Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Demo Part 1 – Episode Duscae (FFXV PS4 Gameplay Commentary)

Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Walkthrough Demo Part 1 – Episode Duscae (PS4 Gameplay Commentary)

Developer: Square Enix 1st Production Department
Release: TBA
Genre: Japanese Role Playing Game, Action Role Playing
Platforms: PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE
Publisher: Square Enix


IanMarcos Jimenez says:

is this game open world/Free roam?

Hello Hello says:

damn japanese with their hairs

Jacier Mayberry says:

I have been searching for a let’s play of this game for a long time. and I finally found it.X3

Markka says:

funny how much they changed battle system in final build

Phuc Kieu says:


ahmad ali says:

Fantastic game I wish I were present on the computer

Nashoba Kenway says:

Ignis sounds like Tsung from Crisis Core FF7

XReaperFlameX says:

How do you get this demo for Xbox one?

cha0s506605 says:

I hope the game is at least as good as TW3, and TW3 is amazing.

gamer mohammed says:

I think the blond hair guy is gay is it just me

Sean Parker says:

whoa!!!!!!i didnt know someone like tetra ninja was going to play this!thank you for playing this tetra!other gaameplays or either too boring or long.thanks!

Inamol says:

how do you play this demo? do you get it when you preorder it?

Maikaze says:

The Calm Lands? Could be, but I had Archlyte Steppes from FFXIII-2 in mind…

AnomalyFM says:

lip sync is on point 10/10

boostgearXD says:

I don’t know if anyone came back like me to thus video a year later from the release but personally I think the combat and the special skills in this game made the combat alot cooler then what it is now. why they changed it I don’t know.

K-frost-G says:

just getting to that poster from the beginning would take me 30 minutes XD im a really slow gamer

ImOuijaa says:

God, I wish I could play this demo 🙁 I am so excited for this game, I can’t wait until September.

Angel Juanes says:

Is this still available? and what do you use to record your videos i want to do videos like this.

tromolon motions says:

im guessing the titan summons gonna be in this

ZatchYT says:

dude wtf is this omg fcking amazing

Vexx - says:

why didn’t you warp instead of running and then get hit when you went for the exit ?

Edward Jam says:

WTF is this…looks like a boy band prancing around.

The_ leave says:

Korean boys band simulator

Asaru Chaos says:

its not hard for me to read the subs while playing the game. so japanese dub for me


they spelt raise wrong they spelt it as rase

Mr stealth says:

I never played Final Fantasy but this looks like my new favorite franchis

Anime is epicness 72008 says:

He looks like sasuke off naruto

Nodi Abalayan says:

final fantasy vii remake is going to have the same battle system as this

Chløe says:

This “commentary” is making me cringe very hard.

Nashoba Kenway says:

TetraNinja, can ya do a walkthrough of this game when it officially releases?

kirara2516 says:

First time my friend and I ever saw the full size of that Behemoth I’m glad to know he was scared or it as well. It’s not easy to scare him either.

Maikaze says:

Believe it or not, but this is Chapter 1, after you leave the Crown City… Tabata said so himself in an interview :O

Gaming Guy says:

how to download
 on ps4

Jacier Mayberry says:

yo #highnessVcloud.

anyone with me?(this wasn’t my idea BTW)XD

Ryan Cheverie says:

Wow final fantasy is ruined nothing will be like 6-7 fml

surjeet kaur says:

I have never played any final fantasy before so can someone explain to me what the series is all about?

Jonathan Frederick says:

can you stop getting your ass whooped every fight

Spideyfan X Gaming says:

seeing both Episode Duscae and the Platinum Demo, which combat mechanic might be used?

Kevin Acevedo says:

Why is it demo

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