CoD and Firion…

Vie lee says:

when is Global NA release? i don’t play EU mobile game.

geo blazer says:

is it better than record keeper cuase record keeper got boring real quick

pat horton says:

Any idea of when Brave Exvius will be released for global? I preregistered and am just waiting for the release.I know there is a version that is English but I am specifically waiting for the global one.

Zolrain says:

reroll that? you have ceciland Cloud ofdarkness you’ve got 2REALLY good units. 3 stars doesnt matter its not hard to awaken them

Zolrain says:

The game was made like this for Nostalgia reasons. they went “old school” with FFBE as they do with all their games like this. Look at FF record keeper it’s all for nostalgia feels.

masterkent1 says:

get ready for salt when ffxiii batch and majin fina comes out.

Kingdom Key says:

2 things.

1) Too many characters fighting in the battles

2) No FF victory theme once you finish the battle

FF is dead.

DR.Isaac says:

Play more ffbe

Kistmas says:

black screen D:

Jonathan Joestar says:

Congrats to become ffbe promotor


Your summons are definately far above average with cloud of darkness and Firion. The amount of stars are largely irrelevant, the potential is what matters…

Keith Grace says:

When is the actual release for this game ?

Laumi TWOM says:

Cod is one of the best meta in jp as a 6* and she is already good as a 5* unit, you don’t really need to reroll but oh well, its nice to see you playing this game and hope you’ll make reviews about units just like in brave frontier and bloodline, playing JP here since it got released and though you’d play it too lol, also playing gl but focusing more on jp.

Jacob Moss says:

Is it bad that I actually like the art style?

Alvin Hulten says:

“They could have made it better” oh so you think you can do better?

Aaron Asencio says:

Oh another thing can I add u in brave frointer I hear u have good units I have gildorf allanon etc

Adrean Vega says:

Hola Ushi, I was wondering if “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” is also recommended for “F.F VI” fans to play that new “F.F” game, “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius?

P.S: Thank you so much Ushi for your stradegy tactics guide, Reviews & Wacky entertainment related to either your friends in your house, live streaming & using a plushie of Kyle from “South Park” as puppet as well as your countless random types of punches. XD

Marowa Christy says:

I hope they have FF 13 cast in the future.

Dragonisable says:

i read the thumbnail and i think omg wooooooooooooow i watch the video and was thinking :C:C:C:C meh….

Kato Kirishima says:

am i the only one that think this game is wayyyy batter than Brave Frontier? Especially the engine in this game is 10 times better than Brave Frontier

Adrean Vega says:

I’m NOT joking! I’m really thanking you for your guide of stradegey tactics. A couple of days back around May 17 or May 18, When I did those soft punches the the summoning gate while saying “Ushi Punch!”, It summoned an “Anima” unit. Thank you so much Ushi for your stradegies. 😀 (^θ^)/

ItsEdwinXD says:

is there some sort of energy system

JustsAAyan Gaming says:

I just got it without any knowledge of it was possible for rerolling or not and got Vaan on my first summon…. I look her up and realize she’s one of the best units in the game, kill me.

Adi Kusdarwanto says:

OK! I just use my 1st 500 Lapis summon and I got Rakshasa! I believe she was the main summon on this event, but she’s only 3 star btw …. so I just need to evolve her up to 5 stars like on BF, correct? o.O her thrust master reward is awesome btw, an 7 stars item named Holy Blade!!

Michael Orta says:

Wow these graphics suck

maz phamm says:

Is there any way to get free summon tickets?

Cats CatsMeow says:

Hi Ushi. Will the progress get reset when the beta finishes and official release come out?

masterkent1 says:

firionir op atm.

Ko na says:

Have you checked out Phantom Of The Kill?

Piyawat Apiwattanadej says:

and do you suppose to know how to reroll ?
I got a crappy 3 stars too, all of them 😀

If you know how to do please tell me. I really like their mechanism. just like brave frontier with a faster animation lol.

OmgitsWill says:

do you think this game is worth getting ??

Znub says:

Did you just call edgar and sabin crap? How… How dare you! And vivi is amazing, this game isn’t real final fantasy I tell you!

Adi Kusdarwanto says:

and I play this!! thanks Ushi for sharing this game 🙂 after playing and beating final fantasy 1~12 long time ago and now it’s just a nostalgic, the gameplay just like ff 6 btw

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