Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Departure (FFXV)

NEW Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Review and Story Chapter 1: Departure of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) on PS4 Pro, Xbox One S and PC. This Full Game Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Gameplay will include a Review, Story Missions, Cut Scenes, Summons, OST, Music and the Full Story until the Ending of the Intro.


Final Fantasy 15 is an open world action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S. The game features an open-world environment and action-based battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series and Type-0, incorporating the ability to switch weapons and other elements such as vehicle travel and camping.

Set in modern times but with a touch of medieval influences, the story focuses on Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince on an epic journey from his home in the kingdom of Lucis. Noctis is joined on his journey by three companions, his friends Ignis Scienta, who can deftly handle a katana in battle, a melee fighter named Gladiolus Amicitia, gun-wielding Prompto Argentum, and head of the Royal Family Guards Cor Leonis. Noctis is heir to the kingdom of his father Regis, but his peaceful life is shattered when the belligerent kingdom of Neflheim invades his realm. Against this backdrop of a world at war, Noctis Lucis Caelum and his closest friends embark on an epic journey.

Final Fantasy 15 Chapter List: Prologue. Chapter 1 – Departure. Chapter 2 – No Turning Back. Chapter 3 – The Open World. Chapter 4 – Living Legend. Chapter 5 – Dark Clouds. Chapter 6 – A Way Forward. Chapter 7 – Party of Three. Chapter 8 – Seaworthy. Chapter 9 – Callings. Chapter 10 – The Heart of a King. Chapter 11 – In the Dark. Chapter 12 – End of Days. Chapter 13 – Redemption. Chapter 14 – Homecoming. Chapter 15 – End of the Road (Used to free-roam the world to finish off side activities)

Main Characters in Final Fantasy 15 includes: Noctis, Lucis, Caelum, Ignis, Scientia, Gladiolus, Amicitia, Prompto, Argentum, Regis, Lucis, Caelum, CXIII, Idola, Aldercapt, Cor, Leonis, Cidney, Etro, Lunafreya, Nox and Fleuret.


paladin of gaming says:

Nactis has a similar  hair style and face as cloud from one of the movies

Klaus Jürgen says:

noctis lock sweet

ayush singh says:

i love this game

terror vision5150 says:

love your videos bro keep it going

Squishy Sponge says:

I hope it’s for Xbox 1

Eddie Finley says:

I’ve never played final fantasy

wati asmawati says:

yakuza please??

Paul Francis says:

Would you be interested in making a retro video set of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 Brad. I know there are a lot out there but I have enjoyed watching your video channel and would be interested in your take on the games. I have finished them both myself with a lot of the items found…..

Tasha D. says:

Should DEFINITELY watch Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive before watching this walkthrough/playing this game. Omg! It’s so freaking good.

osina Skys says:


Seth Comeaux says:

all that grunting is hilarious in the beginning

Hernan Gomez says:

Final fantasy x was the last great one.

ar ultimate gaming says:

my favorite is final Fantasy 7 or 15

bluCreeP234 says:

noctis looks like sasuke from naruto

Isaac Sam says:


osina Skys says:

i wish u could buy armor -The whole set-

Barry van veen says:

Love your videos. the only playtroughs i watch.

osina Skys says:

yea i just bought the game and so far im really enjoying the freedom and being able to use the damn action buttons

Hunter Lindsey says:

Sasuke and friends

osina Skys says:

i just watched your video and i noticed u thought the same thing about prompto

Aiden Fredrick says:

the king! noooooooooooo

Hunter Lindsey says:

With fillers and awesome OST

Monica Kratz says:

Dino reminds me of Jeweler Gem from the Illusion of Gaia from when I was a kid.

osina Skys says:

plus they should make it where u can create your own character that would be really nice

Seth Comeaux says:

the voice acting is cringy

Krista Heiser says:

I think Final Fantasy X is my favorite.

Ong Aditya says:

final fantasy X for me is the best…and the second is final fantasy XIII, never had the chance to end it though cause of bug at chapter 10 to 11 haha

peeweelongway says:

ff 9 tho??

Erin Brewer-Patnode says:

My favorite is LIGHTNING RETURNS: FFXIII (Take that Haters! XD)

Duck Lord says:

Wow! A broke prince…
What a stingy king!

The Legend says:

I got a final fantasy commercial for this

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